Story: Friends of a Solar Empire


Author: Dalek Ix

Description: For little less than one thousand years, the species of Equestria had been a part of the Trade Order, sharing the millenium of peace of prosperity the humans had enjoyed.

Now, with the arrival of alien invaders and the return of ancient evils, that peace was been shattered. A people unused to war had to rediscover its ways and fight for their home. The Trader Emergency Coalition was born from this need.

Ten years have passed, and the sitation has improved to the point High Command has authorized a rotation of the forces, sending the weary first generation back to their homes, to rest and recover.

Meanwhile, a lavander unicorn mare who has never been on a planet is travelling to Equestria on behalf of her teacher…

Friends of a Solar Empire

Friends of a Solar Empire (Alt)

Additional Tags: Long, Space, Military Fiction, Science, Sins of a Solar Empire

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