Story: Seven Ponies (Update Part 12!)

[Grimdark][Adventure] The Seven Samurai? I’m proud of you, ponies.

Author: MONSTERheart

Description: Extraordinary circumstances thrust Twilight Sparkle into a world far beyond the reaches of Equestria, into crumbling lands plagued with ruthless warfare and social unrest. Tasked with defending a peasant village from marauding bandits, she must fight not only to save the village, but to also retain her soundness of mind in the torrent of violence. However, she is not alone. Six companions and a telepathic crown will prove their worth in the trials ahead, as a battle for the ages brews in the southern reaches of the oriental nation of Umala.

Loosely based on Akira Kurosawa’s classic film, Seven Samurai.

Seven Ponies: Prologue
Seven Ponies: Part I: The Land of Sun and Moon
Seven Ponies: Part II: Canterlot
Seven Ponies: Part III: Ponyville
Seven Ponies: Part IV: The Edge of the World
Seven Ponies: Part V: The Wild
Seven Ponies: Part VI: My Little Killer
Seven Ponies: Part VII: The Waiting Game
Seven Ponies: Part VIII: Yearling
Seven Ponies: Part IX: The Grand Equestrian Basin
Seven Ponies: Part X: Twilight’s Journal
Seven Ponies: Part XI: The Grand Equestrian Basin II
Seven Ponies: Part XII: Trouble on the Homefront (New!)

Author Notes and Supplementary Readings

Additional Tags: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia, The Great and Powerful Trixie, OC Ponies

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