Story: Raindrops Keep Falling

[Normal][Adventure-Lite] Raindrops is so happy

Author: Stormy Seas

Description: Raindrops believes her cutie mark predestined her to be a weathermare, but she was not content with that life. Then fate helped her accidentally drop a piano on the head of Celestia’s star pupil. With Raindrops depressed and adrift, her friend Seafoam convinces her to take a sightseeing cruise with a captain she knows. Raindrops heads out with Salty Breeze, but when the tour runs into a strange event the pair find themselves lost at sea. Worse, a massive storm is approaching quickly. Together, they must make it back safely and, along the way, perhaps discover what’s been missing in Raindrops’ life.

Raindrops Keep Falling

Additional Tags: Slice-of-life, Advice, Sailing

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