Story: School Reunion (Update Part 3!)


Author: Blueshift

Description:Twenty-five years later, Apple Bloom is an adult pony. She’s married with two lovely foals, and is the respected mayor of Ponyville. However she never got past the heartbreak she felt when her two best friends moved away all those years ago and her world changed.

All this is about to change though. Tonight is the first Ponyville school reunion and Apple Bloom is determined to finally put the past to rest and have the best night ever. What could possibly go wrong?

Cutie Mark Crusader School Reunion go!

School Reunion Part 1
School Reunion Part 2
School Reunion Part 3 (New!)

Additional Tags: Future, regret, managing expectations, Krastos

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14 Responses to Story: School Reunion (Update Part 3!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Krastos the glue maker? geez Seth, This I gotta see.

  2. Nice job showing how people change over time, not bad!

  3. Solidly written, with a massive emotional punch to the gut. Definitely earned its [Sad] tag.

  4. Bongo says:

    ^ All this praise, yet I see 2 1/2 stars. Some explanation would be nice.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I would have liked more Krastos, but it was a nice read though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Better prepare myself for class reunions in some years.

  7. TenchiFreak5 says:

    Dunno about this one. It jumps around a lot in its pacing, but it generally errs on the side of moving too fast.I am legitimately curious about what the hell went on before this story started, but its already giving off vibes of "so much bad shit happened that my suspension of disbelief will be shattered when I hear it"

  8. Ace2401 says:

    This is pretty well written, but a few things irk me. 15 years isn't long enough, that would make Applebloom around 23-25 years old, and she's already been mayor for 10 years. It would need to be like 25 years later to make sense at all. Also, I don't see why it was really necessary for all that destruction to happen. It doesn't add anything to the story for me, instead, it just makes me wonder "WTF?"

  9. Ace2401 says:

    Read the second part, and, well, I can't get into it so far. It's just that the little things don't line up, like Cheerilee wouldn't be that old even after 25 years, much less 15. It's not that it's bad, it's just that I can't take it seriously. It's more random than it is sad. However, Dinky being a powerful mage is pretty awesome.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pony years =/= human years

  11. Ace2401 says:

    Meh, I don't buy that.

  12. CoffeeGrunt says:

    I would star-rate this, but the little widget's broken.It's not bad…just, not really sad either. It seems quite erratic and while there's the underlying foreboding, it's quite confusing. I.e., part 1 implies Ponyville was razed by a dragon, part 2 implies a war between the royal sisters and Krastos.

  13. Baree says:

    SpoilersHmm. I seem to appreciate this more then most. The causal mention of Apple Acres' destruction especially. Not just for Applebloom, but the general idea of a family business upheld for generations gone… I assume we will learn more about Applebloom and how she got where she is. Wonder where you'll take it. On the one end it sounds as if she should be happy enough, but it seems pretty clear she is not.

  14. Melodia says:

    I kinda agree with the others. It's very….I dunno, it's like the backstory was added for TEH DRAMAZ. Or as if it's a sequel to an unwritten story. Plus, never visited once in 15 years AND they don't even know what each other is doing? Sorry, I can't really keep up with that as being right…

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