Story: Side Stories are Never Successful (Update Story 2!)

[Normal] Spike stories are pretty rare lately!

Author: A Pony Farce

Description: A side story to Suited for Success that focuses on Spike and his connections in Canterlot.

Side Stories are Never Successful

Additional Tags: Short, Background Ponies, Dialog, Musical References, Suited for Success


Author: A Pony Farce

Description: Spike makes a routine trip to Canterlot to refill Twilight’s supply of tea but discovers that every last bag of her favorite brand has disappeared. With no tea and no desire to head home empty-handed, the baby dragon has no choice but to hunt down the culprit with the help of some old friends.

Five Out of Five Ponies Who Read Drink Tea (New!)

Additional Tags: Minor errands and idle banter

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15 Responses to Story: Side Stories are Never Successful (Update Story 2!)

  1. Craft says:

    People are just stalking the site whenever the hour turns eh?I'm a bit surprised I've never though about Spike's connections before. It seems like a rather interesting topic, I think I'm actually gonna give this story a shot.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    I kinda like the idea of Spike knowing practically everyone in canterlot…

  4. Craft says:

    Octavia as a stuck up bitch? That's a bit new.

  5. Nice to see another Writers Training Ground fic hitting ED

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great characterization. Provides a vignette into the life of an under-appreciated assistant. Have my stars!

  7. Acriaos says:

    That was nice, a really good story about Spike is hard to find, but this was very well done.

  8. lol, Spike is dressed like the Lulzsec mascot.

  9. Flygon16 says:

    Well, this was pleasantly surprising! I typically don't like Spike, but this actually gave me more respect for him. I could definitely see this as being canon, and all of the characterization was well done. Bravo!

  10. Dave says:

    Indeed, this was a nice short story. Excellent read.

  11. Tenure says:

    That was a great little story. Wonderful dialogue and all the little bits meshed well in my head. Well done. 😀

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