Story: Longer than Diamonds

[Normal][Sad] THIS WAS VERY…….cute”Pre-Reader who doesn’t say much

Author: SPark

Description: Rarity has had many frustrations in her sewing career, but when
her finest hour seems to have come, she finds it brings with it all
new troubles and worries.

Longer than Diamonds

Additional Tags: Depression, frustration, friendship, memories, sewing

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5 Responses to Story: Longer than Diamonds

  1. jaxxdatraxx says:

    "OMG that was so beautiful"-What I shouted aloud after reading Spikes comment to rarity near the end

  2. Anonymous says:

    Omg! write more please! you got the characters perfect! while the whole mane6 all kick butt, rarity is lower on my love list then others (…twilight), but you nailed her and her story was generaly very realistic and captivating, and Spike was the best EVER! I love the approach you took to spikes whole being a dragon thing and how he's gunna live for a few thousand years longer then the ponies (sadness), and their whole conversation was just adorable! great stuff, 5/5

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was just beautiful you have a Great talent for writing a pray to her more from you i just can tell God has give you a talent for making beautiful stories and at the end of the story i suggest to the reader to listen to Five For Fighting – 100 Years The first story i have ever cried about Thank you and God bless R.M.

  4. Fox E: says:

    Agreeing with the others who've said this applies to any crafting field. It's relatable in so many ways, from fashion to art, and even web programming and design.You've outlined perfectly what a lot of creators feel here, and even how many would–be creators feel; I almost didn't get into drawing specifically because I knew exposure and recognition would be so fleeting.I really want to comment more on this fic, but I'm not sure what to say. You just did such a great job making a self–contained story like this that there isn't much I can add without it being superfluous. D=Also, Spike's “longer than diamonds” comment: I squealed out loud from how beautiful that was. Definitely a line to remember.

  5. Roxor says:

    Strangely enough, while reading this I saw lots of parallels with the world of computing. You have the customers who don't know much and just want something which works (the pony who just took one of Rarity's standard designs). Then you have the more knowledgeable customers who will ask for extra hardware, like a dedicated sound card, or a faster graphics card (the ponies who would ask for customisation of a standard design). Then there are the guys who had a friend work out a good set of hardware for them and don't want to deviate much from their friend's list (Diamond Tiara). Then you have the geeks who know exactly what they want and how to put it together (Rarity herself).Rarity's worries also reflect how rapidly technology changes. What served you well three years ago is too slow to be useful for all but the most basic tasks today. Like Rarity and Equestria's fashion trends, the folks at companies like AMD start designing the successor to what they just shipped the moment it's out the door.In fact, it's not just fashion and computers which behave like this. It's anything which depends on the evolution of ideas. If you look at things on a geological time-scale, this could be said to hold true for life itself.Spike is right about diamonds not being forever. Even if they don't get eaten by a dragon, they'll still wear away like any other rock, if given enough time.

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