Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 5

Recruits! Our rescue mission was a success! There's been so much to do, but even in the midst of a busy week and with the grind beginning to set in, you've persevered to bring in 327 lost and captured ponies! I know it isn't easy, but you guys keep sticking with it and churning out content in stupendous numbers. With an event total of 1805 images, we're in the final stretch. Give it your all!

Remember, send your submissions in here. Keep using full image urls when sending from DeviantART, and send any problems along to

Day 5: A Winner is You!
The whirlwind of activity lately has been so intense that you can scarcely keep track of everything that has been happening. One day a griffon assault squad storms the camp and is barely beaten back. Another day you're charging in behind General Derpy's siege troops. And that princess you rescued? Hasn't. Shut. Up. Not a single day has gone by without a quip from her or a close encounter of the lemon meringue kind. All the ponies you've come to know as friends have come back smothered in cherries.

And then all of a sudden… everything stopped. All quiet on the western front, and every other war story cliche you've ever heard. No more pastries or name calling or being yelled at. In their place, there's confetti and shocked faces and dancing in the street. "We won! We actually won!" somepony calls out. To your left, a minty green unicorn sweeps a cream colored earth pony off of her hooves and kisses her deeply. To your right, your superiors gather together and smile. Despite everything, you can't help but feel a sense of pride. 
"You did great work, soldier," Derpy beams with pride and steps aside to reveal a shimmering portal, "You can go home now."
But… do you want to?
Assignment: Draw a pony coming home
Deadline: January 27 at 7:00 pm, PST (GMT -08:00)
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