Story: Skyfall (Update Part 8!)


Author: Viktor Lionheart

Description: A shadow from Celestia’s past, the cause of her parent’s deaths, is stirring in the depths of Equestria and it threatens to destroy everything she loves. Meanwhile, one of the mane 6 encounters a mysterious visitor who tempts her with an ancient and powerful magic. Can the ponies of Equestria band together against a foe not even the Elements of Harmony could defeat?

Skyfall Part 1
Skyfall Part 2
Skyfall Part 3
Skyfall Part 4
Skyfall Part 5
Skyfall Part 6
Skyfall Part 7
Skyfall Part 8 (New!)

Additional Tags: Long, Adventure, Inner Demons, War, Forgiveness

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13 Responses to Story: Skyfall (Update Part 8!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    @Michael Bignell why must you soil ED with your tacky need for attention?

  2. Hmm… color me intrigued.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Spoilers incoming:>prince and friend>friend goes off to find power, comes back changed, evil>fights prince, wins, is driven offI've seen this little plot in a couple of other places before, I think, but that makes it no less intriguing. I'm going to keep my eye on this one, because it looks like it has a lot of potential, and is pretty great so far! Keep it up, Viktor Lionheart!Also, there are occasional errors here and there (for instance, missing periods at the end of sentences, such as 'The door opened', '"I'm afraid I don't know wha-ouch"' and so on), but with a good proofreader, you could quite easily make this a 6-star story. If you need one, shout out in the comments!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awesome sauce! Moar! Me want moar!

  5. DracoDei says:

    @AnonymousMore spoilers ahead:Given what it talked Fluttershy into doing with respect to Angel, I could see it being evil (even if the lesser of two evils PERHAPS), or it could just be just what he said, and the author's way of making Fluttershy a bit edgier.

  6. @AnonymousThanks for the input! I admit I'm not the best proofreader in the world, so I may take you up on that in future posts. I'm glad you enjoy it so far. I'll be posting parts 4 and 5 very soon, after I've touched them up a bit. Thanks to all of my readers for your time and input 🙂

  7. Cryptnic says:

    Just finished chapter 1, i want more. :T

  8. Cryptnic says:

    Just finished chapter 4, i must have more. :I

  9. Matt says:

    Enjoyed the story! Keep it coming.SPOILERS:My viewpoint is perhaps affected due to another story I've read recently, but I sincerely hope "being" inhabiting with Fluttershy is in fact "good" and not evil merely taking advantage of her kindness. I just feel bad for her in that case.

  10. Ismaldi4ever says:

    O-O!!! Loving the pony suspense.

  11. Matt says:

    @DracoDeiGood call on Acheron! Unless there is a twist involving Celestia being evil it seems as if your suspicions were correct.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hmm…(SPOILERS & PREDICTIONS) Both Acheron and Chronus (through Celestia) each claim to have sealed someone (Chronus and a "being", could be Acheron) within the pendant. It's very easy to say Acheron's lying (indicated by a couple of slip-ups on his part, as well as other things mentioned above) and slowly turning Fluttershy against everyone.However, the fact that Luna doesn't know anything about her parents, as well as the song Celestia sung about a "Tyrant King", puts suspicion on Chronus as well. I'm going with DracoDei's guess about Acheron simply being the lesser of two evils.I love complicated stories that keep you guessing, keep it up. There were still some errors, mostly with capital letters on proper nouns ("princess Celestia" and "ms Shy" tere two that stuck out), but not enough to ruin the story for me.

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