Story: Birthright (Update Part 5!)

[Adventure] [Sad] [Sci-Fi]

Author: Netaro

Description: Since the earliest days, ponies have foolishly believed that the natural order of their world would never change. That there would always be magic for them to use. That the princesses would rule Equestria for all eternity. That nothing could change their happy and ordered lives.

They were wrong. An event, known as The Shift, caused the world’s magic to weaken, and the days of Equestria’s glory came to an end.

Now, many years after the cataclysm, the world is still broken. But there is hope. Some vestiges of magic still linger in the world…

Birthright (New Part 5!)

Birthright (Alternate)

Additional Tags: Magic ‘almost’ leaves the world, everything gets worse,

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