Story: COPS: Equestria

[Crossover] [Sad] [Lite-Grimdark]


Description: The Land of Equestria, on the surface a utopian society. Peace, love, and equality abound here in this land. But even here, crime rears its ugly head, ready to strike at anypony. It is up to the brave colts and mares who wear the badge to ensure the safety of the citizens of Equestria. This story is a crossover/adaptation of COPS and My Little Pony. Reader discretion is advised for chapters 4 and 7.

This Special Edition of COPS is filmed on location with the colts and mares of law enforcement. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

COPS: Equestria

Additional Tags: Cross-Over, Police, Twists, Danger, Surprises

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