Story: Two Sisters

[Normal] History time!

Author: KenjiBeast

Description: The story of how Luna and Celestia discovered their powers, gained their cutie marks, and began Equestria.

Two Sisters

Additional Tags: Historical, Cutie Mark, Fillies, Love, No Socks 😦

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7 Responses to Story: Two Sisters

  1. Anonymous says:

    inb4 that's how equestria was made

  2. Ricky R. says:

    oh Sethisto, you like socks don't you?

  3. I found that the story was mostly based on them finding the sky, moon, stars, and sun, then the rest was crammed in at the end, as opposed to a story that tells the details of how Equestria was made. That's just my opinion, though, otherwise it was a great story.@ AnonymousAnd that's how Pinkie got her cutie mark!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tags: "No socks :("God DAMNIT

  5. Nova25 says:

    >Each of them could fly for weeks, even in the vacuum of space, and their magic became great enough to uproot whole forests of trees at once.>They too took control of the weather, and herded the clouds, and corralled the wind, and bent all things to their will.-Terraforming ! GO ! :D>Ponies of all varieties came out of the ground-Huh ? …well, I know about the various myths saying 'this or that' race were ''born from the earth'', but still ;)—————Well, it was a pretty interesting story. :)Imaginative, thinking of various points about the begining of 'things', without ''going too far'' (no crazy/wild theories, you know)… Relatively 'realist' from their point of view (MLP:FiM universe).Yeah, pretty interesting all around, for a ''how Equestria was made''. ;)See, it made it to Eq.Daily 😉 , just as the Prophecy foretold.

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