Story: Haunting Nightmare

[Horror] Oh hey! Penstroke is back.  I don’t see a Nyx tag though.

Author: Pen Stroke

Description: After a party to welcome the season of Nightmare Night, the library becomes the target of strange activity. Minor annoyances prelude greater events, and soon Twilight and Spike each take action to handle the situation in their own way. All the while, questions hang in the air. What lingers amongst the shelves? What watches from the corners? What stands just behind you only to disappear when you turn to look?

What is in the library, and what does it want?

Haunting Nightmare Chapter 1 – Signs –
Haunting Nightmare Chapter 2 – Agression –
Haunting Nightmare Chapter 3 – Nightmares –

Additional Tags: Horror, Do you believe in ghosts?, Phantom Speller

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