Pony Movie: Ponyvania: Symphony of Nightmare Moon

Epic length PMV time?!  You bet!

Have a description:

Nightmare Moon is set to return every century (rather than every 1000 years; it's an adaptaion, after all). It's during that time the ponies that would represent the six Elements of Harmony: Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Magic would unite together in an attempt to defeat Nightmare Moon and prevent eternal night from happening. After her last defeat, Equestria enjoyed four years of peace, until Trixie, using dark magic, had resurrected the spirit of Nightmare Moon and began corrupting ponies, who wielded the Elements of Harmony, and purging their memories. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy (altough only partially) were turned into Nightmare Moon's servants. Applejack and Twilight Sparkle avoided the corruption, only because Applejack was searching for Rainbow Dash, the pony who defeated Nightmare Moon four years ago, and vanished.However, she did not escaped the memory purge. Twilight wasn't corrupted at all, as she decided to enter a deep slumber after Nightmare's Moon's defeat at her hooves, to contain her magical potential and keep it from going out of control.

It all goes to a waste when Trixie's plan is enacted. With Princess Celestia and Luna banished to the sun and the moon respectively, it's up to Twilight Sparkle to save Equestria from the eternal night. Assisted by her familiar, Spike, she goes on her crusade against Nightmare Moon.

 I'm not huge on Castlevania, but the lip syncing is pretty great.

You can find it after the break!
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22 Responses to Pony Movie: Ponyvania: Symphony of Nightmare Moon

  1. Anonymous says:

    First is the worst!

  2. Anonymous says:

    herp the derp break?

  3. Anonymous says:

    And yet again the GEMA doesn't want me to enjoy a PMV.

  4. PewnyPL says:

    Polish subtitles? IS NOT POSSIBLE!

  5. I'm on the mobile version. I don't have to deal with breaks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is a pony? A MISERABLE LITTLE PILE OF FRIENDSHIP! But enough talk!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Celestiadamnit GEMA

  8. Josh says:

    22 minutes of Castlevania ponies…yes please.

  9. You can pick between the original Pony English subtitles and the Polish ones I made for my Bronies from my country.I hope you'd enjoy it 😉

  10. madison says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    GEMA, why do you hate germany so much? Why can't you let me enjoy 22 minutes of ponyvania? Or anything else for that matter. Seriously, half of the PMVs I try to watch are blocked by GEMA.

  12. Punchline says:

    why was the break so long????

  13. Night Star says:

    No fan of Castlevania? HERESY!!!

  14. Give me a moment and I'll give you all, who can't watch the movie a download link on MegaUpload.

  15. Anonymous says:

    My favorite game combined with my favorite show? Awesome. I enjoyed it, it was about as good as it could be with clips from the first season. I lol'd at the librarian, wasn't expecting that character choice.

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