Story: The Princess and the Rose


Author: Chris

Description: A look at Rose’s social life and obligations, framed against a classic Equestrian fairy-tale from her childhood.

The Princess and the Rose

Additional Tags: Fate, Responsibility, No Happy Ending

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2 Responses to Story: The Princess and the Rose

  1. Anonymous says:

    Far as I'm concerned she's named Roseluck but I just call her Rose for short.Anyways this story was short and pretty sad, sad because it's just so hard to be the only one able to care for your family when they can't take care of themselves anymore. And the thought of being completely forgotten by a loved one you care so much for who've been so close to your whole life can be gut wrenching to say the least.Poor Rose has no time to live her own life and find her own happiness without always thinking of her Grandmother's well being. That sort of stress can and have ruined many peoples lives and relationships. I can only hope she'll find some happiness down the line.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >In this Comments SectionPonychanners who haven't watched the show.

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