Story: The Pony Poetry Series (Update Story 2!)


Author: Aquarian Poet

Description: Fluttershy stumbles across a poem she wrote as a filly, a poem she wrote the day after she receives her cutie mark!
What happened to the little filly after she dropped out of the sky?

The Pony Poetry Series: Fluttershy’s Poem (All Links)

Additional Tags: Fluttershy, Humor/Terror, Ponyville, Poetry


Description: Pinkie Pie pays her Granny Pie a visit to learn a new recipe for Sugarcube Corner…

but learns something about herself in the end, and about the magic of laughter.

The Pony Poetry Series: Pinkie Pie’s Lullaby (New!)

Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie, Granny Pie, Heartwarming, Backstory, Humor

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