Story: The Light Never Goes Out (Update Story 2!)


Author: BrianBlessedPony

Description: Equestria prepares to celebrate a great event, but for six certain ponies, this event means much more to them

The Light Never Goes Out

Additional Tags: Future, Loss, Acceptance, Minor OC

[Sad] Story 2 (New!)

Author: BrianBlessedPony

Description: We all lose someone or something close to us in our lives. It’s how we remember them that counts.

The Candle That Burns Twice as Bright

Additional Tags: Sad, Sacrifice, Rememberance, Closure, Death

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2 Responses to Story: The Light Never Goes Out (Update Story 2!)

  1. ULTRAMARIOX says:

    I somehow like these types of stories, even if they make me sad, anyways, if I had to be Immortal it would be with my friends, but I only have bro's, so I guess I'd need true friends for that, still, immortality is good only if you can end it, like in CoF, but on here its sad how they will watch others die, for all eternity, but they will never cross over to the other side, but was kinda funny with BM's "Eeyup" when he was sweettalking Fluttershyt

  2. ULTRAMARIOX says:

    @ULTRAMARIOXOf course I would accidentally Fluttershyt instead of Fluttershy, at least I didn't Dkrrwragt, which is every key left of Fluttershy.

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