Official FiM DVD Box

Shout! Factory has released the box art for the new Friendship Express pony DVD.  It actually looks pretty neat,  and unlike the old itunes banner, no one is missing any limbs. 

This one is going to be geared more toward children, but according to Brian Ward over on the Shout! Factory forums, it sounds like the next one is going to hopefully have some extra bonus features.  His quote:

“We are working on trying to get bonus materials that are both child and friendly onto the disc.  This first release may be skewed a little more toward the children, specifically, but only because of the time frame in which we’ve had to produce the set.  Still looking out for fans, though.  I’d certainly hope to see some more production-oriented material on the sets in the future.


I really appreciate this guy.  Very few companies are so open to their customers.

Anyway, go support the show! It’s cheaper if you pre-order!  The more sales this thing gets, the better off we will be in future releases in terms of exclusive content.

(Thanks to Basil FM for the heads up!)

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