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Story Updates February 29th (Evening)

Just two story updates today! For those reasin Trains, Carriages, and Airships, or the new Price of Grace, check them out below! Read more »

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Music: Glory to Our Princess / Aviators – The Adventure / The V-Scratch Sessions

We get to start with something completely different in this here vocal post. It has been a while since we had a good old fashioned Russian style anthem. We also have Aviators new song, and some Electronic from Mandopony that … Continue reading

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Plushie Compilation #44

I swear the day we get a Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo episode is the day I'll probably die of glee! It's that time again everyone! Sit back, relax, and enjoy some plush ponies. Source 1 Read more »

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Story: Requiem

[Sad] [Shipping-ish] Author: Aqua Bolt Description: Octavia and her childhood friend Allegro con Brio have grown distant ever since he moved away when they were thirteen. Now, caught in a dream, she must relive a series of scattered memories of … Continue reading

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Custom Compilation #50

My goodness! Have we really hit fifty compilations already? The creativity and productivity for this show never ceases to amaze me! Keep up the great work everyone and here's to fifty more! Check out more custom ponies after the break! … Continue reading

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Story: Ponies of the Five Rings

[Grimdark] [Adventure] [Crossover] Author: Simon o’Sullivan Description: The six Great Clans defend the Empire, and life is peaceful. However, since the clans’ interests usually clash, that peace is really fragile. Unfortunately for the Empire, the Dark Lord has bigger plans … Continue reading

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PMV: Pony Planet – Equestria / Never Back Down / Who’s a Silly Pony?

PMV Time! Quite the mix in this little compilation here.  Find them below. 1.) Pony Planet – Equestria 2.) PMV Never Back Down 3.) [PMV] Who's a Silly Pony? Read more »

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Game: Go Fast

Time to accidentally break your space bar! This game is completely ridiculous, but awesome at the same time.  Words can’t really describe it to be honest! Just go play.

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Bronyville Episode 43 – Friendship’s Bitter Pill

Another week, another episode! Check out the copy paste below! Dear Princess Celestia,Bad things are bound to happen. However, how we react during these times can ultimately determine the fate of an entire community. This week was certainly chaotic and … Continue reading

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Nightly Roundup #254

Twilight has the best barriers? I got nothin.  Have some news. Read more »

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