Blindbags and McDonalds Toys Update

Image Source: Logician

A few days ago I threw a post up about someone who found blind bag toys in San Antonio, TX.  Since then I have received numerous reports of other Wal-Mart locations picking up on the set.

Apparently you can straight up buy the entire box for around 50  bucks, which includes one of everything. I have received a few emails saying that the labeling system used for the European versions no longer works, so identifying them is a bit more random.  They are in bags though, so you can sort of “Feel” the shape of the ponies and hope its the right recolor!

*UPDATE* It looks like they do actually still follow the same number system, so pick and choose away! 

We also have various McDonalds locations bringing out the old pony set from last year.  These have been invading Europe recently,  so maybe a few stray shipments made their way over to the states?  It could also be backup while they wait for the barbie line coming up in a few days.  Regardless, you might be able to find some scattered at various Miccy D’s locations if you have time to go hunting.  The Rarity above was found at a Modesto, CA restaurant.

Whether you are looking for Blind Bags, or Mcdonalds toys, it’s going to take some hunting! Try calling first!

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