Story: No Rest for the Wicked

[Dark] [Sad] [Adventure]

Author: Vilwind

Description: “Magic, as the moon, has dark side.” Everything Trixie wanted when she came to Cloudbergen was making her name famous in one of the most obscure and remote locations in Equestria, a place with a mysterious past and gullible citizens…

With a sudden turn of events her expectations are shattered, she attracts unwanted attention and meets her early demise faced with a seemingly impossible task that puts her pitiful life on the line, possibly even more. Something lurking in the shadows is ready to offer his help, but are his ideas the right ones? Trixie is taken to the most sinister passages of Equestrian history, learning that sometimes, death isn’t the worst alternative, and evil lies everywhere, at every hour… Will she be able to escape her unfortunate fate?, Or be dragged to the wretched depths of the world-not? Magic is Chaos, Art and Science. It is a curse, a blessing and progress. It all depends on who uses magic, how they use it, and to what purpose.

No Rest for the Wicked

Additional Tags: Necromancy, Demons, Punishment, Redemption

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