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Halloween Pumpkin Contest Entries

I didn't even know it was possible to have lines like that on a pumpkin.  Seriously, half of deviant art can't do that even with photoshop (and believe me, I see a whole lot of scribbles every day doing the … Continue reading

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Story: A Single Wish

[Normal] [Light Shipping] Author: The Compendium of Steve Description: In the aftermath of Lesson Zero, a childhood relic finds itself conflicted as new emotions seek to complicate its simple existence, leaving us to wonder: Do raggedy dolls dream of studly … Continue reading

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Scratch Has a Message for Everyone

Click the Image! Apparently this is a serious issue over on Ponychan.  Unicorn magic is badass for DJing. 

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The Brony Show #25

Another week, another show! Copy paste below. “The Brony Show 25 Hey everypony! We have another great The Brony Show just in time for the spooky holiday spirit! On this live episode we have an interview with Sargent Sprinkles, the infamous author … Continue reading

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Music: Nightmare Night for GameColt Color // Pinkie’s Headbanging Telegram // Maretroid Prime

No, YOU have a better mane. 1.) Nightmare Night for GameColt Color 2.) Pinkie's Headbanging Telegram 3.) Maretroid Prime Read more »

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Story: Scented Venom (Update Chapter 8!)

[Grimdark][Shipping] Author: SoundofRainfall Description: Celestia visits the statue of Discord, planning to vent her frustrations to her imprisoned enemy. Little does she know, he can hear her words and thoughts, and is more than willing to respond… Scented Venom (New … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Compilation #9

Click for original! Personally, I like darker wallpapers so that I'm not blinded in the morning when I turn on my monitor. Coincidentally, sunlight and I are not on good terms. Unless I'm playing Minecraft. I love you, oddly square … Continue reading

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