Story: Tinker, Tanner, Hunter, Spy (Update Part 17+18)


Author: Shamus_Aran

Description: Archer is not having a good day. He’s recently been knocked unconscious and imprisoned by a Fae race, notorious for their animosity towards his kind and each other. Instead of cannibalistic Merfolk or mischievous Fairies, he finds… talking ponies. Who want him to be their “friend.”

He is sentenced to remain in a small town they call Eqshana, until he can learn to “live in harmony” with its inhabitants. Unfortunately, a message from his king, Jove V, has turned his prison sentence into a mission of espionage. Now he must escape these no-doubt insidious creatures, and even more importantly, stay sane doing it. Along the way, he will answer one of the most important questions he has ever faced: Is there really nothing to eat around here besides hay?

Tinker, Tanner, Hunter, Spy (New 17+18!)

Additional Tags: HiE, High Fantasy, Technomagical Wizardry, Explosions, Hilarity Ensues

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