Story: Sunshine and Fire (Update Part 7!)

[Grimdark][Adventure] An alternate universe fic that ISN’T Twilight’s fault? Is that even allowed?” — Prereader #617.4 and a half.

Author: BornIn1142

Twilight Sparkle, Celestia and Luna are transported into a strange alternate Equestria, the Land of Always Summer, where the day lasts forever and a terrible queen rules with an iron hoof.

Sunshine and Fire (All Links)(New Part 7!)

Additional Tags: Long, Daymare Sun, alternate universe, Elements of Harmony

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6 Responses to Story: Sunshine and Fire (Update Part 7!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Robin says:

    For chapter 2, just wanted to point out – if the air is as dry as Twilight thinks, then while she would be sweating buckets, the sweat would NOT be dripping off of her – it would evaporate almost immediately. That would give her SOME relief from the heat, but not a lot . . the dehydration, as mentioned in the story, would be a real killer.Other than that, though, I really enjoyed the chapter and I want to see what happens next @.@

  3. BornIn1142 says:

    @RobinA fair point. The idea of doing actual research never even entered my mind for some reason. Foolish of me. But thanks for mentioning it.

  4. A little point on the last scene…it seems to me that, unless the leader of the rebels is known to everyone, you'll probably not be divulging the name of said leader to just anyone, especially to someone who bears a strong resemblance to the worst enemy of said leader of rebels.I understand the reasoning plot-wise, you want TS to meet the rebels, but it's just a bit too illogical and breaks suspension of disbelief.

  5. BornIn1142 says:

    The text mentions that Applejack is an outlaw. Her involvement with the rebels is a matter of public record. Taking Twilight TO them is risky in itself, but you'll notice Glint being quite hesitant about it. The idea there was to give the impression of intense scrutiny. He's not just going to throw Applejack in her lap, but he suspects she could be a valuable asset.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very nice; I look forward to the next chapter.

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