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Drawfriend Stuff #143

 I have no clue what is going on in this image but Rarity is a badass. Source 1 Only 10 minutes late!Read more »

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Story: Controlling the Weather

[Normal] Author: KupoMechanic Description: The luxury of having full control over the weather has always been appreciated by the ponies in Ponyville. But all great things come at a cost, and Rainbow Dash is about to find out that it … Continue reading

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Story: The Elder Scrolls: Equestria (Update Part 4!)

[Crossover][Adventure] OC Ponies! Elder Scrolls! This calls for my favorite Oc pony. Author: Eamon Valda Description: It is the final days of the Third Era of Equestria, and mysterious events are taking place. How does one pony, scheduled for execution, … Continue reading

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PMV: Pinkie Madness Returns / Amish Paradise / Today is Gonna Be a Great Day Pony

#1 needs to happen. Pinkie Pie would be an amazing character for Alice. 1.) Pinkie Madness Returns 2.) Amish Paradise 3.) Today is Gonna Be a Great Day Pony HD Remix Read more »

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DJ Amaya MLP Theme Remix / The Staremaster / Extended MLP Theme

More from DJ Amaya, as well as some rock, and a rip from the voicebox of that Twilight Sparkle plushie (I didn't even know that was possible!) 1.) DANIEL INGRAM – MY LITTLE PONY (DJ AMAYA VS. GROOVEBOT CLUB REMIX) … Continue reading

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Story: Twilight vs Winter

[Normal][Comedy][Random] Author: JR Description: Twilight finds that in the heart of winter she’s slipping back into her shell. When she decides to get out and see her friends despite the weather, things don’t go as planned. Twilight vs WinterAdditional Tags: … Continue reading

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Vocal Free Episodes 10, 11, 12

These always impress me.  Will Anderson did an amazing job with the background scores for FiM.  I’m glad technology allows us to rip the main track out to listen to it better! No embeds this time around for the sake … Continue reading

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