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Story Updates November 30th (Evening)

The best cake EVER. Have some story updates. Read more »

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Drawfriend Stuff #262

The Great and Powerful Hipster ran out of money buying Starbucks every morning, and can't afford an iPad.  This is ridiculous.  Please donate to Hipster Trixie.    Source 1Read more »

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Official FiM DVD Box

Shout! Factory has released the box art for the new Friendship Express pony DVD.  It actually looks pretty neat,  and unlike the old itunes banner, no one is missing any limbs.  This one is going to be geared more toward … Continue reading

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Music: Good ol’ Days / Flyin’ Derpy / Vafrous Coyote – For Luna

Usually I'd split some vocal stuff off, but the queue is just massive right now. Back to triple posts! Please don't assume any of these are lesser because of that. The single music posts are only when the music is … Continue reading

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Video: Nightmare Night: The Silent Film / Civilization WITH PONIES / Pinkie Visit the World

I almost sent that first one to the moon, but after about 10 seconds I was hooked. It's actually really well done. Either that, or Twilight Sparkle in a robe and wizard hat is awesome.   I'm really liking the … Continue reading

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PMV: The Mare Do Well Knight // Equine

I was serious when I said you should wet mane all the ponies. You should believe me more often. 1.) The Mare Do Well Knight 2.) Equine Read more »

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Story: The Conversion Bureau: Last Man Standing

[Sad] This is the last Conversion Bureau fic that we’ll be posting. This one comes highly recommended, though. Author: Windchaser Description: In the many years after the Conversion Bureaus’ shutdown, Twilight Sparkle is tasked by the Princesses with finding the … Continue reading

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Story Updates November 30th (Morning)

Twilight riding a BROOOM Have some stories. Read more »

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Spotlights: Lyra and Bonbon / Snips and Snails

The Governator is at it again, with everyone’s favorite fanon couple, and the canon duo that ruined Trixie’s life forever.  Snips, Snails, Lyra, and Bon Bon can all be found Below! Embeds refuse to work! Lyra and Bonbon Snips and … Continue reading

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Nightly Roundup #172 – Ponies

Pinkie Pie is losing on The Hub's Naughty and Nice poll, though we really aren't too sure about how legit the numbers are. She was dominating it pretty hardcore. And an update on the fanfic thing since a lot of … Continue reading

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