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Drawfriend Stuff #291

UNSHORN FETLOCKS in 2012 edition. Also happy New Year to all of you who aren't in the USA! Have some arts. Source 1 And new banner by Ohthatchristina! Read more »

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Story: Dashes, Dots, and Pegasus Spots (Update Complete!)

[Comedy][Friendshipping] Author: Nightwings81 Description: When Rainbow Dash catches a bad case of pegapox, she cannot fly up to her cloud house and finds herself grounded in Ponyville. Rarity and Sweetie Belle volunteer to care for her while Twilight tries to … Continue reading

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Story: Rarity’s Mid-Death Crisis

[Comedy] Author: Recamen Description: After a night in which she may have had one too many drinks, Rarity wakes up to find that everything below her head is missing. See her publicly declare herself deceased and be the drama queen … Continue reading

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Celestia Radio’s Top 50 Music List

Celestia Radio is hosting their top 50 pony song countdown… right now! Have some copy paste: For New Years Eve, from 2:30-7pm Eastern (7:30-midnight UTC), Celestia Radio is hosting the Top 50 pony songs countdown, hosted by PonyToast. The countdown … Continue reading

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Bronies: A Year in Review

Saberspark has put together what is essentially a timeline of the last year in ponydom.  It hits a lot of the aspects of the community, and paints a pretty good picture of what we have accomplished so far.  Check it out after … Continue reading

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Story: Shimmer

[Sad] Author: Autumn Wind Description: Sparkler has a happy life with her adoptive mother and sister.However, a secret weighs heavy on her. Seeking some advice and relief,she comes knocking at Cheerilee’s door. Shimmer Shimmer (Alternate) Additional Tags: Sparkler shares the family secret

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights Big Mac and Spike

To avoid all the tabloids of filly obsessiveness, the Governator has moved on to some of the dudes of the show, with both Big Mac and Spike. Check them out after the break!  1.) Pony Spotlight 17#: Spike 2.) Pony … Continue reading

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