Artist Training Grounds: Postponed until Jan 18

I’m sorry that it’s coming to this, everypony. But my equipment has flat out had enough of the abuse I’ve been putting it through, and it’s not taking my crap anymore. My poor little phone has nothing left to give, and the amount of time I can squeeze out of a public wifi network in a given day really isn’t enough for me to be able to do this event justice. So after much consulting with my trusty advisers, I have come to the conclusion that the best thing I can do for the event is to put it on hold until internet is installed in my apartment. Thanks so much, Time Warner.

That’s not very exciting, I know. You wanted to draw ponies, and believe me, you will. But we’re going to do this right. Trust me, when we finally get a Day 2 gallery and hand out the Day 3 theme, it’s going to be so cool. Thanks for sticking with me, folks. I promise it will all be worth it.

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