Story: Past Sins (Update Complete!)

[Normal] ""Dark and foreboding. A stirring tale that shows us that even those touched by darkness can shine" -Pre-reader #12

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just want to point something out with the intro pic, mainly in Nightmare's Mane(Fic is fantastic, by the way): Pinkie Pie. PINKIE PIE.SHE LOOKS LIKE A FISH.

  2. Bugsydor says:

    In the pic: Do I spy the small healthpack from TF2? Was this intentional?

  3. Anonymous says:

    So SS and DT tie for biggest jerks in Equestria with Prince Blueblood in a distant third. That's right, SS and DT tie for first and second place.Few fics are made that keep me hooked. I patiently await your next chapter good sir/mad'am. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for introducing me to my new favorite musical instrument, the glass harp.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The glass harp link was PERFECTLY placed!I read the ending of chapter 1 with the glass harp playing in the background and it was… mystical.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have fallen in love with this fanfic, it takes a bit before Nyx shows up but for those with short attention spans keep reading!Nyx is an adorable OC and just thinking of Nightmare Moon born again as a Filly Alicorn is enough to warrant curiosity as you watch her experience life in a way she never could of imagined doing in her past life.Now will vengeance rear it's ugly head? will Celestia banish this potentially dangerous Filly to the Moon? How will Nyx and Twilight deal with these questions and more as Nyx has 'awoken' to her past Sins, and Twilight's motherly instincts conflict with her knowledge that Nyx is ever more maturing more into the Mare she refused to believe was her precious Nyx.This is going along so well, my heart sank when I was unable to click to chapter 4 =(I can't wait to see how this turns out.P.S. That picture says a thousand words and I was so surprised it was made for this story! I LOVE the expression as a conflicted and seemingly torn Nightmare 'Nyx' Moon remembers her past life and the things she's done in repayment to those who showed her such kindness.What is up with Rainbow Dash though and a Trixie hat?! was Trixie in the fight? did Rainbow get her head chopped off? I can hardly make sense of that one part of the picture!Needless to say I LOVE this and the art great job fantastic job!

  7. Truthseeker says:

    Dear sweet Mother Earth. This is amazing. I don't know if you got either of my e-mails but your writing leaves mine looking like garbage. I applaud you most sincerely.CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP

  8. Jake Smith says:

    I loved your work with the Alan Wake crossover, and I LOVVVVE this story. Nyx makes me hnnnnnng at levels paralleling Applebloom or Fluttershy. I can't believe I almost missed this one.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Either you update this or im going to go to your house and… Cut you.

  10. IkusaGT says:


  11. Flygon16 says:

    GOD DAMNIT!!! Right as I'm about to go to bed, you just HAD to post this. So long, remaining 3 hours of available sleep time…

  12. Will not read new chapters until tomorrow- I value my sleep too much.Love the comic- its cute and captures the essence of the story (so far) perfectly.

  13. Tricky Step says:

    3 updates at once and it's past 2 am here. Let's do this.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Three more chapters +comic!?yay~

  15. LoLZorZs says:

    The Image is amazing, it's way better than a one tiny trailer pic which just shows 1 scene as opposed to multiple scenes

  16. Bugsydor says:

    Anybody know if this story has a tropes page yet? If it doesn't, we should make one.

  17. Matthew-147 says:


  18. Mr.Brony says:

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT Why is Twilight getting executed and where can i find that particular scene ಠ_ಠ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    God damn it author….I thought i was going to sleep tonight turns out NOPE you just had to go posting more chapters.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!! I swear when I saw the new chapters out I got very…giddy I cant wait for more LITERALY, now where is my time machine

  21. Bugsydor says:

    Just read the scene with the fillies talking about the pinkie promise. I think my mouth and/or brain is broken, since I can't quite talk due to the delicious absurdity that is Pinkie Pie.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Take my stars all of them!!We are not worthy/bow /grovel /bow

  23. Anonymous says:

    This story is just tugging away at my heartstrings like a pro. Good work so far on it.

  24. Thesyn says:

    I thought I just died and went to pony heaven when I saw those new chapters! READING TIME! BTW have all my stars 100/5

  25. Anonymous says:

    WOMG! My heart sank yes by not being able to click to chapter 4 but to release THREE updates AND a comic??? I LOVE YOU! OMG I WISH other authors were this passionate about the stories they put up that get updated once in a blue moon XDWell off I go to continue this epic tale before I pass out from sleep deprivation! (I blame you but in a good way!)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Dat cliffhanger….

  27. I just finished chapter 6.I have to say, this marvelously touched my heart.Everyone is in character, and the relationshipbetween Nyx and Twilight is so adorable.Waiting for the next chapter will be painful!

  28. Batty Gloom says:

    Zis ez Batty Gloom, aszistant und editor to Pen Stroke. Let me say zat we are very happy und humbled by ze rezponse zis story had gotten. I know Pen Stroke quiet vell, so I knew ze story would be vell-received….but I had no idea et would be ZIS vell-received!So, I ask…ez mien gud fhriend Pen Stroke credit to Brony community yet?(Und ignore mien new "German" accent…et ez one of mien zings naow.)

  29. IkusaGT says:

    Boy Howdy did that Play have me on the Edge of my seat. I was like "oh snap is Nyx gonna go full Nightmare?" But she didn't all in al the play was cute and I would love to see some artists depict some scenes from it.Great updates can't wait for the next one.

  30. Sethisto says:

    4 stars yesterday, 6 stars today. Hell yah it deserves it!

  31. Flygon16 says:

    Seriously, Pen, just what is it that you want from me?Stars?Money?Internets?Manly tears?BECAUSE YOU FREAKIN' HAVE THEM ALREADY! ALL OF THEM!!! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

  32. Anonymous says:

    The simple fact that I know the artist and the author alone gets this a five from me.

  33. Batty Gloom says:

    @SethistoZank you, Seth! Zat means a lot to me und Pen Stroke! Oh, he will be so excited tomorrow vhen he vakes up!

  34. Anonymous says:

    I FUCKING HATE YOU! I hate you because my stories will never get 6-stars and you have more talent than I will ever have. What's more is that you won't even read this comment and I am pretty much just screaming into the wind, so what does it matter. YES, I'm jealous and YES your story is really really good. It's better than what I can make with all my effort and I HATE you for it. And don't you dare feel sorry for me! The minute you do that I'll have an opening to cut your throat. That is what people like me do. We hate those who do better than us, and we try to get rid of them. There is no real point in trying to use that effort to improve our talent since we won't be as good as you. So we'll target you. NO, I won't tell you who I am, and YES, this is a grudge. My only wish for you is to die instantly in a car crash so that there is one less reminder in the world of how much I fail at what I try to do.

  35. KiraFan05 says:

    Love your work. I can't wait for the next chapters to be posted. I love little Nyx. Best OC pony ever.

  36. RealityCheck says:

    This is a Nightmare Moon fanfic. it is made of win and awesome.And adorable.

  37. Flygon16 says:

    Shit. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit. Guys, I just realized we have a MASSIVE problem on our hooves:[minor spoilers]I don't know which of Twilight's kids is more adorable, Nyx or Midnight! It's an impossible choice![/spoilers]

  38. Anonymous says:

    Pinkie Pie makes keeping secrets 20% scarier.Nyx is incredibly ridiculously adorable.Can't wait until next update.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad this updated so fast. I got to get the taste of Luna vs Threesome out of my mouth.

  40. Anonymous says:

    This is easily one of the best fanfics I've ever read. It's almost unbearable to wait for the story to continue.And updating it with 3 chapters at once was like Christmas in summer.

  41. Star Shine says:

    I bout had a heart attack right along side twilight there in Chapter 6!This is an amazing fic… *hoof over heart* Dear Celestia…

  42. Bucking Pony God I Want MOOAARRRREEEEEE

  43. Anonymous says:

    Chapter 6 was masterfully written, and tugged on my heartstrings something fierce. All in all, a wonderful update to a wonderful story.My biggest complaint is about the last line in Chapter 4:"…I have also come to realize this evening that swiftness in this matter is of the up most importance.”"up most" should be utmost. A small thing, but niggling little details like that get to me.

  44. Bravo author. Bravo.Please, keep this up. I want so much more to this, I'm still holding out for a nice happy ending,a dn I think slowly, I'll get it. Well, I hope!And thank you for implanting Nyx in my brain. I can't get her out of my head. She's clashing with my own ideas. Which isn't handy at work!But as I say, I can't wait for more! Thanks for making my day start so well!

  45. Damn, I was hoping for some cross reference to "Blood". The cultist could have spoken the language of the Cabals: I love your story.

  46. Batty Gloom says:

    @AnonymousZank you for pointing zat out. Eithah me or Pen Stroke will fix zat vhen we're not locked out due to too many readahs viewing.Vhile we may not alvays be zere 24/7, we do try to make ze time to read all comments on our fics, through comments on oldah fics take moar time for us to notice.

  47. Ditzy Derp says:

    Well crap im shedding manly tears over the chapter 6 I hope they get to stay a family when the princesses do eventually find out

  48. WTBrony says:

    Just read the first three chapters. This is awesome. Not only is it well written (which isn't always the case with fanfiction), but the story is extremely engaging. At the end of the third chapter, I felt my heart hurting for poor Nyx, even though I only "met" her an hour or so ago. Also, the normal tag gives me hope that this will have a happy ending. It better.

  49. Anonymous says:

    @Batty GloomDo … do you really talk with that accent, or is it just to freak us out? Or to entertain yourself? … Or both? DON"T SHOOT ME, I'M NOT JEWISH!!!

  50. Bugsydor says:

    Just finished chapter 6. I didn't even know that my O'D'awwMeter went that high! Thank you, Batty Gloom and Pen Stroke, for giving us such a nice juicy update to chew on. Well, off to see if this fanfic has a tropes page yet…

  51. Nintyuk says:

    Is any one else here getting a Malfoy vibe from diamond tiara and her father.

  52. Nintyuk says:

    Sod Celestias reaction, what about Lunas? She WAS Nightmare Moon, What would your reaction be if suddenly a child out of nowhere was created from part of you you had left behind and shared some of your memory's? Not only that the Blood & Adoptive mother of the child is your sisters prized pupil?

  53. @ Batty GloomZEN, When he Voke up, His Skeleton vas Missing, und The Doctor vas Nowhere to be Found!!!AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAnyvay, Dat's how I lost mein Medical License.

  54. Sigil says:

    Truly one of the best fanfictions I have ever read. And I mean in general not just My little pony related. Bravo my good man bravo. I cant wait for the next update. On a little side note is it wrong for me to have developed a deep resentful hatred towards Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara? They remind me of all the jerks that used to pick on me when I was little. I am with Twilight I would of turn them into a cactus.

  55. EonMaster says:

    I absolutely love this story. It's so nice seeing Twilight being motherly to Nyx, and finally asking Nyx if she would want Twilight to be her mother since she has no blood relatives.Sadly, the story image is telling me that all the happiness in this story is going to go to hell pretty soon…

  56. Anonymous says:

    @NintyukThat's a good question. Off hand, if it were me, I would wonder if that part remembered me (but wouldn't be surprised if it didn't). Then I would recall what measures I used against it, and I would wonder if this new pony had, in fact, a better way to calm the torment than I did. Maybe being marginalized and ignored was the WRONG thing to do to a pony that could shut out the sun. If I were Nightmare moon, I might think that there was a way for her to be better than what I turned out as. If possible I would try to do what I could to make that viable.

  57. ZeldaFan777 says:

    Damn it, its such a well written, well thought out story!!! Its just pulling at my hearstrings, hell, I even teared up at some points. But Im scared to read further now when you release the next chapters, I fell theyll be the most difficult to read, since I REALLY dont want anything bad to happen!!! 5 stars, naturally. Id give you 4 times that much if possible!!

  58. Craft says:

    @Batty Gloom"Now"?Pen Stroke has been a credit to the community since … I don't even know how many stories ago!This is just like some sort of super frosting on what was already an amazing cake!P.S. All my Dawws, You have taken them.

  59. Can somepony explain to me from not liking the idea of reading fanfics for some weird reason to getting there & enjoying stories like this?Me the idea of stories told in fanfics seam to be weird of how it detracts from the idea its from seams to be weird but now I read 2 or 3 intreasting stories & this story is a great story & I can't till the whole story finishStories I liked are this, Dark Equestria & a few others.

  60. Anonymous says:

    This is so bloody awesome! THIS IS SO WIN! TAKE MY 5/5 TAKE IT. GAH!

  61. Athens says:

    This is… Amazing. I have never read anything that tugs my heart strings so well.

  62. Starflower says:

    "Why can't I stop with one more peek(Please send me a pony here)It's 5 AM and I need to sleep"IT IS LITERALLY 4:51 AM AND I'M GOING TO BED. CONFOUND YOU PONIES, STEALING MY SLEEP. 8D

  63. WTBrony says:

    And now I'm caught up. Chapter 6 was incredibly dawwwww. One thing that as in the back of my mind the whole time though was Luna. Would she really be able to keep her composure while being forced to relive what we can probably assume was her worst moment? Still, I'm willing to let that slide because this story is so damn good.Though I'll say this now, if you give this a grimdark ending, I will hunt you down. Fair warning.

  64. CherryRie says:

    Chapters 4-6I started off feeling so very down this morning. But this story touched me in ways I can't easily discribe. My cest feels tight and I'm tearing up, but I'm so unbeliveably happy. Thank you. Please keep writing, this story is amazing

  65. Sunset Rose says:

    Up to chapter 6: I cried. It's beautiful. This is a fantastic story so far, Pen Stroke. Motherly Twilight is the most endearing character in the world, and Nyx is just…the sweetest thing.I love this story.

  66. Anonymous says:

    I KNEW it would be good… I just wish I had the time to spare to read it…

  67. WeirdPonyGuy says:

    You made me D'aww too hard in chapter six.Confound this ponies they drive me to D'aww.

  68. Anonymous says:

    >11:30 at night>find a lost ferret>named her nyxtrue story

  69. Arcel says:

    That… is such a beautiful story, and I can not wait for more, I demand More!!!!Also, I think I should point something out, though I may be wrong. So Spoilers:Though they aren't true blood relitives… they kind of are, I mean… Twilights Blood was used as an ingrediant in the spell, her blood helped create Nyx. *nod nod*… minor spoilers considering you read that in the first chapter, but still… and one last thing.DAAAWWWWW!!!! Twilight is Nyx's Mom =)

  70. DoubleMallow says:

    I usually wait until I completely finish a fan-fic before I start writing any form of review. But there are some that are just so great I feel I have to do them there and then.This is a fantastic 'fic. I love how it has such and adult origin, or at least a more mature story, and yet can still be so youthful and adorable like the show. Every important setting you write in is perfectly pictured: laid out and explained, but not overly described. I love how there are all these tiny little "plot throws", like when Nyx finds the sea serpent, or Twilight is worried Applejack and Rainbow Dash will find out about Nyx too early. If i only have one criticism, as Pinkie would probably say, keep it "light and airy, even when it's scary!" Although that's mainly just my prefrence that things be adorable instead of scary or too serious. As i said, not because those parts aren't good (the story wouldn't be as good without most of them), that's just what I like better. I love how your depiciton of all the main character's are on point, even your writing of Rarity: she's not too pompous, but still has class. Once again, one of the best stories I've read.Can't wait to read the rest of this wonderful fic:6 out of 5 stars for sure.

  71. Good day, ladies and gentlecolts!Seriously, when I saw that picture, I felt strong urge to read it. And I read it… later. And I don't regret it.On the one hoof, it have some dark moments with conspiracy and some serious identity crysises (no spoilers, you see).On the other hoof, story is filled with love and tolerance and magic of friendship. And Twilight as mother figure for little filly is… awesome. I want my mother to be Twilight Sparkle! There is no fairness in the world, my little ponies…And on the third hood… For Celestia's sake, I like Nightmare Moon! But she is one of the most underrated characters in the show (she wasn't even included in the poll for the best pony, or something). There is more fiction about Lyra. LYRA! THE BACKGROUND PONY! What in the hay?And on the last hoof… Nothing. I need at least on hoof to type.Stating the obvious, yourThe Most Evil Pony.

  72. ultra8 says:

    Epic artworkWonderful readAnd plenty of Dawww.Twilight's family dynamic was just adorable. Makes you wonder how she's going to explain things if her parents should ever stop by.Also extra props for the casting of the play and using all the exta kids, I could totally see that part done in an episode of the show.Keep up the stellar work and I'm looking eager to reading the next chapter.Looks like I've found a sound replacement for my summer reading until something like "It's Dangerous going outside your Door" get's a sequel or new project.

  73. Mr.PoPo says:

    Hello…what's this…holy fuck! 3 chapters at once…with a comic?! and a image poster which shows like 10 Scenes AT ONCE?!SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEYFUND IT, FUND IT ALREADY!!!, I'm Throwing Money at the screen but nothing happens WHYYYYLike holy fuck!, imagine if this story actually got turned into a comic :D, we need m0re c0micz

  74. Anonymous says:

    im crying like a bitch over herethis story made me it's bitchall is fine in the world

  75. Sketchpad says:

    Hohoho-ly CRAP! I am not one to cry. About anything. EVER. But that last scene where *SPOILER SPOILER*Twilight agrees to be Nyx's mom, had me tearing up. Nyx is just too adorable, and that was just too precious a scene.*END SPOILER END SPOILER*Kudos to you good sir/madam.

  76. Xedma says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF LUNA WRITE FASTER!!! This is now my favorite fic and is so amazingly written. It is now 7:01 A.M. and I feel it may be time to fall asleep. I can't stress enough how much I am enjoying this story. If only it could come to life on screen.

  77. epicplatypus says:

    Just read all of it….This is amazing… please, for the love of celestia… write more

  78. Tast says:

    Oh Penstroke, don't do that to me! I was, almost literally, fearing a heart attack while the play was happening. Now I fear an untimely death caused by suspense after reading about "the flash in his azure eyes." I shed two tears (I counted, seriously.) When Nyx said I love you. Oh ky gosh it was so sweet… You can have my mancard, but please don't let anything bad happen to Nyx… Don't tell Kkat, but LittlePip just got demoted from favourite OC to second favourite OC. Sweet baby Nightmare she's so adorable. Going to go read Creeping Darkness, now.

  79. Overkillius says:

    This is the second time I have actually shed man tears… the first time wasn't even pony related. I have had times where my eyes water, but this story (I don't even read normally) just struck an otherwise unresolved chord within me… I can't quite put my finger on it, but I relate some how, and this has put me somewhat at ease. I thought I already lost this when I first saw winter wrap up and became a brony, but TAKE MY MAN CARD! IT IS STILLED STAINED WITH MY TEARS OF JOY!!!That being said, I love how this story is woven together. This is one of the best reads I've ever had (and I look forward to reading this in the fut-… no I don't DON'T KILL/CORRUPT NYX! NYYYYYYX!!!!!(jk I DO want to read future chapters)). Unfortunately as I stated earlier, I don't ever read so I am not sure my opinion is valid… wait… people's opinions can be invalid?There are absolutely no flaws in canon or fanon that I can find. And now my favorite pony… is…Ny-still Rarity.

  80. Tast says:

    I don't think Celestia should go after Nyx, even if she suspects something… Not even Luna can guarantee her safety if she does. Maternal Twilight is just as sweet as Nyx to me, but that may be because Twilight is my favourite pony. Or, as I prefer to believe, she is genuinely amazing and my view isn't hindered by my bias. Option two seems more likely~

  81. Supersheep64 says:

    Shot straight to the top of my fav fanfic list.Nyx is best pony.

  82. ULTRAMARIOX says:

    Damn You, making an awesomesause story like this and then giving me a CLIFFHANGER? and its incomplete too 😦 I'm gonna make a fanfic and releaase it in parts too, but how did you make DAT PICTURE its beast

  83. Dawn says:

    YOU MADE MY HEART MELT! SO MUCH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Twilight double mommy, SOOOO SWEEEEET! HHHHHHHHHHNG! I NEED MORE OF THIS STORY! ITS BETTER THAN DRUGS!Oh and I was right about Nyx being NNM, except if you still have some other explanation to come up in the next chapters :3Now pardon me, but I have to continue throwing money at my screen.

  84. Anonymous says:

    THIS FIC. I NEED MORE OF IT.DAMNIT, Nyx is the most adorable and enduring woobie I've seen in fanfiction, PERIOD.And you portray the mane cast 100% spot-on, what's more! I get the same sense of enjoyment from this story as I do from the show itself.In fact, this story – so far – could easily make for an excellent MLP: FiM movie if they kept it as is, butI guess I should wait for you to finish the story before having such ideas. It'd be a savvy move on Hasbro's part, though; Nyx plushies, anyone?Anyways, just wanted to say excellent writing!

  85. Anonymous says:

    Hope everything turns out ok.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I shouldn't have eaten that oatmeal the day before, now my brain is wacked out. After reading this I still think like pinkie pie! Urf, Damn oatmeal. Was it in that milk drink, they said it had fiber so I drank it, then the next day I was like woo woo woo woow oow oow oowwooo and then I couldn't concentrate at school and I said lots o random things. I even thought that light is bent by itself even though it wasn't true. OOh, Did I think that because of an evil enchantress, OhZecorawaitnothat'sallgossip. I feel better now.

  87. Batty Gloom says:

    @AnonymousI dun't want to alarm you but…I zink you might be drunk. Lie down for a bit, ja?

  88. Bugsydor says:

    @5:20 Anon:Dangit, I was about to say that this feels like what a Friendship is Magic film should be like.Anyhow, this fanfic has now been recommended on TVTropes and I have put together the beginnings of a tropes page. I hope that I didn't screw this up too badly. Anyhow, I would really appreciate it if people would help improve the tropes page by maybe giving it a better description (I just copypasted the one from this page) and additional tropes (I currently have a paltry 7 listed). I expect the crowning moments of heartwarming page to fill up, for obvious reasons. I took the liberty of adding a synopsis of the scene where Twilight says Nyx can call her mommy, but I feel that I botched the delivery and somepony else should fix it.Welp, time to go and reread this fic.

  89. Anonymous says:

    my money.take ALL of my money!

  90. crazyredemu says:

    Twilight worries about what Princess Celestia might do, if I was her I'd be more worried about Luna

  91. Darth Equus says:

    Please don't toss rotten apples at me, but some punctuation errors simply MUST be corrected when we're dealing with a story of this caliber:"Good night Spike" makes it sound like some sort of object that can produce a good night. Should be"Good night, Spike", and such.Come on. You have to go that extra step!

  92. SummerPwny says:

    im going to spend the following week searching the forest after my own little Nyx. cuz HOLY CELESTIA is she CUTE.and this story is Amazing! please release more chapters :'D

  93. ray10k says:

    normally I really dislike Alicorn OC's, but with Nyx it just wouldn't work any other way. congrats, and here is hoping for a happy ending.

  94. Anonymous says:

    This could totally be integrated into the actual show, it was so good!

  95. Anonymous says:

    I have only one irk with the story. The author uses "kidnapping" instead of "ponynapping". It should maybe be corrected.

  96. ToonNinja says:

    I sh*t bricks when Nyx got to the play.

  97. ShadowFox04 says:

    The more I read, the more worried I become. I know it's all going to go to pot, but I really don't want it to happen. I love how it's all playing out, this is A grade movie material.Anyways, once again 5 more stars for each chapter.

  98. Excellent job. I shall be watching this story with great interest.

  99. SFC Ponycron says:

    A splendid job so far!I know I might be offering you to the chopping block, but have you requested a review from the Samurai? He's a very in-depth reviewer on /fic/ in Ponychan, and those that have read his reviews have held his opinion in very high regard.Keep this up, and it'll definitely earn "SFC Ponycron's Brohoof of Approval" (not that that means anything…yet).

  100. Var says:

    @ BugsydorI haven't added to the page but I did shift some things around – the link on the MLP fic rec page now leads solely to the Past Sins trope page, and people can get to the fic through there. That way, the tropes page will get more traffic and better tropers that you or I will give it some wiki magic.

  101. Luna's reaction to the play leads me to think she's come to grips with the whole Nightmare Moon thing and doesn't mind seeing a re-enactment of what was basically her redemption. Twilight's right to tread carefully around the Princesses, but the cultists are probably going to be the bigger issue.The heartwarming cuteness has reached critical levels now, which is going to make things that much more intense when we reach the climax. Keep it up!

  102. Anonymous says:

    New chapters? Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

  103. Erroneous says:

    It took a while for me to stop hyperventilating and read the damn play scene already. Seriously that scene stressed me out so hard. Props for great writing.

  104. Anonymous says:

    great chapters how long until the royal sisters and the rest of Twilights friends find out the true origins of Nyx if and fact their relationship is mother and daughter and how will they react if they ever do find out the truth and just how far will Twilight go to protect her newly found daughter great work keep it up also any chance of you letting other authers use Nyx in their stories she really is a great character

  105. Pen Stroke says:

    @MeshMealWell, I'm sorry you aren't interested in the story because of its length. Honestly, when I started out, I was intending to write something about this long, but the story itself turned out much longer. So, I hope I don't scare anyone else off, because there are a lot of chapters left.

  106. Anonymous says:

    @Pen Stroke I think it's better as a longer story, at least until now.

  107. Baree says:

    @Pen StrokeSpoilersBest news I've heard all day. The longer the better I say 😛 Nyx is just to cute.This seemed like the perfect time for Twilight to explain to Nyx why she didn't want her to go to the play. Not that it matters that much. It seems rather obvious where the story is going, but I might yet be surprised. Either way, I'm looking forward to whenever Celestia and/or Luna get involved. I have little doubt they suspect something, so I reckon it will be soon.

  108. Anonymous says:

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    @AnonymousCan't blame me for the Thursday 2AM posting.I provided Seth the new chapter links at about 9Am on Wednesday.

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  140. Nova25 says:

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  144. Anonymous says:

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  145. Anonymous says:

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  151. Bugsydor says:

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  153. KinkyOats says:

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  155. Batty Gloom says:

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  156. Anonymous says:

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  157. Bugsydor says:

    Anypony have some idea how long it usually takes for the Wiki Magic to kick in for a new works page on TVTropes? The page for this story needs more love.

  158. Batty Gloom says:

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  161. Batty Gloom says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  162. Batty Gloom says:

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  165. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousIt's 4am and theres not even a single new chapter or piece of art updated! If you have him tied up in some basement or harmed Pen in anyway get ready for a lynching!PEN ARE YOU OK?! DID THIS PERSON CHOP OFF YOUR FINGERS?! If you can reply (even if only with your face) say something! D:

  166. Arion A. says:


  167. Anonymous says:

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  168. Hunter X says:

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  171. Batty Gloom says:

    @AnonymousWe'll try harder but for your information, each chapter is proof-read no fewer than three times before posting. So, unless you're willing to be a proof-reader….

  172. @AnonymousHEY! I'm german, and I feel positively offended! Because I am NOT a nazi, most of us aren't nazis and I HATE HATE HATE nazis!

  173. @AnonymousJust for your information, I am German. And I feel offended. So go fuck yourself.

  174. Batty Gloom says:

    @Dat fucking writefag……..(My simple representative OC joke has opened up a can of worms, hasn't it? My apologies. I can drop the accent if it offends my German Bronies.)

  175. Var says:

    You know what would be a really cool twist?if Diamond Tiara's father turned out to actually have contacts with the Royal Guards or the Princesses rather than the Children of Nightmare. Everyone, me included, figure because the kid is a jerk it's follow that her parent is one of the bad guys lurking in the background (like Draco Malfoy) so making Tiara's father be the one who eventually brings Celestia's attention to Nyx's orgin would be a great subversion of our expectations. I'm not saying he has to be a heroic figure, just that he's not one of the villains. I mean, it's not like there's only one Nightmare cultist in Ponyville, and it's likely they went to the play to since it was part of the festival.I dunno, just a thought.

  176. Anonymous says:

    @Batty GloomI'm a German and you doing that accent is fine (and funny). Of course, some people are going to make terrible nazi jokes, but most Germans on the internet are probably used to that by now and can deal with it.

  177. @Batty GloomWhat are you blabbering about?Your accent offends no pony, the stupid assumption of this one anonymous guy that germany is still nazi country is offensive.Errm, wait, blabbering sounds rude, and I don't mean to be rude, especially towards somepony who helped Pen Stroke with his amazing fan fics. Sorry.It's just that the thought that this was somehow YOUR fault is so ridiculous.

  178. Var says:

    @ Batty GloomIf people are honestly being offended by your cute little parody accent, then they need to develop thicker skin. Really though, looks like people are mad at the dude who made the tasteless nazi joke.Keep on shining, Batty Gloom!

  179. Rockburgh says:

    @Anonymous 0158h J22: You're right in that this could be a novel– at least if Pen Stroke used his own IP! I know I'd buy it… some of these authors should really go professional.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Well, I'm only on Chapter 5 right now, but I read Chapter 4 and I think Nyx is NOT Nightmare Moon.I think Nyx is an entirely different pony, made by the magic with the appearance and memories of Nightmare Moon. But different. Maybe her mane was like Nightmare Moon's because she was corrupted or because of the magic and memories? Anyway, I felt bad for her. D: But amazing story! I also realized I believe the Twilight hanging is probably Nightmare Moon's thoughts, too. :3

  181. Nova25 says:

    CH.5 :Really Twilight, you should know better than to leave such books open at hoof-reach, when an impressionable filly is nearby…Especially when the filly in question is Nyx and also a member of the CMC. ;)—–CH.6 :>Dinky Doo was pulling off a pretty darn good Twilight-Hurray ! …Dinky ;)I wonder, if Nyx will interact with Dinky at some point ? Might be something good, you know, something with her mother (Ditzy) being teased too by some ponies, but showing that Ditzy never let them stop her from being happy and stuff. (kinda relate to Nyx being bullied)>“You were wonderful Muffin.” Ditzy Doo replied, giving her little filly a noogie and a hug.-Awwwww… Muffin :)Dinner ! >“YAY!!!” :Dpunishment >“Awww…” ;)>Diamond Tiara’s father just kept staring-Not saying it, but really, it's kinda obvious, no ? …*Dun-duun DUUUN !*>And, because you don’t have parents, you don’t have any normal blood relatives like uncles, brothers, aunts, sisters, or grandparents.”-Hummm, blood drop anyone ? Helloooo ?I'm not an expert on Genetic science, but creating another 'being' from a part of you… Since the 'being' was created from your genetical material, and the result is a YOUNG Filly, well… Daughter, right ?…I seriously hope they realize that, at some point in the story… Otherwise, it would be kinda disappointing, if not even a (clear) ''mention'' was made…(then, 2minutes later…)>“So… if Owlowiscious and Spike are like my older brothers… what does that make you?”*whisper LOUDLY* DROP OF BLOOD ! Hint-Hint !>“Well… Nyx… if I was really honest… I’d say…” Twilight had to swallow, the words getting caught on the knot in her throat. “That… I’m like… well… your mother.”-Hurray ! See, it wasn't that hard was it ? :)And what comes after that is so *Awwwwwww* that you want to hug them too.-Seriously, I have read a LOT of *Awwww* moments in stories, but this one is a moment that REALLY makes me want to hug the screen… before remembering that it's a screen, of course.—–(and that's how Equestria was made… kinda explain the 6 Stars too, ''now'' that I think about it 😉 )

  182. @Batty GloomDude, you got it wrong. I don't mind your accent, I find it cute. What pisses me off is the assumption of that "edgy" coward anon that I am a nazi because I happen to be German. Is it my fault I was born in that shit country?!It's the same bullshit the world puts on you Americans being fanatic homophobe warjunkies. That's my problem here. Parodies are alright, but what this anon did…If you want stereotypes, go watch Southpark. But leave it out in ED.

  183. Nova25 says:

    Could people just stop and return at commenting ABOUT THE AWESOME STORY !It's the Internet, no one ''really'' care about all that stuff…But, people do care about this story here and now, so… STORY TIME ! …or something.*Insert Love and Tolerance ''something-something'' quote*

  184. @Dat fucking writefagSHIT COUNTRY?Well screw you, I happen to like it here. There are some stupid issues with copyright and censorship, but other than that it's a pretty nice country, in my opinion. And even if you happen to disagree, which I can totally accept, calling it a SHIT country is going a little too far…So please, let's be a little more civil, alright?

  185. @Nova25*sigh*Okay, okay, I give up, you're right.So.About the story.It's awesome.Exactly what is to be expected from the author of Better Living Through Science and Ponies, as well as Creeping Darkness.I don't like how many ponies are theorizing about Twilight getting… erm, is it hanged or hung? Screw it, about Twilight getting executed.THAT IS NOT THE AUTHOR'S STYLE. Go read Creeping Darkness and BLTSaP! They both end happily, just like this story almost certainly will. So stop worrying.Okay, now I have a question for everypony (especially Pen Stroke himself): Does anypony know any other stories, preferably MLP fanfics, by this wonderful author? Because I'd probably like to read them.

  186. Pen Stroke says:

    @theuncalledforThe only other MLP Fanfic I've written to date that has its own post on Equestria Daily is the One-Shot Changing Octaves, which was a short I wrote when Cereal Velocity threw down a challenge in a music post. Here's the address:

  187. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousWell, Nyx is Nightmare Moon's reincarnation. She is Nightmare Moon, but the spell that made her was incomplete and instead of a Nightmare Moon in her full glory the spell made the closest thing it could make, a filly. Nyx is a blank slate that can develop differently then the final product she was based on.

  188. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousAh, yes! That makes more sense than my thought. I do hope she doesn't turn out like the other Nightmare Moon. I like her more when she's sweet like she is 🙂

  189. @Pen StrokeYou answered! Personally!Thank you! YOU'RE AWESOME! ❤

  190. Truthseeker says:

    Incredible, simply incredible. I salute you sir, and I will mention your story to my own readers. I e-mailed you with my critique. I do not care if it diverts some of my own readers, your work SO deserves it.

  191. @theuncalledfor>a little more civilAlright, I can live with that.

  192. nemryn says:

    I think everypony else has already said everything I was going to say, so the only thing left is for me to demand fanart of Dinky as Twilight. So adorable!

  193. starcat5 says:

    *Chuckles* I just had the most EVIL idea. When the horse apples hit the fan and the Mane Cast finds out that Nyx was meant to be Nightmare Moon 2.0, it turns out that Pinky Pie had figured it out some time ago. When asked if it was because of her Pinky Senses Tingling, however, we cut to a flashback of Pinky Pie submitting a Pre-reader report (Or whatever Pre-readers do) to Equestria Daily. When we jump back to the present, she suddenly acts awkward and says "Yah, something like that."

  194. Anonymous says:

    I love that the story seems to have been planned out in its entirety.Pacing, good sir or madam–you have it.

  195. Sparkler says:


  196. Bravo! Beautiful! I totally cried at chapter 6. Please, write more! This is a wonderful story. 🙂

  197. Anonymous says:

    This story was worht all of my free time..NEED MORE

  198. Bugsydor says:

    Can Luna in Socks's D'awesomeness be applied to Nyx? Preliminary results indicate YES. Dangit, I need a Nyx wallpaper to add to my collection. A couple of these pics are about the right size, though…

  199. Nova25 says:

    @theuncalledforBah… I theorize that it's just a thought of Nyx (caused by Nightmare Moon's memories)… maybe from the ''I wanted to hurt her'' or from the ''If people know about me, they might do that to her'' (fear of what could happen).—–@AnonymousI'm pretty sure that the first use of the name ''Nyx'' (the origin of the name), for the ''being'' behind Nightmare Moon, was from the story ''Party Hasn't Ended'' (at the end), just to let people know.

  200. MichielDeMey says:

    By Celestia.. MOAR!

  201. Anonymous says:

    To all the people thinking the name Nyx is a reference to a video game, a book or another fanfic, educate yourself:

  202. @Nova25Exactly. Those are, by far, the most probable explanations for the picture, considering the author.Which is just another reason to LOVE LOVE LOVE this author! <3Hail Pen Stroke, who answered me personally! Who wrote Creeping Darkness and BLTSaP! Master of happy endings for suspenseful, fun stories!

  203. Anonymous says:

    I am hoping the next chapters are just as good as it is so far. Amazing story, please keep it amazing though the whole thing.

  204. Pen Stroke, i would really say that if your aunt was here to see this…beautifully exciting story you wrote… this could have made her happy inside you and all of us fans to you from reading this spectacular story

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    CH.10 :>The purple unicorn didn’t know what hit her as Nyx tackled her unofficial mother-''unofficial'' ? Huh ? …remember 'blood', ''genetic', 'SCIENCE!' ? Twilight really need to open a book on biology or something.>What further evidence do you need that Nyx is Nightmare Moon?”-That's your first *Boot to the Head* ''Miss''. :(>If you form a statue from clay, it is made of clay. If Nyx was made from what remained of Nightmare Moon, then she is-”-made of Nightmare Moon… not ''IS Nightmare Moon''… Celestia kinda just shot her own logic there.>What if more of her memories return, and she remembers her hatred for Equestria-Well, Nyx kinda remembered that she wanted to kill Twilight at some point… didn't stop her from loving-Twilight-to-death, hmm ?>I cannot risk the safety and future of Equestria when you have offered no solid evidence that Nyx and Nightmare Moon are not the same.-Well sorry Miss ''Princess'', but your arguments aren't what I would call ''solid'' neither ? Rather based on suppositions and second-class proofs and ''I want her to be Nightmare Moon so hard''.>he will be dispelled and the lingering energy purified.”-*Boot to the Head* #2 ''Princess''… she's starting to collect them like stamps.>“But she doesn’t remember doing any of that! She’s just a filly. She deserves a chance to live, to be happy.”-Yeah. Also, chances are that if you *Hammer* in her mind that she's Evil and Nightmare Moon and that nopony like her, well, that she will become it… So stop repeating it, you 'silly' Princess.>How many ponies will she hurt trying to overthrow me and Luna?-Aren't you TWO! (2!) Alicorns now ?! Me think that 2 trained Alicorns VS 1 newly grown Alicorn would win, no ?And, it's not like ''agents'' would go blind, stop checking on her status from time to time, and forget that Nyx exist until it's too late, right ?… Feels like Celestia is SO convinced that Nyx IS 9000% Nightmare Moon, that she blocks or filters almost everything not going ''her way'' ? No wonder some ponies want to overthrown her ? …>“Take the filly into custody-And she doesn't even tell them to be gentle or anything ? Damn cold hearthed b… Celestia, yeah, that's what I meant, yes… And ponies wonder ''how/where'' the ''Trollestia'' comes from ?Here I will stop for 3sec. and look above this line…Yep… A revolution sounds good, who's with me ? I will provide the meteors and laser-guided weapons !…damn, this ONE part makes me think and wonder (at the screen ?) a LOT… and not like Celestia a lot, let's just say.—–>“If Nyx is truly not Nightmare Moon… then the harm I’ve done to her and Twilight… I doubt I will ever truly be able to make amends.”-HAH ! You got that right.>the little black filly was replaced with a pony far larger, clad in midnight blue armor and with a mane and tail of flowing magic.>“I am so sorry Twilight.”-For what ?? It's just an image ? It doesn't mean much nor show the deeds and actions she may or may not have done in the future ??>It was all too late that Celestia realized the treachery that thrived in her royal court.-At this precise moment, a pony somewhere in the world invented… a new word… in order to properly translate ''how MUCH she derped''.Derplestia, the word was.

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    I've posted a couple of times already since reading the update, but I realize that I have yet to post my reaction. Well, here goes!As I completed chapter 10, my eyes unfocused. My mind was empty except for a haze. It felt like a cross between having fallen and slammed the back of my head on the ground, and the pre-drome to a migraine. I sat in that dazed state, staring through my monitor, for a number of minutes.I wasn't crying; I was a bit beyond that. When I finally came to, I finished reading the poem and thought. I had been hoping for irrational stuff to happen like Nyx instantly rebelling against the cultists or just shrinking in fear at the shocked townsfolk, but I knew that such things would not work at all for the story. They would be too convenient, and you writers are too good to take the easy Deus Ex Machina way out of it. It wouldn't make for a good story anyhow.I read the poem, and a little spark of hope returned. I know that you meant it when you said that this story would never deserve the Grimdark or Sad tags. I can't see how Nyx will redeem herself or go back to a semi-normal life as Twilight's daughter (if that is even the plan), but that is why you two are the fanfic authors and not me. If you disappoint us, though, and those tags pop onto this story, you might want to be on the lookout for lynchmobs.You guys have a lot of power over the hearts of men. You shattered many today, mine included. Please have the decency to help us pick up the pieces.Sorry for being overly dramatic, but I had to get that out of my system. I have never read anything before, fanfic or "professional" writing, that has moved me this deeply. Keep up the excellent work. It's a shame that you don't own the license to this so that you cannot profit from this fine piece of work. If you did somehow manage to acquire a license to get this thing printed, I would buy a copy STAT.

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    Ok, successfully created the tearjerker page for this story on TVTropes and added a couple of scenes from the most recent chapter. I hope you're happy, Pen Stroke.

  337. Craft says:

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  343. Why does Celestia and the others that know to truth behind Nyx never think about nature vs. nurture? If Nyx can be raised in a loving home, surrounded by friends and taught to embrace her powers for the better then Nyx could fight off Night Mare Moon should she ever rise in Nyx’s mind. If Nyx has the will and the strength she could very well keep Night Mare at bay.

  344. Batty Gloom says:

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  345. Bugsydor says:

    Ok, finished updating the trope page with Mood Whiplash and Heroic BSOD. I feel that there are plenty of other tropes to fill that page with, so to whoever here is a troper: Show this story's page some love!People here don't mind me posting whenever I update the tropes page, do they? If it is too annoying I will stop and just update it quietly…

  346. Ye know…In moments like these i'm thankful i don't imagine too much when readingThis Asshole of a Writer just had to put in chapter 10(grimdark & sad) with all the characters going out of char…Without even a WARNINGI must say if i ever find out where he and his TF2 addicted medic live then i'm gonna hire a bunch of thugs to kidnap them and torture the crap out of them cupcakes styleYou DO NOT…mess with A MAN that way when it comes to stories, You Do not, give them a bunch of cute Daaww inducing scenes and then BAM GrimDark and Sad Tags out of a sudden, and just to top it off they screw up Twilight and Celestia's personalities, yeh we don't care just take her away like that, Not like that character made 2000+ people care for her or anything, who cares about Nyx…surely not us…Wait till i find you, you sadistic son of a fucksBatty Gloom, Pen Stroke……I'm Coming To Get You…''hangs off''

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  349. Bugsydor says:

    @Hope LoneheartAs to why Celestia doesn't think about that, let me introduce you to my good friend the idiot ball. Sometimes, a character has to be uncharacteristically stupid for a part of a story to work. This could not have worked out as good fiction any other way that I can see. See also: rule of drama.

  350. Heartmend says:

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  359. Oh, a small nitpick…the past tense of "casting" is "cast". Just FYI. ^_^

  360. Unknown says:

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  362. Bugsydor says:

    @UnknownI don't think that this story could be done justice with just 44 minutes of airtime.Anyhow, just updated the trope page again. I am on a roll with this tonight thanks to all of the scrutiny that chapter 10 is getting (and because it is currently lodged immovably in my brain…confound this chapter, it drives me to trope).For those of you who haven't made your way over there yet, you can find the link to the trope page here. Be sure to tell me if I screwed anything up like misusing a trope or applying spoiler tags inappropriately, or better yet edit it yourself!By the way, Killerowl, sweet avatar.

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    “Remember this night well!” She called out. "And no, not like that other night you had to remember. In fact you are free to forget about that one. Seriously, I won't be mad. Remember this one. this time I really mean it, no foaling around. Yeah, it's the real deal now. This time, the night shall last AT LEAST 20% longer! So, erm, better switch your clocks to DST"Uff, I needed a bit of a comical relief after that last chapter.

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  371. Anonymous says:

    Hiya! Just a quick note: a tomb is a place for dead people to sit, while a tome is a kind of book. 🙂

  372. Tast says:

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  373. Bugsydor says:

    @Rambo The CriticGood point. However, I stand by my earlier statement that I wouldn't be able to do squat. Then again, my typical reaction to something shocking or traumatic is to BSOD. Not the best reaction, but that's what I tend to do, particularly when a deep betrayal is involved. We already have canon examples of Twilight cracking under pressure in the form of heroic BSOD, so I don't see how this is particularly out of character for her.As I don't have a wife and kids yet, I cannot tell for sure what exactly I would do. I think Twilight's reaction is within the normal range, though.

  374. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, so Celestia has to play the part of the bad guy in the story? I know she has the best intentions and for the plot to work things needed to go down like they went down, but I just don't think Celestia would drag a filly screaming for her mommy away to be possibly executed. She would have at least had Twilight come along, and if Nyx was definitely shown to be Nightmare Moon reborn she could have been placed in Canterlot to be monitered, with Twilight brought to live with her. Heck, even explaining to Nyx what was going on would have made things less gut wrenching. "Hey Nyx, you could possibly turn into Nightmare Moon and hurt your friends and your mom. Want to come with us to check that out?" "Holy crap I don't want to hurt anyone. Guess I'll come along." bam, easy.I love the story, but in order for Celestia's characterization to be part of that love she needs to have some darn good reasons for her actions other then, "We needed a way for Nightmare Moon to be reborn and have reason not to immediately side with her mother". I'm hoping Celestia has some kind of secret plan.Celestia 4 life.

  375. Anonymous says:

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  376. Anonymous says:

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  377. Killerowl says:

    @Anonymous The thought about Nyx losing her childhood and possibly never getting to experience it all the way through really breaks my heart. And it also makes me cry uncontrollably!I just want to hug Nyx and make everything all right!

  378. Lindil says:

    Also, I foresee the picture of Twilight standing at the gallows coming into pass quite soon. I can imagine that – to add a bit of hilarity to the tragedy – both Celestia and Nightmare Moon could come to save her at roughly the same time.

  379. Anonymous says:

    Can I be honest and not get lynched, bronies? This piece is boring and I don't understand how it can get 6 stars like Progress and Fallout and I don't think it deserves it. I thought it was some ironic hipster thing at first.I stopped reading after the 4th chapter. Yeah, I know the old "it gets better after a while" but frankly if a story can't even interest the read after almost 5 chapters, it's entirely acceptable to assume it won't get any better and move on and never look back. My biggest gripe is probably the characters, both official and Nyx. Rarity and Applejack are alright, but Pinkie is somehow not funny and Twilight, my favorite, seems OOC. Actually taking in a filly she doesn't even know, with barely any hesitation, whom she pretty much knows is Nightmare Moon, a being who's pretty much Satan in the actual show and tried to kill all her friends? Not bloody likely. And then there's Nyx. Honestly? She's bland and uninteresting as a character, even for an amnesiac. Frankly I couldn't bring myself to care when got bullied and tricked by DT and SS. Dare I say that she has Mary Sue traits, seeing as how everyone immediately likes her? Hell if she wasn't Nightmare Moon she'd just be a another generic Sue. I don't even think being a child really excuses;dr: Anon nobody cares about dislikes this, suffers Hype Backlash.

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  382. Bugsydor says:

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  383. Anonymous says:

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  384. Anonymous says:

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  385. Var says:

    @ Negative anonDon't worry about it, everyone has different tastes. For example, I love this story to bits and was awed by FO:E, but I actually wasn't that entertained by Progress. It's got funny moments, like Abacus, and the idea is clever, but I feel it's delivery needs a lot of work.

  386. ray10k says:

    nice story and all, but I have been thinking and have come to the conclusion that the plan of the cultists was doomed to fail from the beginning.1: last time, nightmare moon was basically holding Luna hostage. this time, Celestia has no such reason to hold back.2: Celestia has every reason to hold a grudge against nightmare, given the thousand years of grief she brought last time.3: nightmare is up against two alicorns this time, rather than just one4: they will soon have to deal with an angry mother!;dr: their plan is doomed to fail.

  387. Anonymous says:

    I stopped reading Fallout Equestria pretty early on, only kinda liked Progress and thought it was a bit gimmicky and loved this story. Everyone has different opinions, huh?

  388. Anonymous says:

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  389. Anonymous says:

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  390. AlCapony says:

    I am somebody who really likes Celestia, because I do see her as the gentle, benevolent ruler trying to do everything for her subjects.So reading chapter 10 was really grating on me.The problem I have is not that she took Nyx. As much as it was a terrible tragedy on a personal level, I can see that it was what she had to do, as someone who's responsible for the well-being of everyone. The way in which she did it is another matter, as others have already mentioned.But that's still not the problem I had with her. No, the problem I had is that she basically did nothing against the cult. For someone who's lived to see countless generations, she seems remarkably oblivious to the things going on around her. Alright, I realise that of course this impression stems somewhat from the fact that we, the readers, know what the cult is actually doing, unlike her limited perspective.But still, she knows there's a dangerous cult around that tried to resurrect Nightmare Moon, and almost succeded. So they are obviously powerful and dangerous. Yet she doesn't take any sort of precaution. I would have at least expected her to rotate the guards for the research team as a precaution against infiltration of the guard. But no, the cultist guard was there all the time.Or that she would have Nexus' spell explained to her, or verified by someone else instead of just letting him do whatever he wants. Anything, really. But apart from Nyx, she apparently just ignores the existence and possible threat from the cult. Even if they arrested a lot of them, ignoring them like she did is just foolish.Something that's hard to stomach when we're talking about an immortal goddess…In the end, I really disliked her because of that. I'm still debating with myself whether it broke my suspension of disbelief though by being too out of character for Celestia (in my own view of her character, of course)…—————–tl;dr:Celestia deals with the cult like a fool, seems hard to believe.

  391. Anonymous says:

    ^^^N Anon here, yeah I'm aware of that. Opinions are like butts, everyone has them, each is different, etc. I still heavily disagree with, in my view, a mediocre Sue story gaining 6 star status, a plotload of fanart of said Sue, and an inexplicably passionate fanbase. Then again, I don't understand why anyone likes reality shows or Justin Bieber, so whatever.Also to be honest I haven't read Fallout in a while but it has nothing to do with the story getting worse or whatever.

  392. Anonymous says:

    this story is waaay too overrated.

  393. Anonymous says:

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  394. Polecat says:

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    I just wish the damn editor/pre-reader/whatever for this was better, and actually knew what they were doing. Errors all over the place that detract from what is a perfectly good 4 or 5 star story, even with the issues Al Capony and 5:02 Anon raised.

  396. Anonymous says:

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  398. Anonymous says:

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  400. OK 3 things:1. This is possibly the best Fanfic I have ever read, and certainly the best MLP one (considering tho only MLP one i've read is Cupcakes)2. That image is becoming my wallpaper!3. You need to send this to the Hub. I can totally see this as the script for an MLP movie!

  401. Batty Gloom says:

    @AnonymousZhat ez explained en chaptah 16. But I will not tell you et to you. Zhat ez your punishment for being empatient with un enncomplete story.

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  404. Anonymous says:

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  405. starcat5 says:

    Here is a two-fer for the Tropes page:High Octane Nightmare Fuel/Adult Fear: Twilight was afraid that Celestia would take her daughter away. Celestia was afraid that an Eldretch Abomination was loose in her kingdom, plotting to overthrow her and her sister, and bring about nighttime eternal. Celestia's kneejerk reaction to HER fear resulted in BOTH their fears coming true.

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  407. @AnonymousI AM an actual german and I was not trolling.If you really didn't mean to be offensive, then I forgive you. Whether you want me to or not. ;3I was just offended because I REALLY hate nazis and don't want to be seen as one, ever.But I don't like beer. Any beer. Ever. And I am not involved, in any way, in making it. So, just for the record, that compliment was not for me.

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  411. @AnonymousI can really picture Celestia headdesking so hard she gets a concussion at her own stupidity, once she has time to think about it.

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  413. banjo2E says:


  414. @banjo2E Uhhhh… *is reminded of Misery*…Pen, you're up-to-date on your medical insurance, right? …maybe you should lay low for a bit, and not do anything that could jeopardize your health…

  415. Suroguner says:

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  416. @BugsydorHey, since you're a proof-positive troper, can you tell me what defines a troper? Because I READ a lot of TvTropes, but I have this feeling that I don't technically count as a troper because I never actually write anything there.

  417. Var says:

    @ theuncalledforLurkers count as tropers too! It's basically anyone who reads TVTropes and has an understanding of the storytelling devices used in different media as a result. At least, that's how I see it. I don't really communicate on the forums there, I just lurk and add examples here and there, maybe add a fic onto the fanfic rec page now and then.

  418. Anonymous says:

    Slightly OOC for Celestia. don't you think?First off, she puts immense trust into her student's judgement. She wouldn't have sent her after a dragon if she didn't.Secondly, she was ready to forgive Luna for her Nightmare Moon trip before the latter showed even a hint of remorse. But the filly that has yet to do anything, that one is treated like a criminal? I do hope Celestia has a good reason for her behaviour, and isn't just the one who has to hold the idiot ball so that Nyx is properly mistreated.

  419. Onej6 says:

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  420. Batty Gloom says:

    @AnonymousZhere ez a reazon und et ez actually en ze next chaptah. Haowevah, becauze of everyvun's concerns, we have also given et ze facelift to make et bettah…so en a vay, everyvun's concerns ez actually making ze next several chaptahs bettah.

  421. Killerowl says:

    @Batty GloomThat's some good news! 😀

  422. Nova25 says:

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  423. Nova25 says:

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  424. Sparkler says:

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  427. Anonymous says:

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  428. PonyBroHoof says:"Thanks for all you've doneI've missed you for so longI can't believe you're goneYou still live in meI feel you in the windYou guide me constantlyI've never knew what it was to be alone, noCause you were always there for meYou were always there waitingAnd ill come home and I miss your face soSmiling down on meI close my eyes to see"I finished reading 10 chapter like 6hours ago but I still see in my mind Nyx that cry and yell "MOMMY!!!" and Twilight when she tries to rescue her T_T Can't stop being so sad whole day and I want to cry so bad even if I'm 20 years old guy 😦 + listening to Alter Bridge song makes me more more more

  429. This is beautiful… This piece shows the capabilities of the written word. I have never felt such a different range of emotions from a written work. In chapter 10 alone I felt happiness, anger, betrayal, determination, sadness, betrayal again, satisfaction, then ends with sympathy. Kudos to the authors…. This is absolutely amazing. If you two have not written a novel before you might want to get into it. I know I would pay to read more pieces written like this.

  430. WeirdPonyGuy says:

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  432. Batty Gloom says:


  433. Nikita says:

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  435. Anonymous says:

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  437. Anonymous says:

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  438. Nyx says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  439. Anonymous says:

    If you carve a statue from stone, then it is made of stone. If you form a statue from clay, it is made of clay.Has it ever ouccured to her that you can shape clay and model stone?

  440. Nyx says:

    Why, Twilight?

  441. Anonymous says:

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  442. James says:

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  443. Killerowl says:

    Why do so many bronies keep misspelling Nyx! It's an "Y" not an "I". It's a three letter word, it can't be that hard! 😦

  444. Bugsydor says:

    @theuncalledforWell, you are almost a troper. I lurked for a couple of years before I actually did anything. My first time actually troping was fixing some errors on a Doctor Whoof fanfic's page (Mines of Dragon Mountain, to be precise).In my view, as soon as you edit a page you become a troper. Before that you are a lurker. This fanfic's trope page is my first real project as a troper, as it was the first fanfic that I really felt passionate about.If you feel like you can contribute at all, then click on the "get known" link on TVTropes so that they have something to call you. Once that is done, edit away!

  445. Bugsydor says:

    @Batty GloomYay! Maybe that means that I can avoid putting idiot ball/idiot ball magnet onto the tropes page. Glad to see that it is finally attracting some of the Wiki Magic, by the way.

  446. Anonymous says:

    This just in. Nyx broke the record for shotest time to faveorite, taking the title away from Derpy Hooves, long-time cross-eyed champion.

  447. If you're really reading page 4 of the comments before reading the story, then you should just stop and read it now. That said, spoilers ahoy….I hope you're happy, Pen and Batty. First you killed me with d'awwwwww and cute lil Nyx, and now you pull my heart out and blow it up with a prototype medigun at Nyx being taken away by Celestia and turned into Nightmare Moon because my heart wasn't strong enough for it. No wonder you're going to lose your medical licenses. I'll admit, at first I didn't know what to think of this story. The opening image is the largest spoiler I've seen since the preview for the Dragon Ball Z episode "His Name is Cell". It sucked me in, but I feared it gave too much away. Instead, it compliments it completely, and gives me some things to look forward to if I weren't so dead right now. The writing itself, to be blunt, is absolutely amazing, but could use some work still. There are some grammatical mistakes I've picked out, a instance or two of a word misspelled, but it doesn't really detract from the story. I glance over those mistakes though, and focus on the story.And what can be said that others haven't already said? I love it. If there were any one story I could think of that could pull a reader into fanfiction and be a real FiM movie or entire season or even just a few episodes, it would be this (Better Living, what I thought was your penultimate story before I found this, being second for the pull reader into fanfiction and few episodes, but not a movie or season). The OC characters feel genuine. Nyx is the biggest amount of d'awww this side of Luna (in or without socks), and I love her. The evil cult guys, while I can't understand them for jack, are well written and still believable. Proper Etiquette is the bestest name for a butler ever. The mane cast is very well done as well. Mother Twilight is twenty six(!) types of awesome. Pinkie is the MOST like Pinkie I have ever read. Rarity hasn't felt out of character, being Generosity and showing that. The others haven't gotten much time, but they still are themselves. And the Crusaders are still as annoying and crazy and cute as ever. You sure you two aren't actually writers for the show?The bullies… I want them dead or turned into cactus. After the latest chapter, I want Celestia dead or turned into a cactus. I want the evil cult to be turned into cactus. EVERY VILLAIN IS NOW CACTUS!I hope the next chapters arrive soon. I… I don't think I can live on in my death, even with the teaser of hope at the end of the last chapter. I fear each of the scenes left unseen in the preview image. Especially the bottom right. Twilight hanging… I think we're close to it, and I don't want to cry, but I already did during the last chapter, and I probably will again then.If this story ends happily, I will send you letters begging for a sequel. If it ends sadly, I will send you angry letters demanding an alternative ending. If this story ends period I will blow up in tears and send you some type of letter. You can count on this at my word. -S.Aura

  448. Anonymous says:


  449. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlEyup! This fic is incomprehensibly moving. The only time that I have ever been sadder was when I realized that my mother, whom I had blindly loved my entire life, had betrayed me deeply. (Sorry to bring up personal baggage.) Epiphanies can really suck, by the way. That was how I realized that I break down more into a BSOD than into an unstoppable rage or anything like that, by the way.Grats on making me care so much about Nyx and Twilight that I actually shed tears at Nyx's ponynapping (can I call it that?) and then BSOD'd at the end of the chapter. Keep the gold flowin'.

  450. zSONICoz says:

    Three words:LOVE THE STORYLINE!!!

  451. Mr.Brony says:

    @Batty GloomType normally, i can't understand shit

  452. Killerowl says:

    @Bugsydor I can relate to that, I had a similar relationship with my grandmother. :(With that said. I almost can't wait for the next update. Keep up the good work guys!It feels good to be able enjoy such a truling moving story!

  453. Nova25 says:

    @Mr.BronyI second this. (while I replace 'shit' with 'nothing')Also… it's starting to get some people angry… this isn't what I would call ''good publicity'', let's just say.

  454. Bugsydor says:

    Testing out new avatar…does it work well, or should I find a new image?

  455. Anonymous says:

    FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-Ok, any sympathy or pity I had for Princess Celestia is now gone.

  456. Congratulations. You broke my freaking heart. How can I go on? Twilight accidentally betrayed her DAUGHTER and is suffering pain beyond comprehension. Nyx called out for her and was not saved… that call, MOMMY!… it's haunting me even now. And Celestia has been misled and manipulated so that she is now just as much enemy as ally. I hope you've got a good twist coming, Pen, because I will NOT tolerate something awful happening to Nyx, Twilight, or any of the others. If you kill off the Best Pony, as the image hints at, I will be depressed in real life. That's not good writing; it's torture. BUT… if you do your thing, taking a hopeless situation and turning it epic; if you pull us readers to the bottom of the pit of despair only to get maximum distance for the exhilarating ride out the top into the sunny clear air of joy… then I will fight manly tears of happiness as I note that you are still the best brony writer I have ever known. Keep up the amazing work. We're counting on you.

  457. Anonymous says:

    i was really hoping that twilight would have done something, like smack celestia straight in the face run to nyx and teleport themselves far away but…..oh well i already disliked celestia anyway

  458. As I said in the gdocs chat:"Eyes dampenwater wellssadness fills mespirit quellsSpeak softly, say I.Speak softly I mayAnd one dayAgain I shall cry"Stay the path, dear author!This cliffhanger is delicious.

  459. Killerowl says:

    @BugsydorIt's awesome! :DSock Nyx is awesome Nyx

  460. Dawn says:


  461. Anonymous says:

    HOW DO YOU UPDATE THIS SO FAST AND SO MUCH.also lovin the story so far.

  462. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlThanks! socks!Nyx is best socks pony, in my opinion.Anyhow, something I felt like posting for TheUncalledfor's benefit:Troperism is something that has to incubate for a while before it can properly manifest. You have to spend days on TVTropes absorbing data. This part isn't so hard to do, seeing as TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life is itself an established trope in which we see that TVTropes is akin to an inescapable magical time vortex. The hard step to take is making your first edit to a page. You may see that a page has some grammar issues that urgently need correction. You may see that a page is glaringly obviously missing a trope that you know well. Whatever drives you to edit, that first edit will kinda break you out of your shell/chrysalis/cocoon and you will emerge a troper. The edits that you make after the first one are loads easier once you see that nobody minded you making your first one. Don't worry too much about whether you are using a trope right when you post one. If you get it wrong, somebody will just come along and remove or change it.Sorry if I am being a bit too silly, just trying to help (and maybe temporarily escape from chapter 10). Chapter 10 was a lot easier to find tropes for, by the way.

  463. Var says:

    @Pen Stroke, Batty GloomWhen is the next update planned? Sometime next week? I ask because you've implied you're working with a buffer.

  464. Venlin says:

    This saga should be official to mlp fim.It's so good.

  465. Anonymous says:

    I just finished Chapter 10… a single manly tear was shed.

  466. Killerowl says:

    @BugsydorNyx #1 Socks Pony!Oh my gosh! Seth has to do a Sock pony poll!I know who I would vote for!

  467. Bugsydor says:

    @Pen Stroke:On a lighter note: Since Batty Gloom is Medic Finish, does that make you Heavy Weapons Shy? That Ph.D. would surely come in handy in your line of work…

  468. Anonymous says:

    You know what I find interesting? Once again Nightmare Moon, rather then be a legitimate entity in herself, is pretty much just the mask of a filly consumed by her own negative emotions. First Luna, now Nyx.

  469. @BugsydorThank you for clearing that up! ^.^

  470. Bugsydor says:

    @VenlinIf they made this into a film, it would have to be a 9+ hour epic trilogy on the scale of Lord of the Rings. It would be in CGI, but made to still look 2D like the show (as one of the animators said he would love to do for a FiM movie if he had an infinite budget). Sadly, I don't think that this gives quite enough "screentime" to the rest of the mane 6 to qualify for being made into the official movie. Would love it if it happened though. As it stands, I feel that it would be great if Hasbro decided to let this be an official novel ala the various star wars, star trek, and halo expanded universe novels. I would buy it in a heartbeat.@Penstroke: The Ph.D. I am referring to is the Heavy's one in Russian Literature (or whatever its equestrian equivalent is).

  471. Killerowl says:

    @VarThey've been updating with 3-4 chapters every other day since they started. You can expect and update in just some hours, or tomorrow if they're sticking to the same release schedule.

  472. Onej6 says:

    @BareeShe will be back and even if it is brief it will be a touch to the heart for all of us. she will return to twilight that's for sure. Seeing she is the only blood relative and mother of nixif you feel sad give me a brohug bro.*opens front legs*

  473. Bugsydor says:

    @theuncalledforMe? Helpful? YAY! ^0^Well, a good place for you to start might be to post another entry into the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming page. I know that there is more to put there, but I can't remember it right now. Pretty sure there is more to put there, judging by how this story is brimming with d'aww (my stack of busted O'D'awwmeters next to my desk just keeps growing).There are also plenty of tropes lurking in the chapters that I have yet to identify in casual reading. I think the reason why I couldn't stop posting tropes for chapter 10 was because the darn thing just wouldn't get out of my mind, especially the more epic tearjerkers. Spend enough time meditating on a chapter, and the tropes will call out to you. That, and you have doubtless plummed different depths of TVTropes from where the rest of us have been. It's a big place.If you don't feel up to that, maybe you could just 2nd the fanfic recommendation and add a little bit of why it's awesome.Anypony feel free to tell me if I am being too enthusiastic. I don't want to scare people too much.@Killerowl, RE: sock pollI like the way you think! Somepony should totally email that idea to him. Don't forget to make him put Nyx in the running. Anyway, any response from that artist about the kazoo commission? Heck, I would prolly shell out 5-10 bucks for that.

  474. Bryan says:

    I can kinda sorta see Celestia's side of things here. If Nightmare Moon were to return and resume the war it would be devastating to Equestria as a whole. And if Twilight were present when Celestia determined that Nyx needed to be "unmade", I'm sure Celestia knew she'd have an all-out fight with her most faithful student on her hooves. So it made sense to make her stay behind.But even so, Celestia deserves that wound she saw on her soul, and more. I think this story is going to have to be not just about the redemption of Nightmare Moon now, but also of Celestia.I also want to see what Luna thinks about all this now that Celestia can't keep it secret from her either. I bet there's going to be fallout on that side of things too. I almost feel bad for Celestia, her mistakes have backed her into a corner where her relationships with the two ponies closest to her is going to be severely and possibly permanently damaged.

  475. Unknown says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  476. Killerowl says:

    @Bugsydor Maybe I'll send him a mail later! But no, the artist never replied to my comment about kazoo Nyx. :(He seems to be busy with some other drawing so I'll wait before I ask again. The drawing may be Nyx related though! Not kazoo Nyx, but still Nyx!

  477. NineOfCups says:

    This story is amazing and has the best cliffhangers ever.

  478. Anonymous says:

    I definitely want to see Luna's opinion on all of this. Something tells me that, while she will understand the reasoning, she will be appalled by Celestia's actions.

  479. Bugsydor says:

    @Pen Stroke or Batty Gloom: Is the "blood from an enemy" part of the resurrection ritual a shout out to Voldemort's resurrection ritual from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire? It seems that way to me as the blood was taken from the lead protagonists for similar reasons having something to do with protecting the resurrectee from the blood "donor" in some way. I will be adding this to the tropes page, but will remove it if either of you says that you had no intention of making such a shout out.@Killerowl: If I recall correctly, there were other artists doing Nyx stuff as well. Maybe we could send kazoo requests to them as well? Or would that be too spammy…

  480. Anonymous says:

    That last chapter bought a tear to my eye. Congratulations.The little disclaimer I thought was uneccasary. I think giving the readers hope at this point will lessen the impact of the story later.Anyway, excellent writing as always, looking forwards to the next part.

  481. Anonymous says:

    This is the second fanfic ive read that Celestia POs Twilight. The first was sunset.second one that made me see NMM in a diff way, first being the empty room.

  482. Killerowl says:

    @Bugsydor Lets wait until we at least get som sort of answer. Because yea, it would be kind of spammy. Oh, on the Harry Potter similarity.I was reading chapter 10 and someone pointed it out. Pen stroke said that any similarities were just coincidences.

  483. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlCrap. Now I have to go and remove the shout-out before anypony sees it. *shifty eyes*

  484. Anonymous says:

    Everyone browsing this site in No Fanfiction mode is missing out on the best fanfic from any fandom I've read in recent memory.

  485. Sparkler says:

    Quick question guys. Does anyone remember what Spell Nexus's cutie mark is?It's kinda important!

  486. Diomedes777 says:

    Cannot get enough of this fanfic. Seriously think you should take up writing as a carrer. Job well done ^_^

  487. Anonymous says:

    @N anon"a mediocre Sue story gaining 6 star status, a plotload of fanart of said Sue, and an inexplicably passionate fanbase." "Then again, I don't understand…"And do we ever stop to wonder why people like a LITTLE GIRLS show based on TOYS and several FAN stories based on said girls show?

  488. Devour says:


  489. Killerowl says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  490. Anonymous says:

    You know how this is a 6 star story?This needs to be rated 7 stars. Or like, a 6 x 6 star story.

  491. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlDon't worry about the erroneous shout out entry, I removed it very quickly after my last post. Anyhow, I love the new pic. Sure, it's missing color and a number of the other things that made that scene great (like thw ribbon or Twilight smiling at Nyx's jubilee), but this is a great pic even if it wasn't modeled after fanonical events.

  492. Killerowl says:

    @Bugsydor That is true, but look at the kazoo!And Seth agreed on making a sock poll. If someone draws TRIXIE IN SOCKS! This needs to be done, NOW!

  493. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlI know that the pic is adorable. It went strait into mydocuments/ponies/pics/d'aww as soon as I knew about it.MFW Seth agrees to sock-ponies poll:^0^ Yaaaaaaaay~

  494. Florentine says:

    That was mean, and the next chapters had better not be long coming.Now, that said, having just finished a complete read through.. the story isn't without flaws. Minor mistakes aside, some references felt a little clunky, and the scene in which Nyx was taken away was in my opinion somewhat forcibly negative. The repercussions were properly explored, but it seemed very difficult to justify things playing out the way they did in those few moments.That being said .. I've been made to care hugely about the characters, and i hope desperately to see the rest of this story soon and I do hope a happy ending.Thanks for that.

  495. Florentine says:

    Oh, and by the by – first fanfic I've yet read!

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  497. Bugsydor says:

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  505. Bugsydor says:

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  517. artrcland says:

    Don’t know what to say except that I’m loving this story!As new chapters come out, I’ve put aside other stories tocontinue reading this one. Thanks

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  524. Bugsydor says:

    @ErroneousWell, that leaves us only about 1244 comments behind Fallout Equestria.RE: the comic you posted:As they say on KYM, "Repost!" Still, that comic is freaking awesome and should be in this story's art section. Somepony just linked it to us in the comments before you got here is all.

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  528. Bugsydor says:

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  529. Hunter X says:

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  530. Anonymous says:

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  531. Anonymous says:

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  532. Bugsydor says:

    @AnonymousWell, I think that being forced to think about torturing the pony you love the most and all of her friends just to make her suffer even more probably qualifies as mind rape, even if it is a bit more mild than what you would normally expect. Also, Nyx is rather depressed and disturbed for days after the memories and emotions forcibly implanted themselves into her mind.

  533. Anonymous says:


  534. StarfireMoon says:

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  535. Bugsydor says:

    @StarfireMoonDon't worry about spoiling the story for anybody. Anybody who digs through 700+ comments before reading the story, hoping to avoid spoilers, kinda has it coming ;). In other news: I think I talk too much.Also, I really hope that this fic updates soon. I need something to get me out of the funk that Chapter 10 left me in.

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  537. Anonymous says:

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  538. Anonymous says:

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  539. Dakaros says:

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  540. Anonymous says:

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  541. Bugsydor says:

    @1:32 AnonymousWell, maybe now that she is a conflicted Nightmare Moon she can have some character development of her own.

  542. Kidou says:

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  543. Anonymous says:

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  544. Gekkey says:

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  545. Anonymous says:

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  546. Anonymous says:

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  547. Anonymous says:

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  549. Batty Gloom says:

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  550. Pheonid says:

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  551. Anonymous says:

    @Batty Gloom Alright, that makes things a bit better, but I didn't say she WAS a Mary Sue, but that she exhibited traits of one.Your points do soften them. The only thing about her character that bugged me was that nearly EVERYONE in the story thought she was a perfect angel besides the two bullies, who got punished time and time again.But yeah, some of her flaws should have been explored a bit more, but, I'm still looking forward to the next chapters.

  552. Brent M. says:

    I have to say, I've really enjoyed this story so far! Keep up the good work, gentlemen!In any case, I seriously doubt that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to give up on their friend without a fight, even if she is Nightmare Moon. It'll be interesting to see what the trio are going to do.

  553. Mr.Brony says:

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  557. Anonymous says:

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  558. Killerowl says:

    @Batty GloomThank you for writing that, I just wish you wouldn't use the accent, because someone or probably just going to skip your comment.I for one find it hilarious though!And I agree, she's flat at worst.

  559. Bugsydor says:

    @Brent M.CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE SOMEWHERE" FIGHTERS, YAY!Actually, I don't know what trope whatever they do will apply to, but I am fairly sure it will be awesome even if it isn't wholly successful.

  560. Anonymous says:

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  561. Killerowl says:

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  563. @AnonymousDepressive fics have a positive effect on your psyche. It purifies your soul by letting you releasing affects effected by the pain of the characters you care for. It's called catharsis and is an old technique of entertainment and "artistic therapy".

  564. Anonymous says:

    Some "Mary Sue traits can't be avoided when your talking about the Reincarnation of the Dark Moon Goddess. I still don't see the point where she's a Mary Sue to the point where it's a crime.Of course she's gonna be very Skilled and Strong in magic. She would be useless to the Cult if she wasn't otherwise. I think that's what people are forgetting. She was supposed to be a tool for the Cultists to overthrow Celestia

  565. Onej6 says:

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  566. Anonymous says:


  567. Anonymous says:

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  568. BritPony says:

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  570. albin205 says:

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  571. Daniel says:

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  572. Bugsydor says:

    An idea for an update to the tropes page just occurred to me, based on what Batty Gloom listed as some of Nyx's flaws.Fridge Brilliance: Nyx seems to be a completely different character from Nightmare Moon, until one considers that Nyx has the same oversensitivity to others' opinions of her that made Luna enraged over people shunning her night and transformed her into Nightmare Moon in the first place.Then again, that entry smells flawed to me. I won't be posting this to the Fridge Brilliance section of the tropes page until somepony else confirms this or makes it make more sense. I think some things got lost in the transition from brain to keyboard.

  573. Florentine says:

    @Daniel:Oh, definitely. Or, well, the premise at the very least. I wonder what miracle could let That happen were they to make one, though..Although I still stand by that Celestia/Twilight scene in chapter 10 being really clumsy, though. Oh, wholly necessary but..And, @Michael Hahn, I agree too. The characters really were down fairly pat.. bar the above bemoaned bit in Chapter 10. 'Not often I hear them in my head either, although the less than subtle use of font variation I found hampered that rather than aided it.

  574. Bugsydor says:

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  575. Killerowl says:

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  577. Bugsydor says:

    @starsongConsarn it! When you said "new chapters" I thought that you meant chapters 11+ and I got my hopes up.On a happier note, we have a new pic of Nyx in socks in the art section!@Killerowl: Idunno who got that dubious honor, but I will check.

  578. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlIt turns out that that dubious honor goes to either Onej6 responding to Baree and offering a hug (if the site counts deleted posts), or to me explaining troperism to theUncalledfor if the site doesn't count deleted posts. Take your pick about which one seems more appropriate.

  579. Killerowl says:

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  580. Waffen337 says:

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  581. Anonymous says:

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  582. Anonymous says:

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  583. Bugsydor says:

    @KillerowlI guess that converting somebody to troperism might be considered by some to be an inherently evil act, but I think my 777get cancels out the 666get.@Waffen37:Join the club. Those were the only three tears that I shed for a fictional character in my life, and the end of the chapter made me go into a full-on Heroic(or Villainous?) BSOD. I am checking this page every few minutes for an update so that I can see how the story goes on from there.

  584. Daniel says:

    @Batty GloomYou two might want to go over all of the fic since Chapter 4 again. There are several problems a MSWord scan cannot fix, and you forget to signal changes in speakers a few times.

  585. Oscilous says:

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  588. Oscilous says:

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  589. Bugsydor says:

    Just finished watching Sonic Rainboom again while waiting for more comments to appear here, then checked back to find that we got an update.In the words of Ms. Rainbow Dash, "OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!"

  590. Batty Gloom says:

    Just a post to remind me und Pen Stroke vhen zee next chapters vere posted.Und for everyvun who says Celestia und Twilight were out of character en zee last chapter…pleaze paid very close attention to Celestia's und Twilight's parts.

  591. Anonymous says:

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  593. >Triple Update>First new chapter is Luna calling out Celestia for being such a heartless b**** in her attempt to play ChessmasterIn the immortal words of Twilight Sparkle, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!…yes.I am very happy.

  594. @Onej6 And if I were part of a modding team, I`d make this into-Wait, wrong Pen Stroke fanfic…

  595. Bugsydor says:

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  596. Anonymous says:

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  597. Anonymous says:

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  598. Killerowl says:

    SPOILER!"Twilight felt something firm strike the back of her head, and the world fell away in an instant. Behind her, Spell Nexus stood with a firm, wooden baton he had transfigured from a nearby torch. He returned the torch to its original shape and set it back in its wall mount before looking down at the now unconscious unicorn."This torch makes no sense.

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