Story: And Then They Were Ponies (Update Part 3!)

[Adventure] Oc ponies?! Have a badass OC pony!

Author: Kitonin

Description: A trio of friends finds themselves in Equestria as ponies after being sucked into a strange portal. As they try and make their way back to their world they discover that Equestria isn’t as peaceful as it seems.

And Then They Were Ponies Part 1
And Then They Were Ponies Part 2
And Then They Were Ponies Part 3 (New!)

Additional Tags: OC ponies, evil plots, mystery, memories

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4 Responses to Story: And Then They Were Ponies (Update Part 3!)

  1. Anonymous says:

    *Attempts to Read**Notices the names of the main characters are "Kitone, Athemis, and 'The Captain.'"**promptly facepalms*Is there some reason why nobody can make an original character with a halfway sensible name? Can someone answer me please? Unless it's like a fantasy novel or something it's kinda hard to read about a story with people named Galatius or Veranth or, say Kitone, Athemis, and 'the Captain.' Why would these three seemingly normal human beings have names like this?Seriously. There's never a Joe or Bob or Andrew in any fanfic, like ever. Why do people insist on making pretentious, seemingly original (emphasis on seemingly) names?!*goes back to read and waits for the characters to start showing otherworldly alicorn powers because they're actually all siblings and are celestia's children*

  2. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousThere's a guy in a HIE story called Chester out there, name is crazy though so can't link it

  3. Damhoof says:

    I harbor great dislike for these sort of fics and even if i did i still tried to read it.1 star for effort. Keep trying and you might just get it right.

  4. Anonymous says:

    @DamhoofThat's some good love and tolerance right there brony. Next you'll trash the nearest appledash fic or yell at the every arist that draws ponies in socks. I hope the author doesn't take this gilda seriously cause its like too soon to give stars imo. You might be onto something cool with that memory stuff.

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