Story: Apples From a Foreign Land

[Shipping][Adventure] This is actually a commissioned story for a brony and filly who met thanks to ponies! Grats guys!

Author: HiddenBrony

Description: Twilight Sparkle receives a letter from the Princess explaining that it’s time to start teaching on her own, and Twilight soon finds a red unicorn stallion in her home! However, a chance meeting with a local mare has the new colt in town head over heels, with Twilight vying to keep the unicorn on his studies!

Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 1
Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 2: The Apple Falls
Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 3: Far From the Tree Part 1
Apples From a Foreign Land Chapter 4: Far From the Tree Part 2

Additional Tags: A story for David’s love

“For that special pony girl that has to leave so soon. We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.”

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8 Responses to Story: Apples From a Foreign Land

  1. HiddenBrony says:

    @Kim Fluttershy DykasI have no idea on what to take away from your post, only that I remember you from PFA.Kinda sad to see so many kneejerk 1-stars the moment this got posted up, and thanks to everyone who gave the story a chance! It was good fun to write.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Flint's personality… We need to go DEEEEEEEEPER

  3. I need to see how this ends!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good story but… I'm sorry, Flint Crux? ugh… every time I read that name I cringed. dude, that is not very pony name worthy. not to be overly critical but it sounds so lame, like your trying to hard to make a cool name. Firelight, Risky, Starry Night, Vivid, Rosy Night: all decent pony names for Flint that aren't screamingly human sounding. (i like Risky as a name…)Otherwise though, great read, only on second chapter though. look forward to the other veeery long chapters

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can't do it… new character is too… I don't wanna say annoying, but his characterization is like 10 degrees off, if ya get me. I guess I'm just superimposing the mane casts personalities onto them when I read, so that makes them seem normal, but flint is just sooo… off. like it doesn't fit right with the others… just IMO. makes it weird to read

  6. Wanderer D says:

    @HiddenBrony I can tell you what I got from @Kim Fluttershy Dykas I was misspelling Sweetie Belle! Of all the unforgivable mistakes! (Interesting that he deigns to comment when he doesn't read and doesn't comment at all when he supposedly does.)Anyway, to your story, which I did read.I think it was sweet. I liked the ending… it's cool to see that there wasn't an immediate like for each other and that it took time for things to develop, and still it is only a beginning of sorts for the two.The Sleipnir was a good addition 🙂 brought good memories of depictions of Odin.Anyway, good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Colt.45 says:

    Not bad, although I gotta say it would be a LOT better if it could be reworked; hone Flint's character, flesh out the story more thoroughly, rewrite all the wordy parts, ect. Other than that, it was cute.

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