Story: Pony, I Shrunk The Colts


Author: Demetrius

Description: Diminished in size by The Great and Powerful Trixie’s latest feat of magic, Snips and Snails begin a micro-scale quest to regain their full size. However, through his gift of communicating with snails, Snails is taught a sobering and forgotten secret about the world they live in, and that a great supernatural disaster is imminent unless they can warn the regal sisters soon enough. Their quest becomes one not only for survival, but for the future of Equestria.

Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle begins a meticulous yet fruitless search for them, Trixie confronts her great and powerful halitosis, and Carrot Top’s mushroom-addled niece tries to convince everypony that she’s not insane, but is aware of the events unfolding and the missing duo’s whereabouts.

Pony, I Shrunk The Colts Part 1
Pony, I Shrunk The Colts Part 2
Pony, I Shrunk The Colts Part 3

Additional Tags: slimy stuff, firefly, Trixie-as-a-butane-lantern, big old universe, snail overmind

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