Story: Before the Reign (Update Part 7!)


Author: Lucky, Assisted by MaskOfData

Description: Twilight Sparkle awakens in a desert on a distant Continent. She
has no idea how she got there, where she is or how to get back.
Happening upon a city forgotten and ravaged by time; Twilight uncovers
an ancient tale of conflict, intrigue, hidden truths, and grand lies.
All of which possess far reaching consequences. For her, and for

Before The Reign Index
Before The Reign Intro
Before The Reign Part 1
Before The Reign Part 2
Before The Reign Part 3
Before The Reign Part 4
Before The Reign Part 5
Before The Reign Part 6
Before The Reign Part 7 (New!)

Additional Tags: Long, War, Deconstruction, Ancient Equestria, Lies, OC Ponies

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