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Comic: Dinky Abuse / Pocket Change

Source What is your favorite Derpy Hooves persona? I have to admit, the completely ridiculous Derpy is growing on me.  I wonder what they will do with her now that she has her own specific animations in season two? Also … Continue reading

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Story: Six Mares in Tanks

[Random] [Comedy] Author: NightOfAccordionSax Description: After living in Ponyville for so long, Twilight is used to strangethings happening to her and her friends. One would think nothing couldfaze her. However, she may have met her strangest challenge yet. ThePonyville penal … Continue reading

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More Pony Families Incoming in Season Two

We got to see Twilight Sparkle/Pinkie Pie’s parents, but the rest of the mane cast is still a mystery.  Our fanon needs to be blown out of the water! I think I’m most curious about Rainbow Dash.  How does a … Continue reading

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Animation Reel With a Few Seconds of Season 2

Well now that the whole picasa and google nightmare is over, have some news stuff! Aidan Mcateer released this animation reel with a small bit of Season 2 mixed in. Check it out at this link, or watch it below! … Continue reading

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PMV/Random: Way Back Home / Rainbow Factory / Dramatic Reading Theme Song

Suddenly I want to play Fallout 3. Wonder why? Also something very…strange in the last slot. I think? 1.) Way Back Home 2.) Rainbow Factory PMV 3.) Dramatic Reading: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Theme Song Read more »

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Regarding Broken Images

Yes, I see them. No, I don’t know why it’s doing that. Blogger uses Picasa to host images, which is a Google service. It’s their end and there’s nothing we can do about it right now. Don’t Panic™.

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Story: Beating the Heat

[Normal] I knew as soon as I saw this in my inbox what image it should have. Author: SomeGuy Description: A Heatwave has descended on Equestria and Twilight and her friends are trying to find ways to stay cool. Beating … Continue reading

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Luna Orchestral Series

SHE BITES I have posted these Luna orchestral tracks across a few threads over the past few weeks.   This post compiles them, and adds the final one.  You can find them all below! (Luna’s Cry) (Luna’s Charge) (Luna’s Army Assembles) … Continue reading

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"We Love Fine" Tee Shirt Contest Results are In!

After a few interesting set backs, and a few weeks of voting, the tee shirt design contest entries are finally in! It looks like The Wonderbolts took the top slot, with a few other really neat designs coming in right … Continue reading

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You Are Now Luna

What do you do? Read more »

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