Story: Canterlot Follies (Update Part 6!)

[Comedy] [Crossover] – Crossovers with Jeeves and Wooster

Author: Lady Moondancer

Description: Frivolous and none too bright Birdsong finds himself saddled with two nigh-impossible missions: to steal a rare artifact right out of the Royal Museum and to bolster the flagging reputation of his cousin, Prince Blueblood, in the wake of “the Gala incident.” With the help of his brainy valet, young Birdy just might succeed . . . but can he trust the opinions of a coltservant who scorns his taste in silverware?

Canterlot Follies (New Part 6!)

Additional Tags: What-ho, aunts, valet, Jeeves & Wooster, tinkerty-tonk!

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