Artist Training Grounds: Mock War, Day 2 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Greetings, recruits! It's been a rough road to start, but I'm glad to see you're all still with me. Despite a large number of setbacks, we've  no fewer than 560(!!!?!!) armored entrants for today's marching orders. Considering you guys didn't have functional submission guidelines to go off of, that's quite the accomplishment. Well done, all of you. 

For today, as I'm sure you all have noticed,  the submission script we had been using is no longer functional. We're currently seeking alternative solutions, but for now what we were planning on doing is taking your entries via e-mail. However! There's a problem with this. I have just moved into a new apartment. This apartment does not have internet service. I cannot possibly manage all of this on my phone, and the solution I used today is now no longer an option. And you guys are so full of pictures it hurts. So here's what I'm doing. I'm getting as many pictures up in tonight's gallery as possible. What I can't get to, I'll release in a sub-gallery tomorrow. I'm giving you Day 2's theme now, but DO NOT SUBMIT!!! You're getting bonus time to think of neat ways to do it. I will let you know when I can manage to run this event in a way that's fair to all of you. I let you down, and I'm sorry.

Day 2: You're In the Army Now
After taking some time to get adjusted to your new life, you finally feel ready to turn up for basic training. Like your bunkmate keeps saying, no point in marching off to war without knowing how to fight, right? The sun is shining painfully bright above you, as the drill instructor barks orders at pair of fencing unicorns. 
"No. Guard up, damn you! Up! Riposte! Why aren't you…? Ugh. Just… just take five, everypony."
Now, she turns to you, and the rest of the newbie class, gesturing to the foam swords sitting in front of you.
"Pick those up and find a partner."
It doesn't take long for you to learn you're not cut out for this. It's impossible to get a grip, and all you can manage to occasionally take a clumsy horizontal slash at your sparring partner. You're rewarded for your efforts with a disapproving thwack from the instructor's own foam blade.
"Nmph. Yuh hbth to hrd rt lrrk thth!"
"Thth! Lrrk thth!" She gestures wildly, but does nothing further to communicate her… uh… point. 
"Whr mrshf…" Ptooi. "Why would anypony even make weapons like this in a country without hands?"
High above on a tower balcony, Princess Celestia stifles a giggle.
 Assignment: Draw a pony in training
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