Story: Going Home (Update Part 3!)

[Normal] We definitely haven’t had anything with Pinkie Pie’s parents yet. Apparently we have!

Author: Mazer

Description: When Pinkie’s Father becomes too sick to work, she is requested by her mother to return home to the Rock Farm in order to help out. Now Pinkie must face her childhood memories along with the fear of her father’s health.

Going Home Part 1: The After Party
Going Home Part 2: The Cutie Mark Crusaders 
Going Home Part 3: Rainbows and Turnips (New!)

Additional Tags: Emotional, Development, Backstory, fleshing out

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16 Responses to Story: Going Home (Update Part 3!)

  1. Unknown says:

    It's amazing, Pinkie's sister DOES look allot like a younger Octavia. Nice bit of depth with the friends Pinkie made being from her past like that. Will we have a schizophrenic Pinkie from this story? Or a Basically the same but more analytical Pinkie? Only time will tell. Are ya going to make Pinkie's other sister a background pony or will she be an entirely new character? Anyway, look forward to the next chapter.

  2. The J.A.M. says:

    Well, that makes a lot of sense. Imaginary friends who later became split personalities 😀

  3. Autumn Wind says:

    That was pretty cute. Your Pinkie seems to be pretty in-character. ^^However, I think the story could do with a bit more proofreading. There's quite a few misspellings and grammar mistakes, and they kind of detract from the experience.I'll give this a… hm… 3.7.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The last few lines of part three made me tear up… so much in contrast to "Cupcakes"… eeech.

  5. RedCore says:

    Somepony complined about the word "anybody" was used instead of "anypony".Anypony means only ponies.Anybody includes other species like Griffins or even Gummy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yay, somebody has the same theory I do on the origins of Pinkie's other "friends."

  7. Anonymous says:

    Also, as much as I like this fic, I think it might prove that Pinkie doesn't quite work in the first person. Valiant effort on it, though, and still an interesting story.

  8. Baaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!! Pinkie pie!!!! Im sorry for your childhood!!! I just want to hug you forever!!!! I am Fighting the urge to cry at chapter three..

  9. musicssound says:

    Someone needs to slap a [Sad] tag on this, seriously. Especially if it keeps on going the direction it is. I kinda like the formal style of Pinkie's thoughts. It seems to ex…Um… Bring out the fact that she's not all that far from another breakdown. I think I just had a Spike moment…Ok, I've got to go find something a lot happier now, before I start going completely Pinkie Pie.

  10. Venlin says:

    It's good to see that she not mentally unstable, like I see in other fic. She just had a very boring childhood. Keep up the good work!

  11. Anonymous says:

    A good story. It needs some work when it comes to tenses, there were misspellings, and at times it didn't feel like Pinkie wasn't the one narrating. Even when she's sad in Party of One, she still keeps a loopy perspective on life and that was dropped. One thing confused me, though. It says that Pinkie didn't want friends because she didn't know they existed, but then two paragraphs later she says she wanted to join the school fillies and that's what prompted the parties with inanimate objects.

  12. Anonymous says:

    @VenlinVenlin, Pinkie Pie's mental instability is canon. When faced with the prospect of being abandoned, she doesn't cope like a "normal" pony would, but instead resorts to getting her love from inanimate objects. Her mental instability doesn't make her a sadistic murderer or unable to be a functioning member of society.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely loved Part 3.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Part 1 & 2: Nice little story. Could use some work with the tenses, but overall really good and I liked it.Part 3: I… I… Good Lord, I cried. I actually cried. There is just something so f'cking heart breaking about PINKIE PIE clinging onto another pony crying. It's just so much sadder than imagining any of the other mane 6 cry. Don't get me wrong, if anyone ever makes Fluttershy cry I'll put a dent in their skull, but for Pinkie Pie to cry… man, it just crushes my heart.I REALLY look forward to part 4.

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