Story: ARTICLE 2 (Update Part 6!)

[Human in Equestria][Sci-Fi] Human in Equestria, but apparently the opposite of what we normally see.

Author: Muppetz

Description: The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it?

ARTICLE 2 Part 1
ARTICLE 2 Part 2
ARTICLE 2 Part 3
ARTICLE 2 Part 4
ARTICLE 2 Part 5
ARTICLE 2 Part 6 (New!)

Additional Tags: Long, Suspense, Philosophical, Adventure, Action



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75 Responses to Story: ARTICLE 2 (Update Part 6!)

  1. ShadowFox04 says:

    Title is ARTICLE 2. Is that just the name or are we missing a piece?

  2. You're not missing a piece.

  3. Anonymous says:

    …If this is yet ANOTHER story that harps on how humans are evil heartless bastards and how ponies are the only good things in the universe then I'm going to scream…

  4. Why so double spaced?

  5. Flatterscheu says:

    I usually don't read Humans in Equestria stories, but this one sounds interesting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You used handful.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Welp, this story was rather odd. Didn't see the end coming.

  8. Acriaos says:

    What the hay did the human tried to accomplish by running away like this? I seriously can't think of any scenario where this would look like a good idea.

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Oop, looks like someone wants obey the prime directive really badly

  11. @ anonymous 9:11To be fair, we probably *would* conquer Equestria, enslave its citizens, and strip mine it for fossil fuels given the chance.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ewwwww, double spacing. Past that, this story was okay. A few painfully obvious errors here and there, that should of been caught by any editors you had, but nevertheless it was an interesting story. I was hoping it would have a nicer ending to the first chapter, though since it's incomplete I am assuming that what you imply happened actually didn't.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Well, this story was very well put together. As others have said, the double spacing was rather off putting, but that's not too much of a big deal.Overall, well structured with a good amount of imagery and character.That said, what on earth was up with the human? Why would running like that ever be a good idea? What would posess someone to take that course of action?Also, the ending… I'm not sure whether it's incredibly unsatisfying or oddly refreshing given the course of most HIE stories…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I see sentient ponies with magic, i'd freak the fuck out as well…probably not do what he does in the end, but still.

  15. staplesponge says:

    I saw the ending coming from a mile away. As soon as I learned that there was a gun, I knew it could only be used to have the human off himself.

  16. Flatterscheu says:

    The alien you caught and already classified with the ability to eat pony flesh has a possible weapon in his possession.Where do you store it?Right next to him.Yeah…And that he tried to run away, I am pretty sure that was so he can't be interrogated and may betray the space marines or something.

  17. 10z20 says:

    @MyCutieMarkisaGUN Fossil Fuels? Try all the natural resources. Gems (They seem plentiful in the show), lumber, you name it. Hell, everything in Equestria probably is better than on earth. All the foods, even meats would be valuable. Pony pornography would be valuable as well. Equestria would be worth trillions if taken over by Humans.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @MyCutieMarkisaGUNSo are you a COMPLETE idiot, or just trolling?1: We reached another planet. If we can do that, we no longer need fossil fuels.2: WE DON'T NEED SLAVES BECAUSE WE HAVE ROBOTS. Add that to the fact that the main character is from the U.S.A. and you realize that slavery is impossible.3: Any raw materials (Iron, Uranium, Copper, etc.) we would need are more easily found, and mined, in an asteroid belt once you have reached that kind of technology.This is a "Prime Directive" situation, with little to no hope of rescue. The best he can do is limit the damage by killing himself.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I'm wincing here. Awesome idea, kinda poor execution. Oh man.Firstly, describe things. You're telling me what happens but you're not showing me. Your sentences are all pretty much the same. Spice things up. K9 is spelled canine. I can think of only one time where the usage of 'K9' is appropriate and this isn't a police drama. Tons of assumptions on Celestia's part. Why list his age if it all boils down to 'I don't know?' Why can the ponies read English? For the most part, the Mane 6 are window dressing. Once in a while, one of them pipes up, but so far it's 'plot dump' via Celestia. Ehhh….I'm going to read the second part because this idea really is that awesome but I'll be wincing through the entire thing.

  20. Anonymous says:

    @10z20Hasn't anyone here heard of Trade? You know, a mutually beneficial exchange of resources based on the agreement of two or more parties.

  21. Anonymous says:

    @10z20I'd just love to see a story where humans try that and get just stomped. Magic, god empresses, and a universe that follows the rules of idealism would do that.

  22. 10z20 says:

    @AnonymousI suppose mutually beneficial trade could happen, but with the threat of violence, increasing our gains. As long as the ponies submit and cooperate, I suppose conquest would be unnecessary.

  23. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousI believe he is assuming Equestria is another universe/dimension, reached in our current time period, not a far away planet.

  24. Anonymous says:

    @10z20Warning: Internet Tough Guy in range.I'm going to love and tolerate you my friend. I think you need a hug.

  25. 10z20 says:

    @AnonymousStomped? Magic in Equestria is not all powerful. Twilight has her limits, I'm sure Celestia does as well. The ponies are not violent, and so we could assume we would get the first strike. Pegasi and earth ponies would be useless, being killed with simple bullets, and only the most powerful unicorns could resist, but not for long. We don't know Celestia's limits, so that is open to assumption.

  26. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousOh, that happened. If you can find it, look up the story "Interdimensional"You'll realize why nobody else has done it since…

  27. Anonymous says:

    @ 10z20You're injecting real world physics into a world where friendship is magic and there are magical talking ponies. They would befriend the hell out you and me and we wouldnt even see it coming.I, for one, welcome our glorious friendly overlords.

  28. Josh says:

    @Anonymous"Oh yeah, that'd be great, humanity sure is evil and greedy, they'd get what's coming to them, ponies ftw">_> please, don't be an idiot.

  29. 10z20 says:

    @AnonymousJust to clarify, personally, I would NOT want to conquer Equestria if the situation arose. Just saying, in a real-life scenario, the greedy men that control our planet would place the well-being of the ponies at the bottom of their list of concerns. Leaders of nations look after their nations first, and if their nations would benefit off of strip mining Equestria, then that would be a possibility. Not to mention the internal crisis that would arise from discovering such a world. Religious fanatics would be furious, and I imagine many groups would be formed with the intent of destroying Equestria.

  30. Josh says:

    @10z20Because the ones with sympathy are in the minority right. Just as many, if not more activists would be protesting that.Maybe i'm naive or a bleeding heart, but I like to think humanity is inherently good, not evil.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well done, great spin on the HIE concept. Has a few minor proofreading issues in the beginning, but they certainly don't take away from the story.

  32. 10z20 says:

    @JoshActivists would be protesting, assuming the governments publicize such a discovery. I'm not saying we would be there instantly and destroy everything. I am saying the situation would be SO complex with so many different nations trying to take advantage of this mecca of wealth, that Equestria would victim to some abuse. I believe Humanity is inherently neutral, and simply follows the most basic of evolutionary adaptations. That we do what we must to survive, flourish, and crush all those who get in our way, ignoring morality.

  33. Anonymous says:

    @ShadowFox04I believe Article 2 is a reference to the USMC Code of Conduct.Article II: I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.

  34. Anonymous says:

    >fluttershy playing with ladybugI think I just died.

  35. Anonymous says:

    >Pinkie Pie giving away cookiesI JUST DIED AGAIN DANG IT

  36. CogWeaver says:

    @JoshNothing is "inherently" evil. Such a thing is impossible.You don't "make good choices" in a long stream of mistakes, you make mistakes in a long stream of good choices!being "evil" or any form of that is a chosen path. One does not exist to simply "destroy one's self". What would the point of that be? why not just not exist in the first place?

  37. Anonymous says:

    i really liked it and cant wait to see more

  38. Anonymous says:

    How can there be a part 2 if he's dead?

  39. Sebiale says:

    "four k9 teeth jutting…"You mean "canine." K9 is a unit designation among law enforcement.Also, the healing spell was a bit flashy; one would think they were attempting to resurrect the dead or something going by the visuals alone, not just heal him.Other than that though it's pretty good.I get the feeling we're going to have one of those, "My very presence here contaminates/changes the world." Although it's kind of misanthropic to set up a plot that would have humans worsening the world by their presence alone…

  40. Sebiale says:

    @AnonymousOther humans will probably come.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ignoring all the other stuff above…it looks more like he is trying to keep something from tracking him…Think about it, no reason to kill himself right off the bat without at least trying to determine if there is rescue coming, but if something was chasing them and they knew they would be crashing on a neutral planet ahead of time?

  42. Greeniepie says:

    I thought it was a great story. I'm more than a little disappointed on how it ended, but who knows what the next part has in store.I honestly don't get why people have to be so overcritical of other peoples writing. This person attempted to share with you something they imagined, and you pick the hell out of it. Say thanks, and move on.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Wow this was good up to the end. I was grinning most of the way. But why would they put the gun in his room, and why did he do that? I suspect question 2 may be answered by the next episode.

  44. This was actually really good. I sincerely hope the Marine didn't manage to shoot himself though. He seemed like a good guy from the brief glimpse we have of him so far. And if it were to end now, I'd be very disappointed in the author for purposely disappointing the readers. Side note: heck yeah M1911 pistol.Side note 2: Dash and a U.S. Marine would get along just fine.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why did the ending have to be like that D:

  46. Anonymous says:

    @ActionScripter9109Levitation spell to throw gun aside? ;D

  47. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't think he's crazy for trying to escape, as far as he's concerned he wakes up trapped in a sterile room, with no call button it appears, and what comes into the room, a god damn miniature horse.Then comes the "never give up, never surrender" part of the equation.And as someone else pointed out, he's maybe being traced.He's cornered and alone, who wouldn't freak out in such a situation

  48. Anonymous says:

    Just got done reading this, pretty good story. Interesting to see the human as an alien from the pony's perspective.

  49. Anonymous says:

    @ActionScripter9109 The author claims that there still is a part 2, so I'd say the marine somehow didn't die.

  50. sklar says:

    I wonder if anyone's ever thought of doing a HIE story where the humans and pony's live side by side in a alternate universe and its med evil times and they have work together to fight off dragons, griffons, and wolves. That would be pretty cool right?

  51. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 12:06I agree with you, if i waked up locked somewhere i would think the worst and would rather kill myself than given my alien captors a chance to torture me.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Don't usually like the HiE types but this one has my attention. Very curious about part 2!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully Part 2 will make me stop hating this story.

  54. Anonymous says:

    @10z20Holy FUCK you just gave me a great idea for a fanfic, you clever (Unintentionally, i suppose) dog!

  55. Anonymous says:

    @ Anonymous 12:06They're cuddly, colourful marshmallow ponies with flowers and butterflies on their arses. I don't think I would be afraid they would torture me.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I meant Anon 12:37.

  57. Tricky Step says:

    Any minor errors in spelling or whatever had barely crossed my mind while reading this suspenseful story. Great job author. The ending caught my by surprise.

  58. Anonymous says:

    I'm impressed. I've avoided reading any Human in Equestria fics until now because it didn't seem like something which would be done well. However the description got me interested and I'm glad I read it. Really good story thus far, I'm looking forward to the next part.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Considering how long he was bedridden, I cannot fathom how he was able to make any escape attempt at all.

  60. Alicorns would utterly destroy anything humanity has to offer. They're living gods.Anyways, this was interesting, if a little longwinded. And, as others have pointed out, the story takes a few liberties with logic in order to create drama. Liberties which I have taken the liberty of listing:-Twilight uses a teleportation spell to get down from the castle, but doesn't use it when there's a knife to her throat -They keep the giant, unknown alien's deadly weapon right next to him instead of, maybe, you know, in a different province or something-The medical wing is under heavy guard, but they don't actually place any guards around the alien who might be waking up soonI'll be looking forward to part 2, because I want to hear the marine explain that he needs to get out of cartoon-land before his very presence causes it to collapse and he doesn't want to destroy Equestria

  61. Fire Flash says:

    I like how the Marine doesn't seem like an idiot like most portray them. I hate that stigma.Can't wait for more! ;3

  62. Anonymous says:

    This was brilliant, the way the ponies reacted to the foreign objects and 'alien' felt enormously credible, and frankly, sent shivers down my spine as I realized what was being described. The language was straight and to the point, with the occasional profanity thrown in during the more intense sequences serving to emphasize the situation's severity. Most captivating, however, was the way twilight mused over the Alien's nature while studying it's appearance. I am very interested in how this will turn out philosophically and feel that you have a golden opportunity here to achieve what authors like Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams do so successfully, to describe the nature of the human condition through the fresh eyes of a 'foreigner'. Sir or madam, I applaud your efforts and eagerly await the next part!

  63. Ditzy Derp says:

    This was a great beginning to an entirely engrossing tale. I also applaud your effort thus far and await your next installment!

  64. Pfft. Sweet Celestia, at this rate ya'll will be saying that a Alicorn could take Goku. Hey, newsflash, if they wanna play hardball with humanity, humanity has shit like nukes and Anthrax and VX gas. Yeah, the U.S destroyed their BioChem stockpiles but I'm sure we could be like "Yo, Russia, we need to genocide some cute pony world homie" and Putin would be all "I got chu nicca". Celestia may survive but her subjects sure won't – helloooooo Fallout: Equestria! Oh and of course Equestria could be strip mined for more than just oil, you silly fillies! Soldiers in NBC suits could set up the giant robotic excavators and mountaintop removal mine sites. ^_^

  65. Anonymous says:

    Like others have said, wonderful idea, terrible execution. I won't bother to list the plot holes that others have listed already, that would be redundant. The buildup was fine, the scene-setting was fine, but every action that the Marine takes simply makes no sense, even in light of the Marine Code of Conduct. No reason was given for why he should be fighting. After all, he is literally in a first contact situation. He knows nothing about the locals and they know very little about him. If I woke up in a hospital room in a similar situation, I'd at least stick around to talk to whoever found me and find out their intentions before I grabbed my gun and made a hasty departure.If they did turn out to be hostile, then yes of course he's obligated to escape, but you'd think that he'd be smart enough to get some communication going before he flips out. Others have observed that he doesn't act like an idiot, but I'm going to have to disagree. I find this portrayal highly unbelieveable.

  66. Anonymous says:

    As has been said, if I woke up to multicolored magical talking ponies after I was just in a horrible crash situation AND I have had marine training (from what I've seen military stuff kinda messes with you), I don't think this is too far off of what would happen. It is also however one of those situations where a delicious dollop of logic would solve the whole thing. "Excuse me [insert horrible situation here], may I speak with whoever your boss is?"

  67. jman says:

    It was good.That's all I have to say.I will expect a part two soon.

  68. @10z20The Free Market has spoken and IT WANTS PONY BLOOD. Scramble the Predator Drones.

  69. Scribbs says:

    Oh, dang. You liberal educamated guys are killing me here. Go read more than a history book about Chinese coolies or how Columbus raped his way across South America.Whether or not war would ever reach some place like Equestria is far more complicated than you can imagine. First, a lot of the factors that caused kingdoms to war with their neighbors over resources are gone now. The cost of war is so high that doing so, at least by anything like a first world nation, is just not feasible. Far cheaper to open up trade relations, if it even makes sense to get resources from Equestria at all. Finally, dragons listen to ponies and try to keep a low profile.You ever wonder what was done to ensure that dragons did not lord it over everyone else?Yeah, I bet Celestia had a nice, very WARM, talk with dragonkind at some point.

  70. wadegmc says:

    pretty good. ill defiantly read the second part

  71. Anonymous says:

    the marine probably should have gave them a reasonable reason(sorry) for him to let him go, like he… i guess anything he says wouldn't make much sense if he couldn't talk about it.Good story though, different entrance than other HiE's~Appletank

  72. Anonymous says:

    Appletank here, i meant for the guards to let him go

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