Story: An Equestrian Fable (Update Part 2!)

[Grimdark] [Crossover] [Adventure]

Author: Xeddrief

Description: The Old Queen Celestia has passed away, and her younger sister Luna rises to the throne. After a mysterious expedition to unknown territory, she changes, becoming the tyrannical Queen Nightmare Moon. Twilight Sparkle, the daughter of Celestia and an aspiring mage, lives in the Castle, sheltered from the outside world which the Queen is bringing to ruin. But one day, a tragic choice forces her to leave, and her life changes forever. Rebellion looms. Equestria needs a Hero.

An Equestrian Fable Part 1

An Equestrian Fable Part 2 (New!)

Additional Tags: Long, Hollow Ponies, Scootaloo Chaser

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