The Brony Show Episode 36

“The Brony Show 36
Hello everypony! After a week’s hiatus to recharge our orbital friendship cannons, the Brony Show is starting back up to a regular schedule. We have several interesting and important videos and people lined up this week for your viewing pleasure, including an interview with the cast of the Youtube show “So you think you’re a brony”, BronyMike and his team! Meanwhile, we will be commenting on their episode from last week. As usual, after that we will review the latest news from the fandom, including a major announcement of our own! We won’t be hinting at it just yet, so bring Pinkie Pie levels of excitement along with you when you come! Next we will watch, comment, and revel in the continuing flood of pony videos and PMV’s, along with a live showing and commentary of the newest pony episode, The Last Roundup!
Unfortunately, our host and omnipotent leader, CircuitMane will be unable to join us today, as he is currently lost in the Everfree forest on the way to his new house! However, this will undoubtedly be a great show, so join us for the fun! It starts at 6:00 pm PST (9:00 EST for those on the east coast).
Don’t forget to join Crimson the Wolf’s nutty, pony-filled afterparty when the show ends for further laughs and fun!
Links and previous episodes at:
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