Reddit and IMDB Pony Groups Seeking Assistance

A few pony communities are trying win various competitions, but need assistance to do it!

First off we have the My Little Pony Reddit page.  From what multiple people (Including their moderators) have told me, they got shafted on a “Best Community of 2011” poll, and ended up in the “Large Community” section against stuff that completely decimates their numbers.  They are asking for your help!

Head on over to this page, register for an account, and hit the upvote arrow to cast your vote for /r/mylittlepony. 

And on the other side of the pond, or series of tubes, we have the IMDB Friendship is Magic page.  Right now they are sitting at 8.9 with ~4,700 ratings.  In order to hit the top TV show list, they need at least 5,000, and if they want to be the best of the best of all time, they need around 25k.

Hit up this page to vote! You will need an account, but IMDB is pretty useful anyway so might as well get one!

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