Story: Ponyville Blvd

[Crossover] Sunset Blvd. meets poniesI don’t think I have seen a story with both Trixie and Colgate taking leading rolls.

Author: Gozer the Equestrian

Description: In this Sunset Blvd. parody, Colgate is down on her luck and out of bits, but when she takes a job working as Trixie’s personal assistant, she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

Ponyville Blvd

Additional Tags: Sunset Blvd. , Delusion, Existential Crises, Economic Hardship, Jealousy

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15 Responses to Story: Ponyville Blvd

  1. Burndog says:


  2. Archina says:

    Oh? This one looks interesting. I might as wel give this a read after my main jobs for the day are done.Also, again with the "First, second, third, ect." posts. I feel sorry for those who have nothing to do with their spare time but that.

  3. DoubleMallow says:

    Trixie this! Trixie that! seth, why u maek so many ponies like trixie?

  4. Anonymous says:

    @ArchinaI think it's done ironically. Still… you see a virgin post, just lying there. Waiting for you, seductively grinning…

  5. Archina says:

    @AnonymousIt still doesn't seem very entertaining to it. Maybe that's why they are always as "Anonymous". To hide their shame when they post.

  6. Marrock says:

    Unfortunately Sunset Bvld. isn't one of my favorite movies…Now, on the other hoof, if someone had ponified Casablanca, then we'd have something.

  7. ToonNinja says:

    @Archina"[Posting 'first'] is a lot like making love to a woman. It's usually done on a table, and you always feel deep shame afterwards. Also, the older you get, the less fun it is. So remember, always wear a condom when [posting 'first']"….I couldn't resist the reference.

  8. Archina says:

    @ToonNinjaI'll keep that advice in mind….First..?Oh wow. That feels comfortable! How is this possible?

  9. Mustanx says:

    Interesting story. Good job.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Now I have the musical number stuck in my head.SCORE!

  11. Silverspot says:

    I'm a sucker for a Trixie story, so I had to read it.But the ending left me a bit confused. I'm assuming the fainting was, ultimately, a result of the constant 'Cupcakes' references…I think I just don't know enough about Sunset Boulevard to understand it completely.

  12. What I'd like to see is a fanfic about the Town Square Incident. Seeing the reasoning behind the Cutie Mark Crusader Demolition Team's masterpiece of kablam should be almost as much fun as watching the Derped One wonder why in Celestia's name she and her family look as if they were born on Kamino.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I liked it, except for the Cupcake references.

  14. This is the best fanfic ever. Seriously. It probably helps that I love Sunset Blvd, but there's so many great jokes in there as well. And a lot of them are even kind of Wilder-esque. They're in the proper voice for both MLP AND Sunset Blvd, which is kind of weird and amazing. You wouldn't think those would have that much in common.And I thought the Cupcakes jokes/references slipped right in with the tone — that sort of sarcasticy/noiry feel. It'd have been out of the ordinary if she HAD been actually acting out Cupcakes but just an ugly rumor spread with no basis in truth totally worked. @Silverspot: Trixie put a sleep spell on Colgate, but due to her greatly increased magic and/or carelesness on Trixie's part, it killed her. Or at least damn near.

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