Story: Rainbow Dash Attempts to Dress in Style

[Shipping][Comedy] Photo Dash! Or Rainbow Finish….uhh we can stick with the first one.

Author: Stephen Cawking

Description: Twilight and Dash visit the boutique of Photo Finish in Canterlot because Rainbow wants to become a model.

Rainbow Dash Attempts to Dress in Style

Additional Tags: Short, Fashion, Aspirations, Licking, Indignation

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84 Responses to Story: Rainbow Dash Attempts to Dress in Style

  1. Photodash? What an odd ship.

  2. Grez says:

    >Rainbow Dash wants to be a modelUghhh, okay?

  3. colt classic says:

    Wow they'll really ship dash with anybody.

  4. Display Name says:

    Cue flat "Wat." from crowd.

  5. colt classic says:

    Sorry, i mean anyPONY.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Licking.I probably shouldn't read this.

  7. KShrike says:

    Dash shipping with anypony bothers me….

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Dash and Photo Finish?Wat

  9. Star Pony says:

    And just when I thought we'd shipped dashie with absolutely everyone.

  10. Anonymous says:

    What. The. Frick. Dash wasn't even in Green Isn't Your Color -_-

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lol wtf :p crazy ship

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow dash always dresses in style.Rainbow dash always dresses in style.Rainbow dash always dresses in style.OH GOD GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. ~Scratch

  13. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousShe pulled the Fluttershy ad for like, 4 seconds.That counts, right?

  14. DoubleMallow says:

    Guys, It's weird, but open mind. You can't judge a Fic (Book, Pony) on looks alone. that mere description could be barely scratching the surface of something amazing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Dash: a nymphomaniac who fucks to get ahead in life.Life lessons for little girls. I think Hasbro should canonize this story.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This should probably have had a random tag.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I'm hoping she goes full G3 on us… Rainbows, darling, rainbows…

  18. KShrike says:

    @AnonymousI think they shouldn't.In fact, they shouldn't canonize any of the shipping stories we've been putting here.

  19. ShadowCell says:

    Rainbow Slash strikes again.

  20. TenchiFreak5 says:

    Guys, this isn't straight shipping. Its about as close as possible to being a parody. Hell, it is a parody, if I'm being honest.In regards to the story, it was funny. A bit meta for my tastes, and absolutely god-damned insane at points, but still quite funny.

  21. NinesTempest says:

    It's supposed to be Shipping/RandomSeth REALLY fucked up.

  22. ToonNinja says:

    After reading this story, I'm left… disappointed. It wobbled for most of the beginning, mostly with Dash's apparent readiness to admit self-doubt to her friends, but it really crumbled when it hit the supposed "shipping" part. I mean… good God, I know Dash can be shipped with anypony, but apparently the relationship can be so forced and unnatural that it's hard to view as anything like shipping. The jokes ultimately fall flat, and I am no more convinced of Photo/Dash shipping than I am of Thunderhooves/Granny Smith.Also, “Compulsive-Cutielingus-Insanity-Syndrome?” WHAT?

  23. Homfrog says:

    "Rainbow Dash, do you know why we're here?""Um…""Dash, this is an intervention. You're addicted to sex."

  24. Anonymous says:

    10 minutes 23 seconds of me reading this… I'm somehow convinced Photo Finish is German, probably by the German counting. Besides that… 5/5, for… some reason.

  25. Aquaman52 says:

    "Thunderhooves/Granny Smith"…dude. Reverse Pocahontas that, and…SHIT, THAT COULD ACTUALLY WORK.

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. Anonymous says:

    @ToonNinjahey, CCIS is a real thing! Well, at least in the fics that are to explicit for this site.

  28. Anonymous says:

    If this is a parody, then Mel Brooks would be spinning in his grave, were he dead. Seeing how he's alive, I'm sure he just felt a great disturbance in the Schwartz, as if millions of jokes cried out at once, and were suddenly booed off-stage.

  29. Anonymous says:

    O_oIn the immortal words of Photo Finish…"What… just… happened?"I really mean it. What just happened? It's going along at a decent clip, nothing too out of the ordinary save for the arguably OOC kickstart to it with Rainbow's whole huge self doubt thing and then… BOOM! Cutie Mark Licking? And then fake sex in the street and then an after-sex-in-bed bit?I say again. What just happened? Where did this come from?!Also… why did I almost… kinda enjoy it?If I could give half stars it'd be 3.5/5, but I'll round up to 4.

  30. ToonNinja says:

    @Aquaman52…I'll leave you to that. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to construct a story detailing the epic shipping ballad of Gilda and Derpy.@AnonymousI figured as much. Could still be handled better. Would make for immense internal turmoil: struggling to keep control of a raging libido, even around those you care about the most.

  31. blakestar15 says:

    hey, it was worth a quick laugh and read, although I don't think I could put up with reading much more of photo's accent…

  32. Kits says:

    Oh it is a parody. check out the blog post that went up before this got written particularly 11 and 12

  33. Anonymous says:

    >attempts to dress in styleIt's not really a spoiler to say that this attempt is doomed to fail.

  34. Sethisto says:

    UhhhI think this got mixed up with another story or something.

  35. Llox says:

    What is with all these hilarious comedy fics lately? This one put me into a fit of giggles. XD

  36. Aquaman52 says:

    @Sethisto…that's an awfully thorough "mix-up" you got here, buddy. XD

  37. Anonymous says:

    this made me laugh. quite hard, actually.

  38. Bitmun says:

    The eclectic selection of tags intrigued me, so I read it. 3 things;How can a horse corset be busty? Horses don't have busts.Both the title of the story and the google doc itself are just so very, incredibly smooth.Wait, what? Seriously. I'd love to talk about the story and all, but… Just… WHAT?

  39. Anonymous says:

    somebody call an electrician: 'cos this story has far too many WATs.

  40. Xuncu says:

    Oh, this is oughta be good! XD

  41. @AnonymouslolBut I mean really, what was that? I have read so many things in this fandom, and I don't remember too many that made me go "Wut?" like more than 8 times.

  42. CherryRie says:

    Most of it was okay, right up until the actual shiping. It makes no sense, feels entirely forced and out of place, almost as though the story started out with some other auther. All in all; Can't tell if juxtaposition or just poor taste.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hmm, yep. Wingboner.

  44. "Short, Fashion, Aspirations, Licking, Indignation""Licking"great, now I have to find out what in the hay this is supposed to mean and I don't want to look through the comments because of spoilers.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I have the why-ngest boner right now…

  46. At first I was like… huh?Then I was like… oooooh…But then I was like… wtf?

  47. @ToonNinja"wobbled for most of the beginning, mostly with Dash's apparent readiness to admit self-doubt to her friends"This would be an excellent point if I actually had her doing that…Granted, I didn't specify how exactly she explains her plan to the other mane cast. I figured people would just fill in the blanks. I mean, of course she doesn't admit her innermost fears to them. She's Rainbow Dash and has an image to keep up.Ah well… I guess it was pretty stupid of me to point that out in the comments section rather than the actual story. I'll be looking forward to reading The Ballad of Gilda and Derpy and pointing out how out of character everyone is.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Awesome.Awesome as TITS.

  49. @NinesTempestI uh.. I'm the one who removed the random tag

  50. Not bad, although it did feel like the story was kinda forced.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Dash Ship-Fics: By Trolls, For Trolls.

  52. LoganBrony says:

    I support this for two reasons. Firstly shipping and secondly nothing about it made a lick of sense.Damn it I hate doing puns like that.

  53. Bunnylisk says:

    I once read a fic that changed gears from sappy cuddleship to apocalyptic transformers crossover without any reason or warning.This fic is stranger than that.

  54. Anonymous says:


  55. I love it when the filename doesn't match the title.Check that second sentence: it tells us what the first sentence told us, only in greater detail. The writing needs some work, is my point. Just sayin'.I do like the idea that Rainbow Dash and Rarity have something in common that way. Raging wingboners what. Twilight doesn't have a bust! Well, I'm glad at least one of Rainbow Dash's friends isn't completely against the idea of accompanying her to Canterlot.Socks, what. God, the memes are killing me, and I don't mean that in a bad way.You know what I'm loving about this? Excellent Photo Finish characterization. Don't see that often. Well, I don't see her at all, actually, but that the one time I do is well played is a good thing!WAIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED RAINBOW DASH OH MY GOD. THIS IS HIGHLY IRREGULAR.Wow. This is a pretty brash piece of absurdity. I think I'm at a loss for words here. That was weird.

  56. Anonymous says:

    @ToonNinjaWhat he said, with a heaping dose of 'hurr random is funny hurr.' Also, Family Guy jokes? Left me feeling dirty.

  57. Anonymous says:

    No, just no, because no.

  58. ToonNinja says:

    @Stephen CawkingBy the time I'm done, Gilderp will be the OTP of every single brony out there. Just you wait.

  59. nemryn says:

    I like silly fics that poke fun at the cliches of the fandom, and this one delivers. Good show!

  60. Anonymous says:

    Ironic that this story referenced family guy – the show that taught us that referencing funny things doesn't actually make you funny.

  61. @AnonymousI can't say I agree with calling Rainbow's self doubt out of character. Have you seen episode 16: The Sonic Rainboom?

  62. Anonymous says:

    the f**k did I just read?

  63. What!? I don't… what!? I mean… I just… WHAT!?

  64. Baree says:

    ….Why do we suddenly have two stories that involve licking cutie marks? I thought the socks thing was weird, but…

  65. Chaos Knux says:

    I honestly was caught off guard by the ending, I thought that conversation was at a table in Canterlot's fanciest eatery, not PHOTO FINISH'S FUCKING BED!!Also, everyone who thought the Dash ships were exhausted, wrong. Dash is going to be shipped with everything, not everypony, not everybody, EVERYTHING. Rainbow x Mr. Turnip, GO GO GO!

  66. Anonymous says:

    that was…..interesting.

  67. @Present Perfect*replying way too late*You are absolutely right about the first sentence making the second one redundant. I changed it, hopefully for the better.My writing does need a lot of work, this started off as a silly writing exercise for the Writers Training Ground anyways. So I'm grateful for the feedback.*unrelated note*This went up to 3.5 stars what what

  68. KShrike says:

    "How do I put zhis as gently as possible?” She feigned deep thought for a moment and boldly declared, “You are like a great, flying, gay pride flag."How dare you! That's probably the worst insult you can give Dashie…(Reads on a little bit)What the heck? That's… weird. And it doesn't make sense. And it is out of character.So… weird… I'm not buying it.

  69. @KShrikeYou mean she doesn't lick other ponies in the series? Dang… I knew I forgot something!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Vat has just happened?

  71. Steel says:

    ….. What the HELL did I just read?

  72. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Dash dressing up? No offense, but I liked her better when she was a tomboy.

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