Story: Apples’N’Wrenches (Update Part 5!)

[Normal][Shipping] See?  This right here saves me so much time scratching my head trying to think of an image to include.  (You guys can submit your own images btw! I’ve never had a rule not to!) Your OC ponies usually drive me nuts!

Author: The Write Bros.

Description: Sweet Apple Acres has a small problem, and only the town repair shop has the means to fix it. However the Apple family gets a lot more than what they asked for when an old friend of Applejack returns to lend a helping hoof.

Apples’N’Wrenches Part 1
Apples’N’Wrenches Part 2
Apples’N’Wrenches Part 3

Apples’N’Wrenches Part 4
Apples’N’Wrenches Part 5 (New!) 

Apples’N’Wrenches (Alternate All Links)

Additional Tags: Applejack, OC ponies, shipping, story.

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13 Responses to Story: Apples’N’Wrenches (Update Part 5!)

  1. Chapter 2. Common, you know you want to post it.

  2. Ficksitup says:

    @One Hoof WonderI appreciate the enthusiasm, One Hoof Wonder.We're still working on it, making sure the clothes are correctly facing, keeping in mind our pacing, all that stuff.In other words, you'll see it soon enough, I'm sure. Stay tuned..!

  3. We only pester because we enjoy the story. Proper introductions, time/memory shifting, character development, dialog, silent interactions, family relationships… You're doing a pretty good job. I seem to be in the minority in enjoying OC ponies, but good writing can sway the neighsayers. Keep it up.

  4. Ficksitup says:

    @One Hoof Wonderthank you.As I post this, we're working on chapter 2. It might be late this week, early next week. But nonetheless, you'll all see it. We promise, your patience will be rewarded.

  5. Ficksitup says:

    I want to let everybrony reading this that Apples'N'Wrenches is not a one man story.A very good friend of mine, Thomas, helped me immensely with this story. I could not have done it without his help.For any credit I get for this story, he deserves just as much. So please, if you're telling me I'm doing good, tell him as well. It just feels wrong for him to go uncredited.-James

  6. Thanks Thomas! Both of you guys are doing great.

  7. Volk says:

    Man, when did this story get three stared? Even though it's OC pony shipping, it's done better than most; It sure doesn't have Ficks showing up saying, "Prepare yourself for the banging AJ!" It's got back story, fleshed out characters, and a plot with direction. I look forward to seeing where this is headed, and that ya'll can get the rating ya'll deserve.

  8. chinlamp says:

    When I first read this (and voted 5 stars on it) this thing was at 4.5 stars, what the hell happened?This doesn't seem like a self insert, and even if it is, it's a damn good one that doesn't have the whole 'better than you and bangs everyone' thing going on. It's well crafted and honestly deserves better.Looking forward to a part two man.

  9. Ficksitup says:

    @Volkthank you for the kind words and review! :PTo anybrony wondering, Thomas and I have absolutely no intentions of ending it with a, "Prepare for a bangnin'!" scenario. We feel that, considering the show we're writing about it would be unfitting, and that situation occurs far too often anyways.Also, chapter 2 is just around the corner. We're twisting a few valves and tightening a few bolts to make sure it runs smoothly right now.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i look forward to chapter 2

  11. Ficksitup says:

    @AnonymousGlad you mentioned that.To anybrony reading this, Chapter 2 is uh… Longer, let's just put it that way. This however, will be a rare occurrence, but while it is long, I assure you all that it is quite good.

  12. Looking forward to it!

  13. Nuttanbolt says:

    Wait, what am I doing here? Don't I have a chapter to finish?

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