Story: Do You Really Want To Know? (Update Part 2!)

[Shipping]  More Letters to the Princess style stuff! This time with some comedy thrown in!

Author: Friendly Uncle

Description: Twilight and Celestia are both INCREDIBLY confused.  Luna isn’t helping.

Do You Really Want To Know? (All Links)(New Part 2!)

Additional Tags: Misunderstandings, horns, erotica, Fluttershy why?

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135 Responses to Story: Do You Really Want To Know? (Update Part 2!)

  1. l0x0r says:

    Quite funny, and while I normally support Luna in most things, I think I'm with Celestia and Twilight on this one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why fluttershy, why?

  3. Anonymous says:

    "Fluttershy why?"? That's a tag not seen before -_o

  4. smx says:

    Fluttershy? My god, They're blaming Fluttershy? I wonder if Fluttershy has had a history.

  5. Absolutely hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing when I learned where the prank came from! Very nice job.Unlike I0x0r, I'll still support Luna in discovering why such a thing exists~

  6. nukeiffum says:

    I had a good laugh with this one. For some reason, I was reminded of that one other fic that had RD and Pinkie pranking Celestia with a fictionalized account of Twilight sexing up everypony, and thought this one was connected somehow.Also…IagreewithLunaokaythanksbye.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Luna cracked me up at the end

  8. krypqe says:

    THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE VIEWING THIS DOCUMENTwatI didn't even know that could happen…

  9. Anonymous says:

    "For the love of me" Love that line 😀

  10. ToonNinja says:

    Fluttershy? That doesn't… Actually, that almost DOES make sense, in a somewhat twisted perspective.

  11. Anonymous says:

    its always the quiet ones…M.

  12. Homfrog says:


  13. krypqe says:


  14. Free says:

    Funniest fic I've read since Fluffershy.Heck, this might be even funnier, if only for the ending.

  15. Aquaman52 says:

    Lost my shit at Luna's last line.Good parodies are awesome, and this is a good parody. Carry on.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I can't tell you guys how much I was laughing at this fanfiction. I love it so much, especially Luna, cause shes just awesome.

  17. SummerBreeze says:

    Oooh Luna. you so crazy.

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Thorn says:

    I think we all know that Fluttershy is a total closet perv. The quiet ones always are.Epic story is epic.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Error:"too many people viewing this document"Ffffffffffffffffffff-We need a fanfiction archive. Google docs is nice but doesn't really cut it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I could not stop laugh near the end.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Fluttershy is so quiet and gentle, my guess is she has a LOT of pent-up sexual frustration.

  23. nukeiffum says:

    omanWhat's the maximum amount of people Google docs can hold anyways?

  24. Sethisto says:

    I could have him toss it up on DA

  25. Rainbow Derp says:

    I'm with Luna. I do hope there will be a sequel.

  26. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousOh Luna, you so silly.

  27. Anonymous says:

    THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!!!!! Not that I could stop laughing throughout the entire story, but once I hit that last letter… I lost it, just absolutely lost it… Five stars and a cookie to you Friendly Uncle….

  28. Eclipse says:

    Oh man, this is so awesome it made me create a Blogger profile just to comment on it.

  29. Homfrog says:

    Apparently the maximum number of viewers is 50.

  30. Gnollbard says:

    Was giggling the whole time, but completely lost it with Luna's line. Wonderful stuff.

  31. Anonymous says:

    …Is it bad that I agree with Luna?~Display Name

  32. Anonymous says:

    I haven't laughed this hard since the porno DVD fic

  33. Anonymous says:

    Well done, made me lol irl

  34. Anonymous says:

    Somewhere, Someone is writing a story about Fluttershy's pent up sexual frustration. ~Scratch

  35. Pacce says:

    It tickles me that this isn't the first story where Fluttershy writes erotica about her friends.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I feel the characters fell out of… character a bit toward the end, but really such hasn't been expressedly approached in the cartoon(or ever will be, Celestia willing), so I guess Celestia and Twilight could easily speak candidly about such subject matter…Even so, Greatly enjoyed this.

  37. DaimoMac says:

    Oh gods I was giggling like mad. Excellent job

  38. Sheepdog says:

    Oh my Celestia that was funny!

  39. chinlamp says:

    That was really funny, I've seen a lot of fics that put Fluttershy in similar writing positions as this, but the letter format made it seem far funnier.Also, Luna was excellent in this.

  40. This made me smile today. Wouldn't have expected that of Fluttershy. XD

  41. lockend says:

    HAhahahah Fantastic, I love Luna in that she was priceless this piece was great, Please I emplore you write another comedy piece of a similar nature! I can never have enough LOLZ

  42. Ud the Imp says:

    This is the last part of a trilogy involving Twilight getting drunk, isn't it? LOL XD

  43. Fanloser says:

    Nah, Fluttershy was just doing some warm up writings before getting to work on her real erotic novels that she sell. How else is suppose to make enough money to take care of all of those animal?

  44. Anonymous says:

    This was really well executed. What could have been a very cringe-worthy read in lesser hands was purely amusing and almost believable. Five stars.

  45. Holy says:

    This should be reason enough to make a "Comedy" tag for fics… its far more than "shipping" seriously.That's.. ahh.. just a sugestion.. if you please, of course.. *squeek*

  46. Anonymous says:


  47. Man, I really didn't think many people would find this concept as amusing as I did, it's nice to be proven wrong.I also had no idea Google docs had a limit on how many people could view a document at one time. o_O I distrust DA's tendency to spaz out, so I dusted off a very old account. "Do You Really Want to Know" should be showing up on the site sometime in… uh… the next couple of hours or so.Thanks for commenting, I love you guys!

  48. ruff1298 says:

    I was overjoyed to see that you were the same author as Fluffershy. I was more overjoyed to see that you haven't lost your touch.I was initially thinking that this was going to be related to that sequel to "What Do You Do With A Drunken Unicorn?" and that this was the same author, but I was pleasantly surprised that neither were the cases.First up, I enjoyed the reference to Party of One and Celestia's vague annoyance and disgust with the TMI moment. It was a pleasure to see the Monarch of Equestria being so politely disgusted.Secondly, Twilight's response and the hilarious gleaming from Celestia's point of view was brilliant. The quip that Celestia may have been getting old was funny, too.Thirdly, Luna's recommendation that Twilight Sparkle be spanked made me happy. Naughty, Childish Luna is the best Luna, in my opinion. I kind of hated that Celestia dropped the first clues to the ruse so soon, though.Fourthly, the "horn" allusion was funny. It reminds me of that line from "We're Gonna Party Like It's 999!", part 2, which itself was hilarious. The tangent about Spike hanging around the back was a nice ender.Fifthly, Luna's "I wish!" and uncontrollable giggling was hilarious. I can just imagine Luna wishing and staring in jealousy as she reads the prank over and over again, while admitting that she had to giggle at the genius. The comment about the mastermind needing counseling was fun. Luna's finding the hilarity of it was funnier. Sixthly, I was laughing very hard when I discovered who was the source this time. I didn't go "Why, Fluttershy?" but rather "Woo, Fluttershy!"(Yes, I know I'm messed up.)Seventh, the volley and their not wanting to ask about it on further reflection was hilarious. Celestia referring to herself in an expletive was clever.Eighth, Luna's letter killed me.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Friendly Uncle. You never fail.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Rose Papillon strikes bacl, eh?

  51. Anonymous says:

    This looks to be a followup of the prank rainbowdash played in a previous story!

  52. DarkJester says:

    Epic story, through and through, had me laughing throughout. Very good writing!One thing that surprised me though. When I was linked this, I thought it was from Equestria After Dark. But when I realized it was from Equestria Daily… Well, I was surprised.It seems the line dividing porn and non-porn seem to be getting thinner by the day.

  53. Tumbleweed says:

    You know, even -I- couldn't help but wonder if this was a follow up to 'Friendship (with Benefits) is Magic.' Had me smiling throughout. Thanks for sharing!

  54. fireant says:

    Well, its always the silent ones, isn't it? ;)Really liked it, made me LUL'z seriously.Not really much more to write about it – its simply works as intended!

  55. Silverspot says:

    Heee, I love Naughty Luna! Good to see EsperDerek isn't the only one using that characterization for her! 😀 This made me LOL.

  56. ultra8 says:

    That was Epic-ly funny.Bravo!!

  57. Anonymous says:

    @DarkJesterI don't understand how this is porn.It's a joke with innuendo.

  58. DooDawDay says:


  59. Anonymous says:

    "Dear Princess Celestia,I… didn't ask.Do we really want to know?-Twilight Sparkle…Dear Twilight,I DO!-Luna"OOOOH SNAP!

  60. goudakaes says:

    Turns out that Luna is into shipping. How naughty.And Celestia is afraid of Pinkie Pie.But i like it.

  61. La Barata says:

    Oh GOD I lol'd. Flawless Victory on your part xD

  62. My goodness Fluttershy, it's always the quiet ones huh?

  63. SebastianW says:

    Perfectly delightful and funny! I particularly enjoyed seeing Luna as a naughty filly, rather than the usual withrawn emo woobie.

  64. Ehehe, that was funny

  65. Eddy says:

    This is probably the most humorous fanfic I've read yet! I find it funnier to finish the story then to go back and read Celestia's original response. One can only imagine the awkwardness of this conversation.

  66. kriss1989 says:

    Dear TwilightI would like to know as well. Incidentally, you might want to talk to Celestia about upgrading the security on the Dragon Fire network,it's ridiculously easy to get copies to your correspondences.For the lulz-Anonymous

  67. Anonymous says:

    This was utterly hilarious, especially that fluttershy was behind it all. Luna made me giggle like a mad man

  68. Anonymous says:

    This was utterly hilarious, especially that fluttershy was behind it all. Luna made me giggle like a mad man

  69. Anonymous says:

    Thats hilarious, I couldn't help but laugh at that ending.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Thats hilarious, I couldn't help but laugh at that ending.

  71. That was so damn funny. Though I wished Twilight would have gone into more detail about Fluttershy finding out that both Twilight and Celestia read that page of her journal. I also hope that when Luna returns in season 2, she's as awesome as she is in the fanfics.

  72. That was so damn funny. Though I wished Twilight would have gone into more detail about Fluttershy finding out that both Twilight and Celestia read that page of her journal. I also hope that when Luna returns in season 2, she's as awesome as she is in the fanfics.

  73. Alyssa says:

    So, that's what FlutterShy keeps in her journal….BAD GIRL!!! xDDDD

  74. Anonymous says:

    There's a second set of letters. I fear for ponies involved.

  75. Fleymevas says:

    I don't understand. I'm sure I have already read both of these before.Maybe it was a different website.

  76. Anonymous says:

    The ending to part 2, I just woke every body up with my laughing, good job.

  77. Anonymous says:

    back to the "fucking" moon.this was a blast to read! HA! flawless 😀

  78. I loved both parts.However, while five bottles of vodka might inspire Celestia musically, it can also result in gagging on your ice cream bar to hear about the results.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Lmfao this is just great xD

  80. Anonymous says:

    Oh gods why does this seem so damn POSSIBLE!!! Great story btw.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Why is this not labeled [Random]? Because this is hilarious.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why this doesnt have the comedy tagAlso I blaim buccaneers for this.

  83. Bitmun says:

    "I mean, there was that one time I greased myself up with butter and slid around on the floor of the ballroom singing "Come Sail Away," but last I checked drinking five bottles of vodka doesn't count as going senile."You. Author. Yes, you, the one referring to yourself as, "Friendly Uncle." You need to write more ANYTHING.RIGHT.NOW….Please.

  84. Anonymous says:

    This is a rather awesome series…

  85. Display Name says:

    @BitmunWhat he said, except with offer of moneys….As soon as I get moneys.

  86. Ardashir says:

    Man but I cracked up laughing when I read this. Kind of reminds me of a Benny Hill routine set to print!

  87. La Barata says:

    This is the funniest thing I have read forever.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Oh god, please don't stop. This is the funniest stuff I've read in a month!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Progress reference detected, Luna and Sundance. Friendly Uncle, your stories are entirely too hilarious and make me laugh far more than is healthy. Keep up the awesomeness.

  90. The J.A.M. says:

    I just wonder why it didn't occur earlier to EITHER of them that Luna also had access to the royal seal and parcel.

  91. ToonNinja says:

    The best/worst part is that this is actually kinda plausible, assuming Luna is more of a prankster in canon.Speaking of canon, it just hit me. When Season 2 rolls around, most (if not all) of the brilliant interpretations of Princess Luna will be rendered obsolete. I… I need to lie down for a while…

  92. Anonymous says:

    Oh god that was funny 😀

  93. Anonymous says:

    Holy Crap, what you're doing here is illegal. No, seriously, you are commenting witchcraft. It's just letters back and forth, there is no logical reason that it should be this hilarious. Hell, Celestia is even out of character in my opinion and I just don't give a goddess damned fuck about any of it. Currently I am to busy laughing and am unable to contact the proper authorities. But when I catch my breath, you are going to prison for practicing evil magic.

  94. poopnate says:

    @ToonNinjaI hope the new producers will be as active in the Fannon as Faust. Maybe Luna will come back as a Prankster and not COMPLETELY ruin our Fannon. *hope*

  95. Aaaaaand a Precision F Strike seals the deal! XDAlso… WHY does the idea of Celestia going through a "fertility goddess" phase seem SO DAMN PLAUSIBLE?!?…eh, either way, I doubt Twilight will be willing to let Luna hide out at her library sooooo……*puts up "Vacancy – No Questions Asked" sign*

  96. Cloudy Skies says:

    Tears. Glorious glorious tears. Nine out of five stars and a huge hug for you, author, for making me fear that I've woken up my housemates with laughter.

  97. @Cloudy Skies Only NINE out of 5?! For shame! It at LEAST deserves 11 if you're using THAT scale…

  98. Nando says:

    Oh man, this was great. I believe this story wouldn't be as awesome without the "exchanging letters" format, it really gives it charm that way. And the humor, oh the humor!That last part, with all it's calmness at the beginning, literally made me laugh out loud.<3ing your Luna as well.Keep it up!

  99. Anonymous says:

    The last paragraph, BAHAHAHAHAAAHAHHAHA

  100. DarkJester says:

    Part 2 is absolute comedic gold and I LOVE it!!! Keep up the good work!

  101. @Wanderer D Pot calling the kettle black… e_e

  102. Anonymous says:

    Dear Twilight Sparkle, If Luna happens to have arrived at your library looking for a hideout, and you do NOT intend to let her stay, would you please give this letter to her?Dear Luna,3rd house to the North from Sugarcube Corner. Ask for Marty Stu.

  103. LMFO here, and looking forward to future installments!

  104. Dr. Robotnik says:

    I like how your story intertwines with not only your side story in "progress", but with "what would you do with a drunken pony". Also, lol @ the princess being in the kama sutra.

  105. DPV111 says:

    Good god that was hilarious. Look forward to more.

  106. Raven says:

    This is how I see Luna acting. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Nightmare Moon thing was a prank gone very wrong!

  107. Anonymous says:

    LOL the end of part 2 is just so funny.I loved both parts gave this 5 stars.(To bad i can not give more stars)I can not wait to see a part 3.

  108. Rainbow Derp says:

    This really needs a comedy tag.

  109. SteamChaser says:

    That last line in part 2 literally has me in tears right now, I'm starting to hyperventilate from laughing! Someone help me!

  110. It veers merrily into "ok this characterization isn't that plausible anymore" but I don't care because I'm too busy laughing.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Have you read Ebon Mane's After Care? It's got the same sort of FluttershyXDash going on.In any case, this is amazingly awesome.

  112. ultra8 says:

    Hahahahaha!!Another one outta the ball park.Absolutely loving part 2, anything is possible once you get the magic of alcohol involved, plus royal perks.Canon Luna may just be as big a trickster as celestia is.

  113. mr-mushy says:

    THE F@CKING MOON!Hilarious. Love how you've portrayed Luna. 11.5/5 stars.

  114. Rubidia says:

    Oh Celestia above… I've NEVER been one to mix adult elements with ponies, but this one, for whatever reason, had me giggling immaturely all the way through… Good show, sir.

  115. Anonymous says:

    OK, -that- was hilarious! Interesting how it's practically all about sex, yet there's nothing too terribly graphic. OK, there kind of was, but still, it had me laughing the whole time!

  116. Misharra says:

    I can't be the only one that heard that last line in the voice of "The Lonely Astronaut". But I also can't say anything that I haven't seen in comments before, so….all my stars, take them.

  117. LadyM says:

    This was hilarious. XD

  118. Flatterscheu says:

    Oh my god that hilarious.

  119. Anonymous says:

    SEND HER BACK TO THE FUCKING MOON!!!I lol'ed. No, really, I actually had to step away from the computer for a moment, I was laughing so hard. This story is simply brilliant.

  120. Baree says:

    SpoilersYeah…. Chapter two was just a tad to predictable. It was funny enough at times. The ending was a bit to much maybe. Also, its never explained if Luna intended this as a prank or anything. It would make sense, but considering the vast majority of the crate contained regular books you wonder if it was perhaps some kind of mistake somehow. I like that idea to be honest, more so then the idea that Luna meant it as a joke.

  121. Anonymous says:


  122. Anonymous says:

    *stops laughing long enough to type* Oh my goodness…my chest and sides…they are in so much pain from laughing. My face…wet from tears of mirth. Every letter….so hilarious!! *goes back to laughing*

  123. ECE says:

    Very funny. I'm not normally a fan of this type of fic but you handled it very well!

  124. Stryke says:

    WHY DOESN'T THIS HAVE A COMEDY TAG?!Sheer brilliance, yeah pretty blatant where it was going unlike in chapter 1 where the revelation had me rolling. But man this is so funny I really don't care.

  125. Luna says:

    LIES! LIES! LIES!I do not have a servant named 'Sundae Surprise' or 'Sundae Delight, they are not twins, and we certainly don't do things on a day about Sis. But, oh, how she'd love it if w- … GO AWAY!.The second just wasn't as enjoyable as the first. It went from 'what happened, where did it come from, what does it mean' to 'lets do stuff about sex, like talk about sex, read books about sex, look for books written by somepony thinking about sex'.It just makes me think of the anime 'R-15', which was horrible from the start. The main character is a fabled 'prodigal porn-fic wrter, who has been publishing porn books since late elementary under a pen name, then comes-out and admits it's him, then transfers to a school for 'prodigies', where more R-rated events happen.If it had continued with either a parallel story where somepony else's secret was revealed and developed to a different end, then it might be something at least slightly more enjoyable.Also, the ending was that Luna set it up in hopes of getting together with Twilight, or at least giving her ideas of things to do so that she could at least read about them.She knew about Celestia's stash of books for Twilight, and about Celestia's long-forbidden book, do not deny that the feather was placed there on purpose, then filled and shipped to reach her own desire.

  126. Woooooooow.I read the first paragraph of part two and I can't stop laughing. I have my hand over my mouth so as not to alert others. Just wow.Best. Fic. EVER.

  127. Rockburgh says:

    This was just… what? I can't stop laughing. (On another note, someone randomly linked me to Where There's a Whip, There's a Way right after I finished reading…)

  128. TenchiFreak5 says:

    I was laughing most of the way throughout chapter 1 and almost all of the way throughout chapter 2. And then, that ending. Holy fuck, that ending!

  129. skolf says:

    Dat story…<3

  130. Retl says:

    First part? Five stars. One of the stories that gets the most bang for it's length and is very enjoyable and relatively fitting for the universe. I smiled. I laughed. I starred it in docs so I can get back to it again. Five stars. If I could give it 5 stars over and over again, I would. I'm that happy with it.Second part? Felt like majority of it didn't need to exist and lacks the sharpness of point like the first part. It felt like the whole thing was there just to fill up space… until I got to the ending, which almost justified most of the text, but made me wonder why this didn't seem like the obvious direction of events to me. I dunno, I just didn't dig it as much. Might just be my preference for short-fics speaking.

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