Story: Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

[Crossover][Random][Comedy] This is bloody fantastic” – Pre Reader #Europeanpokefan

Author: RaspleZS

Description: Miles, an Umbreon turned pony, finds himself in Equestria. To leave that reality, though, he as to ‘battle’ his way into friendship with other ponies.

Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 1
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 2
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 3
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 4
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 5
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 6
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 7
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 8
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!: Chapter 9
Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!:  Epilogue

Additional Tags: Long, Pokémon, game tropes, umbrella, one-time OC pony

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30 Responses to Story: Pony-Mon: Gotta Friend ‘Em All!

  1. Psst…Chapter eight is set to private…

  2. KidNeo says:

    Well, this oughta be interesting.

  3. True, you cant read chapter eight even if you use a g-mail account.

  4. Uhh… well that's 2 fics that I didn't see coming today, but still not the weirdest.

  5. Vopogon says:

    Do want. Hopefully it's good. Also, don't rate it until you read, guys.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the formatting really adds to the story, even if it is a bit wonky at points.It's good so far though :3

  7. Oh lordy.How am I gonna turn this into a PDF…? -_-

  8. Anonymous says:

    i miss my childhood now damn you pokemon

  9. At chapter 3 so far, looking great!Anon2 is right, the formatting makes everything better, not to mention he(she?) got every trope and personality down perfect for everyon and everything so far. Looking forward to the rest!

  10. Lightsideluc says:

    A novel idea marred by awkward execution. The text boxes and "befriending" are ace but the exposition, dialogue and main character (who I'm picking up an alarming amount of Gary Stu-ism from) makes it very difficult to read. I couldn't get past the second chapter. Two stars for this one.-Lightsideluc

  11. Anonymous says:

    Move over sonic fandom, make room for your new pony overlords AWWW YEAH

  12. Anonymous says:

    when did EqD turn into a site for 12 year olds

  13. Gantz says:

    I'll definitely be reading this…you had me at Umbreon.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Guh… duh… What… is this? Words fail me.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous 6:15 PMI mean… you lost me in the first few paragraphs. Is this part of a satiric series? :-&

  16. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousUh oh. Somebody call the Waambulance!

  17. Fenix says:

    I have to say the text boxes are really freaking me out. I don't know how much I would be able to read without my eyes exploding from page broken text boxes.

  18. RaspleZS says:

    To the fans: Thank you.To those who don't like it so much: Not much I can do to please everyone.I do apologize for the contraction-less speech, I couldn't help it.And the text boxes, I tried to keep them brief.(Oh, and I'm male and 28. And help at least 2 Pokémon TCG leagues.)

  19. Anonymous says:

    What in the High Holy Hell-?!…Okay. This is definately on my "to-read" list. This description is just too… FREAKISH to pass up…

  20. Anonymous says:

    It took me a while to get used to. At first I was like Wtf?But then I acclimated.Overall, this was extremely original. I applaud you in pushing the boundaries of Pony-fan-fiction.Having said that, however, the protagonist needed more explanation. Heseemed to just rush through the storyline. Take your time. Also, there are several times when your wording is at least awkward and at worst distracting in your story.In my opinion, for your next epic-length story, you should release it in fragments (not necessarily to EqD, but have someone read over it) That way you can perfect your style early on so it doesn't continually detract from an otherwise awesome story. Good luck, and befriend 'em all!

  21. Anonymous says:

    The feck's a pokey-man?

  22. RaspleZS says:

    @AnonymousI can see that. I know I kind of rushed… (But, hay, my first full Fanfic of any subject…)I'll need to think of (and take my time on) another story. At least before I write the next ambitious thing I was thinking… That I don't want to spoil here. [No, it isn't the thing at the very end of this one ;)]

  23. Andrew says:

    This is a really great fanfiction.

  24. Lopsy says:

    I really enjoyed this! Overall, it's a very original way to mix Pokemon with My Little Pony. I especially like the Poke-esque formatting, and how the narrator Miles pokes fun at the fourth wall and the so-called "Poke-tropes".I can't decide whether I'd want to read a continuation of this with Miles in different worlds, or a continuation with other characters that end up in Equestria. I'd definitely read anything RaspleZS creates though, that's for sure!

  25. LadyM says:

    This was original and very funny. The epilogue-within-an-epilogue was a scream!

  26. Andrew says:

    Epic story of epic proportions. A job well done my good sir! Looking forward to more from you.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I just played ¨Hall of the fame¨ b&w version while reading the epilogue~I loved it~

  28. Anonymous says:

    I got about a page and a half in before my eyes derped.I will say this. It's a nice framing device. The main character actually seems more like some… entity… of some sort that travels throughout the infinite worlds of video games or something, trapped forever in virtual reality and forced to experience it somewhere in between a normal reality and the way a game player would… like some sort of curse or something. The concept of such a character is interesting in itself, though I'm not exactly sure if this is the sort of place to be expanding upon such an idea…Also, I'm going to be embarrassed when I say this, but the game he was in felt less like Pokemon and more like a certain Hamtaro game I played on the GBA many years back.Don't ask why I was playing a Hamtaro game.

  29. Anonymous says:

    My God, the Ponychu legends are true. I'm sorry, but this has gotten way too far out of hand.

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