Complete Wave 2 Blindbag Set

Purple Tinker and Zebranky recently ordered a whole bunch of blindbag ponies from that listing on Taobao.   As of right now, I don't think these have showed up at any actual retailers yet.  
Included in the mix are various male ponies, as well as some very different glow-in-the-dark versions of the mane cast.  Apparently the pink/purple shows up green.   
It's a shame the originals never made it stateside, lets hope these do! I want some glowy mane cast and Lyra.  
After the break, you will find a massive chart, listing each pony, the small "blurb" of information listed on their character card, and their reference number (So you can pick and choose if they ever show up in your area. Just match the number with the imprint on the actual blindbag). 
They are also selling a few of the male ponies on ebay, links to those are also after the break!

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