Roleplay Thread Part 2!

Because all the ponies on this blog are CRAZY!

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  1. Seth, you hid this post to be link only. That's cool for us and all, but uh… I'm building our own website for this Roleplay stuff to not bombard you and hit post caps you didn't know existed.Sorry, but I forgot to tell them I was doing that before they messaged you!

  2. ZeldaFan777 says:

    Wow, i never expected that to happen. My word, seth, this is just beyond amazing! I hope your not upset, I told the others not to bug you, worrying we might! 😦

  3. PewnyPL says:

    @S.Aura KnightHeh, I send a request for this to Seth… I dunno, 30 minutes? after we hit the cap there. Anyways, thank You Seth 😀

  4. @PewnyPL I wasn't even up then before this happened! CURSE YOU PEWNY!At least this will hopefully resolve the issue of trying to gather everypony back together.

  5. Leeky says:

    Wow! Thank you Seth! Now we have a new home to loose our minds in 😀

  6. zSONICoz says:

    This calls for a celebration

  7. PewnyPL says:

    Also, I now know why this doesn't show up on main page. Look at the date this was "posted". Thursday, June 2, 2011

  8. @Slots from when we hijacked the Trixie post: I've never met the magician before! What are you talking about?@PewnyPL We're magic time travelers? AWESOMESAUCE!

  9. ZeldaFan777 says:

    And you know what the Irony is? we really cant start since Trixie isnt here! XD

  10. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777That's true. I hope Rita Lot and Luna sees this as well.

  11. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightIm sure you did, I mean, you two would talk alot and-do other activites together…*stirs under chair* uh…do you think you can help me up, this…hurts…

  12. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @LeekyIm sure luna will when she gets back from whatever, and see what it leads to. As for rita…maybe seth himself will tell her XD

  13. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777Now he thinks we're crazy

  14. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICozNOW? I believe he think that since the beginning of the RP. My request for a new thread only strengthened his opinion.

  15. zSONICoz says:

    @PewnyPL*goes to read again* again I'm an Idiot but you must realize I was gone during that time

  16. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPLYou know Seth was probably following in the back, enjoying it since it involved Trixie and such XD

  17. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777He never could resist that Trixie had A part in our role play

  18. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozIm sure it went along the lines like this::"whats this? A bunch of ponies are RP-ing in a post I meant was just a joke!? Well the great Seth will stop th-wait a minute, Trixie is in there!? And shes acting even MORE great and powerful than she is!?!? EEEEEEE!! " *lets them continue*XD

  19. zSONICoz says:


  20. PewnyPL says:

    @ZeldaFan777It's more likely than You think ;P

  21. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICoz*bows* thank you, thank you!@PewnyPLprobably! at least hes having fun with it just as much as us!So…now what?

  22. zSONICoz says:

    *still laughing on floor*

  23. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*gets back* Ok *coughs*Ok I'm good but we have to find Rita and luna next unless they see this thread

  24. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICoz*slaps you on the back* doing alright there pal!? As I said, I think Luna will catch on and get in here when she gets from whatever. As for rita, hopefully shes refreshing and checking? I wish everypony had at least some kind of email.

  25. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICozRita may be the hardest to find. Luna sometimes comments on other posts, either as Luna or CMC.

  26. PewnyPL says:

    @ZeldaFan777Hell yeah. If you guys didn't have your emails visible in your Blogger profiles, we would still have problems ;P

  27. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPLbe happy I decided to fix all that and wanted to add stuff then just before hand haha.

  28. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777I'm fine but man you nailed Seth right down to the letter

  29. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightThats fine! I cant imagine how much work it must be like, even if streamlined!

  30. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*grabs chest* OK don't show me those they're too cute *gasps for air* *raspy voice*

  31. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozBetter take a deep breathe, Like This!(Oh wow, now im losing it, being evil by using adorableness….DOH WELL, ITS FUN!! *evil laughter*

  32. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777When did you turn evil? Oh well, have some cookies

  33. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*inhales and exhales* OK I'm good

  34. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @Leeky *shrugs* dunno, I blame you and aura.@PewnyPLYeah, but hey@zSONICozYou sure? Id be so sad if I caused you harm

  35. Awright, so I think the forum part is up and running now… not sure how well it's running though, since I've only got two browsers to test things out, mostly pertaining to what I can build on with the program, and not really with the forum.

  36. Leeky says:

    Am I the only one who can imagine Big Mac as Atticus Finch…sorry, I don't know where that came from.

  37. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knightcool, got a link, maybe we can give it a test shot?@LeekyI could see him like that actually, especially in to kill a mockingbird. Big Mac in a suit *thinks*

  38. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777I think it's his calmness. And Applejack would be Jem and Applebloom would be Scout…though we'd have to change Atticus's role from the kids father to their brother…it could work. Sort of.

  39. @ZeldaFan777 I've got a link right here. I'm still tinkering about with the rest of it, but yeah, the forum part should be pretty much done.

  40. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @LeekyAnythings possible, such a good story.@S.Aura KnightK

  41. PewnyPL says:

    @S.Aura KnightLooks good so far, and I can see You ditched your drawing of yourself, and changed it to the generated version.

  42. @PewnyPL Yes, I did. I'll keep the drawing here, but I don't feel like fiddling with the image's size to make it fit there.It really is just a slightly more immersive Dreamweaver though. I am very happy I took that class as a Freshmen now.

  43. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightI think I might take those classes my senior year right now I'm planning to take cooking classes

  44. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knightthis is odd, cant seem to get a pic loaded, says its dangerous?

  45. @ZeldaFan777 …eh wot? Pewny and I seem to have gotten our pictures up, so it can't be any sort of size problems or anything…

  46. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightI found out, my pic had a "!" in it, so that was why, cause when somethings dangerous, it has ! in it XD

  47. @ZeldaFan777 Ah huh! Well, that's a thing.Anyway, yeah, so it looks like it's working for letting accounts be made, letting them post, and all that. Good, good…

  48. @ZeldaFan777 But I never met her! How can she and I have done anything together when I never even got to throw her a party! *picks up your chair and continues to trot upstairs*(back to this then!)

  49. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*gets lifted, shaking head* *sighs* idk Pinkie, I just thought maybe you did (OH REALLY?) well, you said you know how I uh…tasted, how could you unless…*looks at auras wings* had wings?(fine by me, lol)

  50. CCZeroFire says:

    By the way if this is any use to anything this image still exists.ALSO LOOK IF YOU GO BACK FAR ENOUGH, YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THIS POST! SEE!?I find that fun.

  51. @ZeldaFan777 Nope! Never met her! *giggle* Silly! That's what my helicopter is for! I use it to get up there, and then your clouds are just so bouncy that I just jump all around on them to stay on them! (This is something Pinkie Pie would probably find a way to do, isn't it?)

  52. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sighs* I forgot about that…Are we almost there, my legs are falling alseep from the pressure of the ropes…(well, she can break thr 4th wall, im sure she can do stuff like that. heck, Lyra did)

  53. @ZeldaFan777 We're heeeeeeere~! *puts the chain down* Now Dashie! What are the magic words?(That is very true. In character out of character character moment.)

  54. PewnyPL says:

    Just noticed Luna commented in another post. Checked her Blogger profile, there is an email address. So i sent her a message with a link here. Now to get Rita here somehow…

  55. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sighs* May I be released from the chair, Pinkie Pie? (THATS pinkie pie! also, slapstick hates me right now, he wants to be in my position XD)

  56. zSONICoz says:


  57. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPLwill find her, hopefully. Im also keeping an eye in the trixie post takeover for trixie, to let her know what happened if she comes back. the eagle seems to want to join too.

  58. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozOh JUST because I tortured you with adorableness! XD

  59. @ZeldaFan777 Those aren't the magic words silly filly!(Oh, so he's over your shoulder right now reading this? :P)

  60. zSONICoz says:

    OK guys I have to go to the store Boring nothing there*sigh* Oh well I'll see all in about 30-60 mins maybe more I'll be back

  61. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777Last post fore I go to storeYes THE VOICES TELL ME SO DO IT *maniacal laughter* BOOM GOES THE CORPSES!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  62. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*thinks* uh….could let me go so I could, uh…show you my love?(nah, hes working, but Im letting him know whats up and up, about the cap, stealing a post, getting a new post, the site, and then this whole affair thing, hes so jelly XP)

  63. Leeky says:

    *Yawns* Well, I think I might got to bed early today. I mean, 12:01 am! How early is that?!? Anyway night everypony! Hope we can continue tomorrow…oh, I almost forgot.*takes out the blaster and fires at everyone*I said I'd kill you today, gotta keep my word!

  64. PewnyPL says:

    @LeekyAhhh, you're from UK. That means I am not the only one screwed by the time differences 😀

  65. CCZeroFire says:

    Oh, and while I'm pretty sure this will be less useful than the mars background (which I saw was implemented, very very nice….), this also exists too. Perhaps you can implement it in some form as well, since it's also moderately relevant to the plot sorta.But, uh… you know… um, whatever you want to do is fine…

  66. @ZeldaFan777 That's the ticket, Dashie! *cuts the ropes binding you, and then all the doors and windows shut and lock mysteriously*(Ah, I see. Well, that's still hilarious. Also, I do believe it's supposed to storm today. How can I tell? The Doppler Radar has a large strip of red and maroon surrounded by green heading my way XD)

  67. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @CCZeroFireI was thinking putting this where that feather is, since you know, RP–Dungeon and dragons?

  68. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*massages legs for a bit* finally, thought I was nev- *hears locks locking* -…uh, how did you do that? your just…just a pegasus!?(Yup!rain? we could use some more of that, just minus the humidity XD)

  69. @CCZeroFire I can throw that on the homepage, but it'll need to be resized before I can do that.Editing time!@ZeldaFan777 That feather is annoying and I can't click on it to remove it or change it. Why!@ZeldaFan777 *tilts head* What? You're the pegasus, silly Dashie! You must have taken a lot of damage when I dropped you! Oh no! Quickly, lay down on my bed! *pushes you onto the bed*(Indeed. Because you can never quote Teal'c enough.I could use some less of it, although it's at least nicer than the 90 degrees it has been around here…)

  70. Luna says:

    [ What have you all done, aside from talk to yourselves? ]

  71. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(Stupid feather!)Woah * gets pushed on bed* I-im fine, Pinkie, really! I just need- *tries to get up* some air! *falls back down, gulps*@LunaHI LUNA! well, lets see, we capped at 5000 comments, hijacked a old post, got seth to give us another topic to RP in, and now have a sit emade for us to do whatever our heart's content!!

  72. PewnyPL says:

    @LunaYeah, just what Zelda said.BTW, how did You find us?

  73. @LunaBroke Seth, time traveled, made a quick webs website for the RP to move to, and then caused shenanigans.@ZeldaFan777 (Seriously, it is a stupid feather!)Nonsense! What you need is mouth to mouth. That will give you enough oxygen to make you remember. I learned that from Twilight!

  74. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(will figure it out probably sometime soon!)WHAT!! *eyes go wide* woahwoahwoah there, thats not necessary! really! *smiles weakly* honestly, im fine!!

  75. So Trixie's computer isn't doing great, it likes to shut off about every five minutes… and it may not be fixable for a while since Trixie is going out of town for three days starting Thursday. So… yeah…

  76. @ZeldaFan777 (Hopefully, anyway.)*suspicious stare* …Okey dokey Loki! *sits down beside you* So what should we do now Dashie huh huh huh I know a PARTY! We can throw a party celebrating us and then we can be together and our friends will be supportive and then maybe we'll be able to get Applejack and Rarity to finally admit that their trips to the mountains every month are a ploy for them to make out!

  77. @The Great and Powerful Trixie D: That's not good at all 😡 Is it a virus or something?

  78. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieGlad you found us Trixie, can you at least make an account on the site? And sorry about your problems with your com…

  79. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightUh yeah. Um, a party? are you sure thats a good idea, what if, uh, uuuhh…what if they dont want us to be…together? And what do you mean about applejack and rarity? I thought they hated eachother!(lol favorite ship of yours? :P)

  80. @ZeldaFan777 Why WOULDN'T they want us to be together I mean we're already together most of the time anyway why would they care if we were together together! I mean I guess I could see maybe Twilight not getting it but once we got Rarity and Applejack to admit that they also want to be together together instead of apart like they pretend Twilight won't have any choice but to understand!(I enjoy Rarijack, yes. :P)

  81. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightWell, I suppose that true, they would accept it no ma-whoa wait a minute! *gets up fast* Aura, this isnt right!! Your not Pinkie Pie! Im not rainbow Dash!! Were not in love, your in love with Trixie!! I dont know if this is a prank or if your really sick in the head, but this isnt right! I mean look! *pulls at mane and tail* I dont even HAVE a rainbow mane OR tail! its just red and yellow! and look at you! *points at mirror* do you even LOOK pink!?(lol Im a fan of TwiLuna myself, so no worries! Also, Slots ALMOST lost himself in this fantasy XD lets see how you react!)

  82. CCZeroFire says:


  83. PewnyPL says:

    @ZeldaFan777You really want to die, don't you? ;P

  84. @ZeldaFan777 *looks in the mirror* *sees Pinkie Pie's reflection in the mirror wave at me* *I wave back at it*(That is how I react. By breaking the laws of physics.)

  85. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightO.e you…you really see yourself as pinkie pie?? but-but how!! Your not Pinkie Pie, your Aura, a night of Celsetia's!!!(FUCK XD i think this now going inception XD)@PewnyPLApparently not, since that happaened XD

  86. PewnyPL says:

    Anyway, with Trixie's PC assin' around and me unconscious, I will be going to sleep. For some reason I'm sleepy like hell today (and it's "only" 2:00 AM here).

  87. @ZeldaFan777 (Notice: Pinkie's reflection waved at me before I waved to it. Not Inception, but general random Pinkie Pie)Well, I mean, duh I see me as myself! I'm not somepony else! Why would I be? That's just silly! Oh, and look in the mirror yourself, Dashie! You look cute in it, holding your own tail with your mouth!

  88. Luna says:

    @S.Aura Knight[ I saw Slots mention the 5k cap and pestering Seth for a new… thing… to vandelize. Then I went to the old post and clicked the link Seth added. Then I went to the future, killed my own son, went back in time, stopped myself from killing my own son, caused a paradox, destroyed the universe, rebuilt the universe in my image, then came back here to ask what you'd done. ][ Also, my old computer has a similar problem, Rita. Except mine might last up two two hours. Only way I fixed it was to use a different computer. ][ I am not … wait. Yes. I did marry Twilight. No, there was no force involved. Yes, Celestia did the wedlock. Yes, we're thinking of foals, though Twilight won't admit it. ]

  89. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(so…pinkies trolling me to keep this up XD)*through tail* Mysflf? *walks up to mirror and looks*(QUICK, WHAT DO I SEE)

  90. @Luna I think you mean Pewny instead of Slots. And that sounds like a productive day. I've become Pinkie Pie too, since that's a thing to mention.Also, why are you addressing the only pony not here? Do you mean Trixie? Also, that's cute. Twilight says she liked Rarity more, but I knew that was a lie. She does love you more!

  91. @ZeldaFan777 (Or you're trolling yourself keeping this up.)See, Dashie? Don't you look cuteeee~? I think you did bump your head a little too hard when you fell down those steps! But that's okay! Nurse Redheart will be able to fix that!

  92. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @LunaTwilight and Luna are together, and thinking of foals?? BEST. UNIVERSE. EVER.

  93. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(all Im trying is to get you back to yourself, and logic just keeps smacking me in the face!)*looks into mirror, almost seeing herself as Dash* Bu-bu-but that not right? Im slots, not dash, SLOTS!!…am I??? *slumps to ground*…am I?(SLOTS IS LOSING HIS GRIP IN REALITY!!!)

  94. @ZeldaFan777 (Logic: The reality killer….don't ask how that makes sense.)*wraps a hoof around you* You okay, Dashie? Should I go get Nurse Redheart right now? Or are you super duper okie dokie olki to make it through the party that I just sent the invitations out right now to that will help cheer you up and make you feel better?(Dun dun dun. I can tell he's losing his grip, because that totally says "seeing herself as Dashie.)

  95. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*stiffens from touch*-n-n-no, I, I think ill be fine *looks back at mirror, seeing himself now* I…I think Im just tired….wh-wait, did you say party? how could you do it so fast??(Wow, I really did, I think IM losing it, lol getting way to into this, but its interesting nonetheless!)

  96. @ZeldaFan777Create an account where now?So Trixie just took Q-Tips and a tooth brush to the back of the computer modem thing to clear out the dirt (there was a lot) so now we just wait to see if it worked

  97. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie HERE 😀 its a site Aura made for us!And if there was alot of dust, it may have done it, try a vacuum too with the brush attachment too, dust can REALLY slow down and shut down a computer!

  98. @The Great and Powerful Trixie This website thingy I made for the sole purpose of containing the roleplay to another place!Also, let's hope that does work.

  99. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightOh…of course he is, and yes, I…do love parties…*looks to Aura* you really do think you and me could really be together?(Im bored out of my mind here, really, 360's down and no update on any fics of mine, and since Im gonna go full rage next time in the RP, why not have nice side one here, that may go shipping if this keeps up, which wil\l be odd, since Ive never done that, and you dont like that, but our fingers type it anyway and STOP IT FINGERS, STOP TYPING!!)

  100. @ZeldaFan777 Well I mean duh of course we could be together Dashie! We'll be the best couple and there will be tons of cake and dancing and friends and Pin the Tail on the Pony! It'll be my best party yet!(I'm not as bored as that. I could boot up any number of video games, I've got videos to keep me entertained between responses, and other things.And yeah, since the RP will hit full grimdarkdoom, why not have a secondary RP filled with craziness and shipping and randomness and things that I WANT TO STOP WHY ARE YOU NOT STOPPING THIS IS ALMOST AS BAD AS WITH TRIXIE my brain and body hate me.)

  101. @S.Aura Knightwell com is still alive so that's good!

  102. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (That is indeed very good *kisses* Hopefully it'll stay that away.(Case in point of my mind and body hating me))

  103. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*smiles* That…thats sounds great…Pinkie. that sound like alot of fun. *thinks to self* 'maybe…maybe I should just except this, it isnt so bad…'(Im watching a video, but am liking this Side Rp that im willing to stay on.Yeah it sounds fun, why shouldnt we OH GOD ITS CONTAGIOUS, ITS LIKE THAT DARK PART OF OUR MIND THAT WANTS IT IS TAKING CONTROL…)

  104. @S.Aura Knight*returns the kiss* Trixie is hoping (you know you love it!)

  105. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(your about to go at it with two ponies in two different mind sets, your mind REALLY enjoys this stuff in secert XD)

  106. @ZeldaFan777 Now are you ready to party or are you ready to PAR-TAY! *dashes through the door and tumbles down the steps* *sticks my head through the hole in the door as soon as the tumbling noise is gone* I'm fine!(Don't eat the mushroom- I mean don't forget to look in the mirror before you walk out!This crazy random side roleplay of crazy randomness. Yeah, it's not as bad as we're making it out to be (YES IT IS DARK PARTS OF OUR MINDS THAT LIKE THAT KIND OF THING BEGONE))@The Great and Powerful Trixie (Well, so far so good, yes? (HELP ME))@Slots because I'm too lazy to do what's needed to link the post: ((HELP ME FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS))

  107. @S.Aura KnightStill on and running! Also Trixie made an account!

  108. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks back to mirror* *sees herself(YUP I WENT THERE) again as Dash, more solid this time* Huh, not that bad of a reflection really…*heres tumble* are you sure your ok? last time I did that it hurt quite bad *begins walking down the stairs*(I did and I hope thats the reaction you were hoping for (NOT FOR ME IT WASNT! WHY AM I COPYING YOU, DO BOTH OF OUR SANE SELVES JUST DO THIS NATURALLY!?))No its not, shipping isnt as bad as long as its light and not goes into detail (AT LEAST YOUR SANE ENOUGH NOT TO WANT THAT! WAIT NO, YOU DONT WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN ANY OF THAT! FOCUS!!!))

  109. zSONICoz says:

    Well guys I'm officially black(back I meant to say back)

  110. @zSONICozTrixie may be as well! Eat that com!

  111. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozHey sonic, welcome back. Were just having fun here (NO WERE NOT, NOT THAT KIND OF FUN, HELP SONIC, I THINK MY MINDS SPLITTING LIKE AURAS IS!!!)

  112. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (Very good. Now all we actually need is everypony here to actually start XD)@ZeldaFan777 I'm fine! Now hurry up! The party is already in full swing!(That is exactly what I was looking for. (Now I'm just being a bad influence. I dunno. I'm kind of starting to like it.)Yes. Light, fluffy shipping stories are the best. (It was nice knowing you, Slots. You were a fine soldier, who only made one mistake, and that was serving under me. Unless Trixie wants to break into the imagination spot and save us?))

  113. @S.Aura KnightTrixie is actually kind of confused as to what is going on with you and Slots… care to explain?

  114. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieDo something suggestive with them let me watch.

  115. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (No. (When you left the other night, before we hit 5K, I went insane and went "Cupcakes Pinkie Pie" on Slots, since he was there at the time. Suddenly, it's turning into a side story of love between Aura and Slots, who think they are Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, respectively.In other words SAVE US!))

  116. zSONICoz says:

    *german accent* I can fit you inside ze gumball machine und have you for a quarter…..WHO HAS A QUARTER!!!

  117. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura Knight*german accent* oooooo its like mowing a lawn of flesh so much spray!

  118. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*german accent* Gut my child gut now I'm vone step closer to ruling ze vorld…I mean Wunderbar!!

  119. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(I think trixie Com is trolling her, since it doesnt work ehen everypony is on, and worlk when its later, where most of this happens XD)\Im coming! *trots faster down* Woah…*looks around room* (Ill let you tell me what I see)(glad that it was to your liking (Wait, are you and your other mind fusing and beginning to LIKE the same thing?? No, comeback to the sane side, Aura!!))Thats why I liked Luna's Socks from Scotch, very light unlike most of her other work. And Id just like to keep it at that ^^ (What is happening to us!? Mind. Split. Too. Much!!!))

  120. @S.Aura Knightand now Trixie is more confused than ever…. wait Slots? Are you trying to steal Trixie's Aura!?!

  121. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*german accent* stumpy vas rude to me stumpy paid ze price *holds corpse up* und now HE IS DEAD!!!

  122. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*german accent* Oh ze IRONY MEIN CHILD REVENGE!!!!

  123. @ZeldaFan777 It's a party! See? Everypony in all of Ponyville is here already!(Magic parties are magic. Also, just imagine any party thrown by Pinkie that wasn't in Party of One, and it'll look like that.(I WANT TO COME BACK WHY CANT I WAAAAAAAAAH)Meh. Still dislike cloppy stuff (Nooo- wait that's a good thing. BUT STILL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Trixie save us! PUNCH SLOTS! AND ME! WAKE US UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE INSANITY!also, go back to the Mars post and read the last page to catch up slightly.))

  124. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura Knight*motions to Trixie* *german Accent*Come mein child we vill cause pain *luaghs* und get gut bratwurst zhats also gut

  125. @zSONICoz*arcs an eyebrow* Trixie is afraid she doesn't quite understand…

  126. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*german accent* vell mein child I'm saying ist zhat you must regain your love vhile I go get me some noms

  127. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (*keeps kiss going for a few seconds after you try to stop it before breaking it* I appreciate the kiss, but you aren't doing Slots and me any good without breaking into the dream and stopping it. Because we've somehow established our dream selves in Ponyville, where are you and I are on Mars, kissing.)

  128. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks around* I can see that, they really came, just to…celebrate us? I didnt think anypony would really care… (I just wanted ot make sure it actually WAS real, not some it-not-real thing again or something of the sort.)(I never cared for them, either, just the light stuff, a kiss here or there (*sighs* I think ive lost myself to this, and he aint coming back…))@The Great and Powerful Trixiewell, theres enough Aura to go around isnt there (WHAT?? NO, NO TRIXIE, IM NOT, ITS JUST THAT SIDE OF ME THAT DOES!!! NEED. TO. GAIN. CONTROL!!!)@zSONICozCurse you Sonic the german!!! (lol get the reference?)

  129. @ZeldaFan777 Aww, it's okay Dashie! Everypony cares! They also came because it's one of my parties! And ooooo chocolate fountain! *rushes at it*(Now it's Inception. celestiatrollface.jpgExactly! That's the best stuff. (Yeah… we're doomed. Let's sing the doom song?))

  130. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*fighting sounds are heard then yelling* Darn you Me why do you always want to talk about cookies and blood it don't work!! Now go back downstairs and I'll bring you some cookies later.*real sonic comes back*uggh sorry guys german me is doing it again isn't he

  131. @S.Aura KnightHow does Trixie go about making a dream self? This dream can have many fun outcomes once Trixie arrives!

  132. @ZeldaFan777Well if Trixie must share Aura, then Aura can share you! She can have the dream you, while Trixie can have this you!

  133. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (Dreams? Simple. We'll hook you up to this IV and knock you out, and you'll wake up inside the dream!)

  134. zSONICoz says:

    *sigh* well I guess since you three are gonna go have fun might as well entertain myself*get out Trombone* *plays tune*

  135. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*giggles* you really love chocolate, huh Pinkie? better be careful though, may go all to your waist one day! *thinks to self* 'what am I doing, me and Aura are lost in this..whatever it is, I need to focus, im not Rainbow, Im not rainbow!!'( (My celestia…)(Yup, and will keep that way no matter what! ( gotcha' covered…)@zSONICozOh thats fine, though i wouldnt know what its like to have another self running around (Now im treating myself as if I dont exist!!! I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!!!)

  136. @S.Aura KnightThen provide Trixie with this IV, she is ready for sleep!

  137. Luna says:

    [ I know that it was Slots in response to Rita. ][ After that, Pewny mailed me. ]

  138. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieThat can work out for me, I dont mind at all, thank you trixie! (Nononononono!!! Dont let me do so!! stop this!!!)

  139. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777I'm here what do you need is the question?

  140. @ZeldaFan777 *sticks face inside of chocolate fountain and sits there*((It's full of stars.)Yes, keep it that way forever and ever and ever. (Good think it's a six month long song…)@The Great and Powerful Trixie (*puts the IV in your shoulder, and starts the pumping* Sweet dreams. Bring me out of there.)

  141. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozOh I dont need anything, Sonic, just go ahead and play your wonderful music! (NOOO, stop it other self, we need help!!! not music, as wonderful as it is.)

  142. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*hint of sadness* oh ok *plays sad song then returns to happiness*

  143. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*laughs* pinkie on the inside, chocolatey on the outside, always pinkie pie! *puts a hoof around her*(the way were going, we dont have to worry ^^ (yup…happy listening…))

  144. @ZeldaFan777As long as Aura doesn't kill you should things get fun…@S.Aura Knight*dozes off and wakes up as a dream* Hello? Aura! Trixie is here to take you home!

  145. zSONICoz says:

    *puts away Trombone* OK time to practice conducting If you need me I'll be conducting an Orcheatra*trots to Orchestra*

  146. @ZeldaFan777 Mrrphmrhur! *breaks the chocolate just by eating it from the inside* Yep!(That's good. I don't want to have to worry. (Got any fours?))

  147. zSONICoz says:

    *applause* *bows* *lifts up hooves* *begins music*

  148. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (You are inside a large party in what looks like a confectionery shop. Good luck looking for her with all these ponies about!)

  149. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*hears voice in dream* huh, that sounds familiar…*looks back at Aura* oop, better stop soon Pinkie, its soliden around your noggin!

  150. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*laughs* your just too cute sometimes, you know that pinks? only you can make gorging on large amounts of chocolate cute!(Nope, go trotting…got any lunas?)

  151. @S.Aura Knight*looks a round* hellooooo? Trixie was told some ponies we're having fun! *locates stairs and starts trotting up*

  152. @ZeldaFan777 *giggle* Thanks Dashie! You know just what to say! Love ya!((Ugh, here *hands you two Lunas* In turn, though, do you got Philomenas (Jacks)?))

  153. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*the music pauses then changes to The Russian Dance*

  154. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightI love ya too, Pinks, and always will! *gets close and kisses cheek**thinks to self* 'maybe…maybe I can like this…yes…'(Thought you may have her, you loving her so much…and yes, I do, clever pony… *hands cards* got any 2's?)@zSONICozOh, I love that tune!

  155. *trots back down stairs after finding nothing* Trixie is getting tired of this hide and seek… *starts blasting random party decoration causing explosions throughout the room*

  156. zSONICoz says:

    *music pauses again then once again changes to The Chinese Dance*

  157. @ZeldaFan777 Oh, Dashie! *grabs you and does a full on kiss (ala Bugs Bunny)*((Gently caress you. *hands you a two* how about threes?))

  158. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*hears explosions* H-hey! whos the party pooper?? *looks and spots trixie* *thinks to self* 'I…I feel as though I know that pony…I…n-no! shes just ruining the party!!' *gets between Aura in a defensive stance* who are you, and what are you doing to my marefriend's party stuff!!

  159. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*lets them kiss* wow, so passionately about this huh! *laughs*(Nope, go trotting…*looks down* hey, is that Trixie??)(BRB gonna go eat!)

  160. zSONICoz says:

    *music changes and Sonic smiles at the change to The Dance of the Reed Flutes*

  161. @ZeldaFan777 Why wouldn't I be! But why did some of the streamers just explode?((Oh for gently caress's sake (curse you SA for influencing my word choice!)… wait, is what Trixie?))

  162. (Trixie is confused again, do ya'll look like dashie and pinkie or no?)

  163. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (They do! Slots keeps flickering though, so that's how you'll find them)

  164. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(Exactly! Hes in and out of this dream, you may be able to break both of us out!!…oh yeah in case this doesnt work out, its your call…)

  165. @ZeldaFan777Trixie is trying to find HER marefriend, now get out of Trixie's face! *continues destroying things* Aura, where are you?

  166. @ZeldaFan777 ((I'll call the Ghostbusters if this don't work. And that was an even more terrible pun.Also, here, just take the two I got. Do you have any fives?))

  167. zSONICoz says:

    *applause* *bows* *trots off stage*OK guys I'm done conducting you ponies doing *eyebrows raised* something suggestive.

  168. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieA-aura?…*to self* 'why does that sound familiar….URGH NO!!' *Stomps a hoof down* I dont care WHO your marefriend is, today is about me and MY marefriend, and your ruining it for us! Now stop, or ill get angry!!

  169. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(*chuckles* I think thats the first time Ive laughs since this. And yes I do, hayseed… *hands over cards* ooh, got any celestias?)

  170. @ZeldaFan777Ha, don't make Trixie laugh. Why would The Great and Powerful Trixie even care if you get mad? She has bested many ponies ten times better than the likes of you!

  171. @ZeldaFan777 Ooooh Dashie! Maybe if we help her find her marefriend we can make this a party for three groups of happy ponies!((Hah! Go trotting, Slots.))

  172. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieTrixie?? the showmare *face gets angrie* youve got alot of nerve showing back here, showmare. We all know your a joke, so I dont even know why you bothered, unless you want to be our clown for the night! *ponies begin to laugh*

  173. zSONICoz says:

    *looks around* Well again I'm in the way again….I'll work on being funny next

  174. zSONICoz says:

    *gets paper then out then speaks*

  175. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozSorry sonic, were not ignoring you, I actually am listening to your pieces in the back right now!

  176. @S.Aura KnightParty? Is that what this is? This has to be the worst party Trixie has ever seen.@ZeldaFan777If Trixie recalls correctly she made YOU look like a clown the last time she was here!

  177. @zSONICozJoin in the party! Aura get him some IV!

  178. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks to Pinkie Pie* But Pinks, she ruining your party stuff! I dont want to share our party with such a foal mare! *holds her closer* Id rather it be happy, like me and you!((DARN IT ALL!! *draws cards…*))

  179. zSONICoz says:

    *looks over* oh ok I'm just working on my funniness.Cats are all different. They do everything different then a doggy cats are cute cats are godd**n cute kitty cat. Look at the cute kitty cat look at him. they need two name kitty wasn't cute enough.

  180. @ZeldaFan777Stop with your nonsense, Trixie demands you help her search!

  181. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Worst… party… you've… ever… seen…? *sits down, deflated*@ZeldaFan777 ((Now, give me my Lunas back.))

  182. zSONICoz says:

    @zSONICozLook at him he so cute LET"S DROWN HIM!! *laughter*

  183. @S.Aura KnightYes the worst, Trixie has been to many high end parties. This is nothing compared to what Trixie is used to.

  184. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*ponies all go oooooh* Sh-shut up!! You just got the best of me, thats all!!! *sees Pinkie's hair deflate* Y-y-you upset her…YOU UPSETTED MY MARE!!! *slams hooves to the ground* Come Trixie, lets just see how great and powerful you are!!!@S.Aura KnightDont worry, Pinks, Ill take care of this showoff in ten seconds flat! *kisses her on lips*((fine…))

  185. @ZeldaFan777 *mumbling* Worst… party… I… have… the… worst… parties…((Hah! Four of kind! I'm winning! Now… got any Aces?))

  186. zSONICoz says:

    *laughter dies down* *chuckles a bit* heh y-you ever pet a cat that's lying on the ground perfectly still and by the time you're halfway his Ass is way up in the air *laughter* like you pressed the ass button or somethin*more laughter*

  187. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks at pony, saddened* Ill get this fixed dont worry… *looks back at trixie* COME ON, LETS DO THIS!

  188. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(( dear celestia, you must be psychic! *hands cards* *looks down again* looks like there about to fight…))

  189. @ZeldaFan777 ((Don't you know I've got a PhD in Go Trot? Because I didn't know that because it's not trueAnd what? Who's fighting? ))

  190. @ZeldaFan777Bring it you foal! *horn starts to glow*

  191. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*Charges right into you* you learn not to upset Rainbow Dash*@S.Aura Knight(( lucky mare, and its me…well, DASH me and Trixie, looks like Pinkie you is upset…))

  192. @ZeldaFan777 ((Shouldn't you be getting lucky soon? I've already got two things of four of a kind…Wait, now I'm lost. What are you talking about?))

  193. @ZeldaFan777*teleports away* Ha, Trixie is a master illusionist! You think you can beat her? *duplicates start to appear* Then find the real Trixie!

  194. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight((Well lets find out, got any 7's? and its them! *points* how hard is it to see??))

  195. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*looks around at all trixies* *smiles* I dont need to, I can pull ya all at once!! *jumps up and starts spinning fast in a tight circle, causing suction.*

  196. @ZeldaFan777 ((Bastard you sank my Battleship! *hands you three sevens*And uh… apparently, if I'm not seeing anything, it is that hard to see.))

  197. zSONICoz says:

    *applause* thank you for time *trots off* Well how are we doing?

  198. @ZeldaFan777*smirks* clever… *charges into the forming vortex shooting multiple charged shots* Let's test your dodging skills

  199. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight((Ha ha! *takes cards* lets see, how about 3's/ And that a shame, theres like, 10 trixies right now…))

  200. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieWoah!! *dogdes a shot* Hey! stop it! *dodges another shot* this aint!- *gets hit by a shot, flying into a wall*

  201. @ZeldaFan777 ((Cheating cheater McCheaty pants you didn't have any threes when I asked you! *hands you two threes*And really? That'd be my dream come true.))

  202. @ZeldaFan777 Dashie! *rushes over to you* Dashie, are you okay? Please be okay.

  203. @ZeldaFan777*smiles* All too easy…@S.Aura KnightMove pink one, Trixie isn't finished! *materializes a rope and starts to tie her up*

  204. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(( Im just that good, admit it! HA. lets see…oh, 1's? looks like there beating me pretty well too))urgh, Im fine, Pinkie *smiles* ive crashed into enough walls that it doesnt even faze me! *sees her pulled back by ropes* h-h-hey!! Leave her alone!!!! *gets up*

  205. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *appears behind you, holding the rope you just materialized* NOPONY HURTS MY DASHIE!

  206. @ZeldaFan777 ((…I already got four aces! How did you get more?))

  207. @ZeldaFan777You've lost, stay out of this!@S.Aura Knight*jumps back* How did you… no matter, Trixie will best you as well! *horn starts glowing again*

  208. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(( *smiles and shows card* seems by luck you hppened to have an extra one in the deck, im afraid it counts!))

  209. zSONICoz says:

    *picks up IV bag* *sees bodies* Oh my goodness what did they do this time.

  210. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *ties the rope around your horn, and starts to pull down on it*@ZeldaFan777 ((FLIPPING 'ELL! *picks up and hands you my four aces* I hate your damnable luck, Slots.))

  211. zSONICoz says:

    Okay guys I have to go now where are we doing the RP tomorrow so I can simply go there and not be confused like today. Answer me while I'm gone I'll check back again now Goodd Night everypony

  212. @zSONICoz (Oh, they're just in Dreamland. Not the Dreamland where Kirby lives, but their own dream land. Care to go too?)

  213. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozId say yes, as long as everypony is there, might as well make the most of it!

  214. @zSONICoz ((Oh, and the RP will probably pick up onsite, although I hope everypony will keep this tab open so we can give signals and things!))

  215. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightI go to go but next time you go back I'll go because I was bored but again tell me where we're doing the RP so I know for tomorrow.

  216. @S.Aura KnightLet go of Trixie's horn this instant! *starts jerking her head around*

  217. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightOK GOOD NIGHT *Pumps IV into self* whoa pretty colors *passes out*

  218. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight((*smiles* and it loves you, Aura *goes wide eyed* NOT LIKE THAT THOUGH. not like that. uuuh…5's?))*sees what your doing* haha, nice job pinks! *grabs rope and helps*

  219. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *through rope* Nfofpe! *continues pulling*@ZeldaFan777 ((GENTLY CARESS YOU TO HELL, SLOTS! I STOLE THOSE FIVES FROM YOU HOW DID YOU GET THE LAST ONE?))

  220. @ZeldaFan777Get away, Trixie told you to stay back!@S.Aura KnightListen to Trixie or else she'll make you regret it! *attempts to charge horn but magic flow is being cut off by the rope*

  221. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*confused look through rope* Whfft??((huh? oh sorry, I didnt know, this fight is turning out pretty good. though I dont know what there planning, why wrap rope around Trixies horn?))

  222. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *continues pulling down, waiting for a telltale crack* Ivf wfvl nefveffr levt GVOF! (translator's note: "I will never left go")@ZeldaFan777 Kefep pufflving! ("Keep pulling!")((Your luck sucks. Honestly. Now you're ahead by two…Anyway, they could be… I don't know, honestly. Snap her horn maybe? I don't even know what you're seeing over there in LSD town…))

  223. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightWeffe gfft hrrff! tivvv hrrrf uffft! (weve got her, lets tie her up!)((its working better her than on mars XD up, how about you make a call then?))

  224. @S.Aura KnightLET GO NOW! *forces more magic to push through the block and horn slowly starts to spark*

  225. @ZeldaFan777 ((Who am I calling again, exactly?))@The Great and Powerful Trixie *a very faint *crick*, like the sound of something snapping very slightly, is heard* *drops the rope*

  226. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*hears crack as well, spitting out the rope* wh-what have we done! _-we didnt mean to harm you!! Were sorry!

  227. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(( I meant call out a card, you dolt!))

  228. @S.Aura KnightY…you dare do this… to Trixie? *horn starts to glow brighter but magic starts to go crazy destroying everything around the room* YOU WILL PAY!

  229. @ZeldaFan777 I meant to! Nopony hurts my Dashie! Nopony!((Oh, uh… well, how about tens? Got any tens?))@The Great and Powerful Trixie You're the one who's paying now!

  230. @S.Aura KnightWhy you little! *more magic starts to pour out getting drastically closer to everypony*

  231. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightPINKIE! *sees magic going everywhere* get down!! *grabs her, acting as a shield*((I do actually, haha, here))@The Great and Powerful TrixieStop it1 your going to hurt the rest of the ponies!

  232. @ZeldaFan777 *thrown to the floor, with you covering me*(Now would be the best time to start flashing.)((*takes it* Thank you. So, what are going to ask for?))

  233. @ZeldaFan777Trixie doesn't care for the other ponies, now get out of the way! Trixie wants the pink one! *magic crackles fiercely as the room continues to be destroyed*

  234. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knightstay down I got you!!! *holds her closer*((whats left, uh…4's?))@The Great and Powerful TrixieNO! I wont let you! *gets hit by a magic crackle* AHHH!! *as he screams in pain, he begins flashing between Slots and rainbow Dash* ooooohhhh….*slumps over Aura*

  235. @ZeldaFan777 Dashie! Are you okay? Her magic turned you into a stallion!((YOU HAVEN'T GONE SEARCH SINCE I ASKED FOR FOURS WHAT THE HELL SLOTS YOU CHEATER!))

  236. @ZeldaFan777Good now that just leaves… *looks at the body* S…Slots? What the hay? *magic quickly dissipates to just a few sparks shooting out the crack* but….but… *looks to Pinkie* Aura?

  237. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks back up* A…Aura? wh-whats going….whats going on? *looks back at trixie* TRIXIE?? what in Celestia is going on??((*drops cards* screw it then1 never cared for this game any–whoa…thats weird, I feel, I feel as if im being pulled?))

  238. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieTrixie! it really is you!! Oh celsestia, thank you thank you thank you!! you woke me from…whatever this is!! *looks at horn* what happened???

  239. *very confused, looking between Trixie and Slots* Huh? What's going on? Dashie, why do you sound so different? Who are you asking for?((Oh gently caress off then, bugger. I'll just stay here.))

  240. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks back at Aura* what are you talking about Aura, Ive always talked like this! I think I just got lost in whatever fantasy this is! and quit calling me dashie, I told you i didnt have wings already!((WOO, I think trixie did it! shes snapping us out of that nightmare! See ya on the other side, Aura!))

  241. @ZeldaFan777You… were that annoying pegasus pony from Ponyville… you attacked Trixie, but when she defended herself Aura attacked and cracked Trixie's horn…@S.Aura KnightTrixie will make you remember… *starts letting horn go crazy again*

  242. @ZeldaFan777 *head tilt* What do you mean, Dashie? Who's Aura? Why are you so okay right now?((Bugger, I'm still trapped under like three other layers before I'm back! Just… go, dammit.))

  243. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI think wherever we are, it affects us to the point we forget ourselves. I think to the point where we begin thinking us as another pony.*sees you charging horn* WAIT! I_I dont think harm will help. we need something else, something to remind her who she really is!@S.Aura KnightCome on, Aura, think! Im not Dash!! Look at me hard and try to say otherwise! And what do you mean, ok?((Ill get ya back, Aura, with me back, we should be able to snap your other self!))

  244. @ZeldaFan777*lets horn dwindle back to just sparks* well do you have a plan then? Please enlighten Trixie!

  245. @ZeldaFan777 *looks very hard at you* …Oh! You're yourself again, Dashie! *hugs*(Tricking yourself into seeing things that aren't there. Only possible through ponies.)

  246. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieWell, I dont know! I tried everything! questioning her, threaten her, tried playing her game, you see where that got me. We need something that will remind aura who SHE is!

  247. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightOoof! *as being grabbed* No, Aura, Im not Dash! Im not in love with you! the only pony that is!….is…*looks towards Trixie*

  248. @ZeldaFan777 *follows your eyes…* Twilight? When did you get there? That mean pony was there just a second ago! *breaks the hug* Oooh… when I get my hooves on her!

  249. @S.Aura Knight*steps forward* Trixie is not that insufferable Twlight Sparkle… *pauses* no wait yes she is! *moves over to Slots* and you Dashie loves Twilight! *kisses slots and whispers* maybe we can shock her awake…

  250. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*shocked from kiss* what are!– *sees your look in your eyes* Oh…OH! Yes, hello Twilight! Yes, hello! I told you not to come, I was gonna break the news to pinkie alone!

  251. @ZeldaFan777*looks down and draws circles on the floor with her hoof* Tri…. I know, but I couldn't wait any longer…

  252. @The Great and Powerful Trixie @ZeldaFan777*stares wide eyed, as the fabric of reality falls apart, until the three of us are in a large, blank, white area* *still staring at you two, as myself* Rainbow and Twilight… making out in front of me… is this a dream come true?

  253. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieYou never COULD wait on anything now could you *smiles and kisses you again* thats why I like you so much more than Pinkie Pie, really!

  254. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks around room* well…that was fast. *looks to you* Aura, is it really you? Are you back now??

  255. @S.Aura Knight*looks to Aura* Aura? Finally you're awake!

  256. @ZeldaFan777 Huh? *blushes* Uh… hi Rainbow! How do you know me?((I warned you about Inception dawg.))@The Great and Powerful Trixie And uh… hi to you Twilight?

  257. @S.Aura KnightTwilight…? For the love of Celestia… *looks to Slots* now what?

  258. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI dont know! Seeing us kiss made her snap from being pinkie pie, but turns out to be Aura's fantasy!! I-I dont know what to do now!

  259. @ZeldaFan777Must Trixie think of everything? Fine if it's a fantasy, then we have to make it a nightmare right? Would that work?

  260. @ZeldaFan777 I- I'll be quiet while you continue to, uh… show each other love! In, fact, pay me no heed at all! I'm not even here!

  261. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieHow the heck do we make it a nightmare???

  262. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight8sighs* why us Aura? Why…why me and twilight??

  263. @ZeldaFan777Trixie doesn't know alright? Some help thinking would be fantastic just about now!

  264. ((In the actual movie, you had to get shocked out of each floor at the exact same time, but for the sake of this, since we're going backwards, I don't think we'll do that.))@ZeldaFan777 W-why are you asking me? I don't pick w-who you love!

  265. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*gets close to whisper* im trying to figure out why she wants these two to fall in love, maybe we can turn the tables? that enough thinking for ya? *stern look*

  266. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sighs* No, Aura, this is…some sort of dream, and were supposed to do what YOU want, so why us? Were here for a reason, so why?((I didnt even know we were on mulitiple floors))

  267. @ZeldaFan777Be Trixie's guest then, she handled the last one it's your turn!

  268. @ZeldaFan777 W-what!? This is a dream? Really? *wingboner*((You're the one who brought up Inception. I'm the one running with it. :trollestiaplz:))

  269. @S.Aura Knight*slaps a hoof to her face* way to go Slots… now she wont want to wake up…

  270. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sees wingboner**blushes* uh…Aura, your um *cough* *points* getting a little aroused…

  271. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieHow was I supposed to know how much of a fantasy this was to her!! urgh, I give up! *slumps* we should just face it that were stuck here…

  272. @ZeldaFan777 *completely blank stare into space*((…I don't know what's worse. The fact that this scenario actually would probably give me a wingboner, or that I have stooped down to actually basing things off of me.))

  273. @ZeldaFan777*sits and ponders* so it's just a fantasy… will she wake up if we play it out?

  274. @S.Aura Knight*stares at* You dream of this, but continue to tease Trixie?

  275. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*thinks* I suppose. if we are dreaming, will have to wake up sometime soon *looks back to Aura* …may be awhile, by the looks of it, but maybe…why, what are you planning?

  276. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((I don't actually dream of it! I'm just saying what it would do if I did dream of it!My dreams usually revolve around me dying in some fashion. Which is no wonder why I continue to try and get myself killed in RPs XD))

  277. @ZeldaFan777To be honest Trixie would prefer it be with Aura, but what if we entertain the fantasy enough to wake her from over stimulation? You know, get too bothered you just jolt awake?@S.Aura Knight(Trixie knows, just kinda going with the flow at the moment)

  278. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie…are you suggest that we actually DO her fantasy?? But…but its with me??

  279. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((Okay, good.))*snaps out of it* So… uh… what are you two talking about?

  280. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightUh…were talking about how much fun were going to have, yes thats it1 one sec, and you be in for one heck of a show *winks* *turns around rolling eyes*

  281. ((I just realized… if we say that the party was level 3, that makes this level 2. The same level two that in the movie they revealed to the guy who was asleep that it was a dream. How did that work out?))@ZeldaFan777 Oh! Uhm… yeah… about that… if this is a dream… uhm… you don't have to. We just have to find a way to wake up, right?

  282. @ZeldaFan777*sighs* you ready? *presses her lips to yours letting out a loud moan for Aura to hear*

  283. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*surprised by kiss and sound* *moans along with and reaches legs around your neck, gently rubbing back and forth as we kiss*

  284. @ZeldaFan777 *stares for a few moments… but loses interest and walks away* If this is a dream, there has to be a trigger around here somewhere…

  285. @S.Aura Knight*watches as she walks away* Well that didn't work… Wait! *calls after* did you want to join us?

  286. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *waves you off without looking* I'm fine! You dream apparitions continue what you were dreamed in to do! I'll be figuring out how to break out of here! *lifts a rock* Not under there…

  287. @S.Aura Knight*untangles herself from Slots* but you imagined Trixie as Twilight, you imagined her to please, to please you! *trots after* why wont you let us?

  288. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightB-but, that is the trigger!! It-its working off your emotions! Itll be triggered after your truly pleased, its why were here! @The Great and Powerful Trixie*looks to you, whispering* at least i think it might?

  289. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *looks at you* What did you just say?@ZeldaFan777 And you, repeat that in English?

  290. @ZeldaFan777*whispers back* maybe not necessarily pleased, maybe it's just off of any emotion?

  291. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightI said what if the trigger is through emotion, YOUR emotion? Enough to send us through again? it would make sense, wouldnt it???

  292. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Part before that, please and thank you.

  293. @ZeldaFan777 Aren't you two just apparitions though? Things conjured up by my dreams? What do you mean "us"?

  294. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightPerhaps, perhaps not? Maybe weve lost ourselves in your dream as well? maybe we cant recover til you do…whatever it is you spawned us to do!

  295. @S.Aura KnightThat you imagined Trixie as Twilight Sparkle so we can fulfill your fantasy?

  296. @The Great and Powerful Trixie That's what I thought I heard. Now why did you say that?@ZeldaFan777 You, zip your mouth. If you're dreams, I'll find my own way out. If you're actually others, why would I make you do what I want you to do?

  297. @S.Aura Knightbecause Trixie was desperate to have you back, but you're still asleep… Trixie just wants it all to be done with

  298. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*bites lower lip* uh…idk, ask yourself that maybe? *slowly lowers self to ground*

  299. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Why did you come in instead of Trixie then? And why is Rainbow here?@ZeldaFan777 Simple: I wouldn't want you to. Even if it was the only way out.

  300. @S.Aura Knight*looks around before looking down* because Twilight is Trixie? Trixie only appears as you want her to, to do what you want her to…

  301. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knightso you Do want to stay here??

  302. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *shocked face* But… but… if you're Trixie… *looks at Slots* Who is Rainbow?

  303. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*smiles weakly* uh….talk a lucky guess?….

  304. @ZeldaFan777 …Leek?((…Second State Aura = Dumber than rocks))

  305. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight….yeah no, its what Trixie said….((THATS why its been difficult to convince her of anything!))

  306. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *eyes grow wider than they should even be able to grow* @ZeldaFan777 Slots? You're… you're… Rainbow Dash?…*wingboner*((Sounds about right. Dumber than rocks, and easily aroused… I think we found the portion that causes the stints with Trixie! FINISH HER!))

  307. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*eyes go wide* wow…thats some pretty wide eyes….and a pretty wingest boner….((BY what, making out with her!? XD This inception story is weird!))

  308. @S.Aura KnightYou alright Aura? You're starting to worry Trixie… *eyes wings* if not completely confuse her…(Trixie loves this portion then!)

  309. @ZeldaFan777 …How are you even okay with that? I can see Trixie being fine with having more powerful magic at her disposal, but how can you be fine with not even being a stallion?((Basically, you're on the right track now. I think. I don't even understand where I'm taking this. Probably to hell and beyond. This is what happens when you're tired as hell…))

  310. @S.Aura KnightHEY! Twilight is not stronger than Trixie!(Go to bed then! How many times must Trixie tell you this?)

  311. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightWell…the wings were a plus…and honestly it aint THAT bad really. And well, I AM rainbow dash, if I were to be any pony, why not her? *looks at her and back at wings* obviously its how…youd want me to be.((tiredness just brings out your shipping side, huh?))

  312. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie((Dumb as rocks, remember? Cant even think about what shes saying to who lol))

  313. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Oh, uh… of course not, Twi-Trixie!((I SLEPT FOR CLOSE TO 10 OR SO HOURS TODAY!I don't think I'll be falling asleep until at least 3 AM))@ZeldaFan777 I am going to not understand a word of that sentence except for "not that bad" and "Rainbow Dash".((Clearly. It is when I tend to read most of the shippy fics.))

  314. @S.Aura Knight*huffs and looks up* So it's apparent as to why you made Slots Rainbow, so explain to Trixie why she is Twilight Sparkle? Are you trying to imply something about the pony you supposedly care for hmmm?

  315. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightStill, why make me rainbow dash?And why twilight? You wanted me and trixie to be her for a reason, obviously!((and when you tend to ACTUALLY ship lol))

  316. @ZeldaFan777(Trixie loves it when you ship with her!)

  317. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *dumb look* Uh… I don't know if it means anything! Would you rather be Rainbow then? @ZeldaFan777 I… ship Twidash? Because I ship Twidash the most? ((I actually ship myself and Trixie the most, obviously, but thing is derp!Aura there is a derp.))

  318. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightBut we tried making out once before, and you walked away, was there something more we needed to do???((obviously, but lets just roll with it XD))

  319. @S.Aura KnightTrixie does not want to be Rainbow Dash! Trixie just wants Aura to wake up already! *pouts*

  320. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *thinks*… I've got it! Punch me! As hard as you can. In the face. That should wake me up! Then we can get out of here!

  321. @S.Aura Knight ((Please. Do this. KILL HER SO I CAN GO BACK TO NORMAL!))

  322. @S.Aura Knight*looks to Aura* you sure that'll work? *looks back to Slots* you do it, Trixie cant…

  323. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*looks back at her* you want me to buck her??@S.Aura Knight*looks to you* Your sure this is what will work? Ill let you know you can get hurt in this place…

  324. @ZeldaFan777hold on… just to see if it'll work. *goes to Aura locking lips in a passionate embrace* Trixie says wake up!

  325. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *passionate kiss* …Mmm! *breaks it off* …Well, if you were trying to get me to change you into Rainbow, that worked.*looks at Slots* …Hah. You're a nerd now.

  326. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks at self* well, can say I dont mind. So what you wanted to make out with Dash?((DONT DO THAT, I MAY GET LOST IN THIS XD ))

  327. @S.Aura Knightwell that's not what Trixie wanted, but if it's Rainbow you want… *goes in for another kiss*

  328. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *as you go in for the kiss… the world shatters**falling, falling, falling… you and Slots end up in… Canterlot? What looks like the Royal Equestrian Guard Training Grounds…*

  329. @ZeldaFan777 (Well, hey! There, I stopped it.)

  330. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightI dunno, first you kissed her, now were here! Were almost out but what are we doing here???

  331. @ZeldaFan777Like Trixie should know, she's a showmare not a guard!

  332. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie Why ARE we guards? *looks around for Aura* I dont see her anywhere…

  333. "And what do you think you are doing?" A large col asked a filly that was half his size. "Just because you're Celestia's pet doesn't mean you aren't a target to pick on!"The filly cowered before the bully. "Please… please don't pick on me…"The bully pony laughed. "Or what? You'll tell Celelstia? She's too busy for you with that unicorn!""Please… just leave me alone…""Oh boo hoo!" The bully pushed the filly onto the ground, and stomped on her tail. "Guess what I think? Your mother and father deserved to die! My parents are true heroes, not yours! Why do you get the attention then though?"(You now seem to be down memory lane. Perhaps intervening will help break you out?)

  334. (Alright so Trixie is falling asleep at the computer, obviously she needs sleep… but darn it Aura why you have to make it interesting now? sadly…Good night everypony!) *Goes to the real Aura and gives her a big kiss pushing her tongue deep into your mouth* Trixie loves you!

  335. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks over and sees the fight* H-Hey! Leave her along, she s just a filly! what gives you the right to do something like that!! *helps filly up, not noticing who it actully is* are you alright?

  336. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (I save the best for last! Isn't that what you taught me, Trixie? *kisses* Goodnight! Remember, the site!)

  337. @ZeldaFan777 Bully: "Crap! *runs off*"*is shakily helped up* Th-thank you, Sir… Bu-but it's fine… he always does this…

  338. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightI dont care if hes always doing that, no filly deserves to be bullied, thats for sure! Should take it opon myself to follow him…*looks down at filly* why do you let him do so?

  339. @ZeldaFan777 I was told to treat everypony with love and respect but by my auntie… I can't bring myself to try and fight back in case she disapproves…

  340. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightAuntie why would you *remembers what the bully said* oh…I see. Well, my dear, do you think your auntie would want you to be bullied by a bunch of colts with half rocks for a brain and the rest hay?

  341. @ZeldaFan777 *lets out a shy giggle* I guess she wouldn't… *sobers up* But that's all that happens every time I try to approach anypony who isn't Auntie or her student… nopony likes me…

  342. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightHey come on, buck up. thats not true! Celestia like you doesnt she? And Im here, arent I? im not pushing you to the ground am I? Id say that counts for something!

  343. @ZeldaFan777 *looks up, and notices your armor* Oh… right… you are in the guard… you would know Auntie Celestia… I guess that counts for something…

  344. @ZeldaFan777 (I don't even think Slots knows that Celestia is Aura's cavetaker!)

  345. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks at armor* of course I am *smiles* but I dont need to know Celestia to see how special you are, silly filly! Youll make a great pegasus knight someday, I know it! You just need to stand up for yourself! Show a little fire in your eyes, and youll send those block heads running!

  346. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(Your a famous knight of celestia's, Im sure he wouldve looked up some details)

  347. @ZeldaFan777 You… you really think so, Mr. Knight? *eyes look brighter, like they're on fire* Will I be like you? Can I stand up to big bullies and save ponies lives?(You are overestimating your own character, and how "famous" Aura is outside of the guard, although information is as easy as walking in and asking for it in Equestria. Tell me with a straight face that he would look up ANYTHING *twitch* that would deal with a place he's probably never set foot in? :P)

  348. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightOf course you will! I know it *laughs* Im sure youll be even more so than some lowly knight like me! *moves down and nuzzles* Youll make your parents so proud, I know for a fact. Now! *gets up* go show those colts what for!(Actually I just re read exactly what you said, and your right, he wouldnt XP why are you twitching again?)

  349. @ZeldaFan777 *suddenly grows downcast as you mention my parents* …*starts to cry, and says softly* I'm… I'm… I'm sorry…(We can say you weren't even registering what she was saying, still thinking about beating up those bullies. That sounds in character for you.Also, because I raised my voice, and it's now involuntary.)

  350. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*gets down low and hugs the crying filly* oh, its alright dear…I understand, its hard not having your parents here…But, they wouldnt you upset over them, they would want you to be happy, and enjoy what you have and can do…* looks off into sjy*…Thats what my parents want from me, and Ive done so ever since.(Yeah, slots just doesnt like to see ponies get hurt, especially young fillys or colts.Oh, ok 🙂 )

  351. @ZeldaFan777 *sniff* …You really think that, Mr. Knight? You think Father would want me to be happy with what I can do? *looks at you* And I don't recognize you as any of the knights who teach me… what's you name, so I can ask Auntie to thank you? (Yeah, and you can be one track minded… Yeah. Basically, I've gone insane holy heck it's 3 AM why am I NOT tired while still being horribly tired?)

  352. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightYes, I do dear. Parents always want whats best for us, even after they pass away. They want us to be happy, to accomplish our dreams, to do whatever it is we want. *thinks over what he should say* Lets just say Im a helpful knight that doesnt like seeing others hurt. I dont think I need special recognition from the princess herself *chuckles* I was just protecting a frightful filly that needed some guidance, thats all.(Very one track minded, will be seeing more of that tomorrow! Also, I dont think I should give my real name, should I?Also: Cause its interesting?)

  353. @ZeldaFan777 Oh… but what if Auntie says one of your parents ideals isn't something you should do, but you want to take anyway?And please? *puppy dog eyes* Auntie likes to thank her guards. Why don't you let me at least thank you properly?(Oh, goodie. *points a laser at you* Since you are still not armed with one of these :PIt's memory lane, not time travel. Giving your name won't change much!That it is… that it is…)

  354. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightMy dear, your parents morals and ideas should guide you, not become you. I wouldnt know what your parents morals may have been, but if you feel it was a good one, dont just follow it the way they did, let it guide you, becoming your own. *smiles* I could never resist am adorable little filly *chuckles* My name is Slots. But you could call me friend as well *smiles*(NOT THIS AGAIN!! This is how we GOT into this mess XD Still, I worry your memory may carry it over)

  355. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*chuckles again* maybe youve heard how Im the luckiest pony out there, but seem to get myself more harmed that others! *laughs start to die down* ah, but what most ponies dont realize is my mark doesnt always give me luck, it does on its own accord. *pats filly on the head* and I say that luck played a part in being her to help you, wouldnt you say?

  356. @ZeldaFan777 *blink* No… I've heard of you… from being Slots. *blinks a few times* …Why am I a filly?

  357. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*begins to look harder, and finally realizes who it is* Aura? I, I didnt even realize….*thinks* Aura, this a memory, but it didnt play out like this did it?

  358. @ZeldaFan777 …Are you daft? I don't think there are many other fillies that look like me.*sigh* Whatever. No, it didn't play out that the guard who saved me that day and gave me good advice on how to live turned out to be you. That would have probably scarred me for life.(Sarcasm: The best form of wit.My internet just died for a few minutes. I think it's telling me to go to bed.)

  359. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightIve never seen you as a filly, and didnt grow up with many, how was I supposed to know?*looks away* Are you saying my advice isnt all that well coming from me?(If ya need sleep, sleep, im fine either way, this was quite the journey!)

  360. @ZeldaFan777 …Match the colors? That that hard?And no… what I'm saying is you just gave me the advice that I did get that day. You were saying exactly what I heard when that random guard came up to me… before I found out he was a spy and got captured by a patrol of real guards after we parted.(Yeah… I'm going to go pass out now. Tomorrow! Allons-y!)

  361. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sigh* you have a rough way of expression things…..what happened to him, does that mean? *looks around*(We shall finish tomorrow then! See ya!)

  362. (Hi uh may be missing for the next few hours as I do some stuff that quote unquote needs to be done.)@ZeldaFan777 Sorry… I didn't mean to…He… almost hung…(Sometime tomorrow, or at least later tonight!)

  363. @LeekySo is Trixie… should probably make Ramen or something…

  364. CCZeroFire says:

    *Poetic* But who is actually ever "here"…?

  365. Leeky says:

    @CCZeroFire…Some one called Here? "Here! Come here!" or "I cant stand this place! We're going Here!" "Wait you're going…here?" "No! I'm going with Here."…I'm going to find something to eat, my mind is going funny…

  366. @CCZeroFirewith you, Trixie isn't sure if that's a good or bad thing…@LeekyEating is good!

  367. Leeky says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieYeah, but I'm trying to avoid snacking, It's not working.

  368. @Leekyoh, Trixie is just eating Lunch. A few minutes early but Trixie doesn't care

  369. zSONICoz says:

    *groans* again never again am I doing that *groans* I'm back guys

  370. PewnyPL says:

    I'm also here… More or less. Playing Mass Effect 2 atm, so once in 5 minutes or something I will be refreshing.

  371. @zSONICozYou alright Sonic? What did you do?

  372. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieWent to soccer practice in the morning. We ran the park and when I was almost there we had to run up the hill and I was tired but I pused myself bad idea because I tripped and and hit my head. The pain hurts I'm just glad I didn't get a concussion.

  373. @zSONICozSoccer is cool and all but ouch… Trixie probably would have gotten really upset by that… Regardless Trixie is pleased you are for the most part alright!

  374. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI mean I pushed myself because I want our team to be good but I overdid it and Now the pain is killing me hang on I'm getting some painkiller.

  375. @zSONICozYeah Trixie knows how bad pushing yourself too much can be… Trixie's dad does it a lot and it usually doesn't end well. He can be as stubborn as a mule sometimes

  376. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieYes but after that I took it easy when we did our practice game and I scored a goal and beat four ponies when I scored I laughed so hard because nopony expected a defender to score. I laughed it was great felt professional.

  377. @zSONICozNice, Trixie played soccer with some friends a few times as a filly, she cant even begin to count how many times she missed the ball entirely when trying to kick…

  378. Hey whaddya know, I'm actually back on time. And I see more ponies came out of the woodwork whilst I was gone. Hey everypony!

  379. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieYeah I can relate my freshman year I scored on our team I felt so dumb and useless but I learned. But my friends decided to give scoring on yourselves a name you will never guess what they called it.

  380. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura Knight*groans* keep down a bit recovering from faceplant in the park the pain hurts but Hi

  381. @S.Aura KnightMorning Aura!@zSONICozThey didn't! That's harsh even for Trixie…

  382. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Hi Trixie! Somehow I JUST missed you.

  383. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI brush it off though, but they named scoring on yourself after my real name. They call it scoring a Jorge.

  384. @zSONICoz Ouch. Sounds like my days in soccer. Thankfully I gave those up when I hit High School, otherwise I'd probably be in a hospital from the number of bruises I'd have.

  385. @S.Aura KnightTrixie noticed, some luck there…@zSONICozBrushing it off is the best way to go, so Trixie approves! Soccer is still hard though, if Trixie tried she'd probably still miss the ball

  386. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightI've got over them fairly quick but its fun for me. I still play in high school. We hope this year that our ratio of wins is positive

  387. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*chuckles* I still miss the ball sometimes during practice but thats what makes me get better

  388. @zSONICozOf any sport Trixie probably does the best at volley ball. Though being barehooved in burning sand can be quite the pain…

  389. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI've played volleyball I'm okay at it but I can't tell you how many times the ball has hit me in the face. The girls say that the ball has a thing for me. I laughed so hard when they said that

  390. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Yeah… but hey, we aren't Slots. We don't have all the luck.So how are you?

  391. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozHey, I can't even kick a ball, or throw one, or dodge one…

  392. zSONICoz says:

    @LeekyI know I'm great at getting hit with the ball XD. They all must love me or something

  393. @zSONICozTrixie has seen many and experience many volly balls to the face… not pleasant…@S.Aura KnightPretty good *kiss* and you?@LeekyThe Great and Powerful Trixie is amazing at dodgeball!

  394. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixiedid you just mention the most awesome sport that should be a profession. I'm amazing at dodgeball I'm usually the last one standing.

  395. Leeky says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI used to be ok at it. These days Iv'e seemed to have lost all ability and desire related to sports.

  396. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Volleyballs have homing chips in them. That is the only way I can explain the number of them that come at my face.Well, besides the part where I vanished for a while, pretty decent now. Pretty tired, but too awake to fall asleep. *kiss*Also, the number of dodgeballs that hit me in the face is exponential too… things like hitting me in the face.

  397. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightLets just hope that the next thing that hit you isn't a frying pan. You hear that Bugs.

  398. @zSONICozLikewise, Trixie can dodge like a pro! But her throwing skills…. yeah…@S.Aura KnightVolley Ball is still amazing!Hmmm… what happened when you vanished? Something bad?Dodgeball is too fun not to play though!

  399. @LeekyTrixie will only play sports from time to time, and only for fun!

  400. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*gives her sunglasses while he put his on* Pro status.nuff said

  401. @zSONICoz*puts on shades* Trixie is always pro! Even when she's not, she still is!

  402. @zSONICoz That would be extremely painful. Ow.@The Great and Powerful Trixie Eh, it is good to play now and again, but I don't think I'll be participating in any beach volleyball tournaments.Nah, just boring. So… very… boring…That's true, but still. Try getting hit in the face by a guy who whips it across the entire room at you.

  403. Leeky says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieI tend to stay hunched up in my room and doodle my days away

  404. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightThis coming from the guy who tripped and hit his head. So yeah.

  405. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieBut that means that your pro status*puts on once again shades* is now 20% cooler. (I can't stop using memes they're so awesome to use. XD)

  406. @S.Aura KnightTrixie doesn't do tournaments.. too much competition not enough fun…Trixie understand… boredom is horrid! But now you have Trixie!Ouch… Trixie usually tried to be on the same team as those guys…@LeekyThat's always good, but Trixie cant draw…

  407. @zSONICozAre you comparing Trixie to Rainbow Dash? How insulting!(Hooray for memes!)

  408. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieYou were already 20% cooler but now with shades you're now 40% cooler way better than Dash

  409. Leeky says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieNeither can I, not that it stops me XD I wish I was more sporty, but I just get so bored, not to mention I'm terrible at it *sigh* You just can't win.

  410. @The Great and Powerful Trixie Seriously. All it is is others yelling at you if you miss, or badmouthing the others, or what have you. Nothing fun at all. …Plus I dislike the beach anyway. This is very true *kiss*Arbitrary teams could stack the strongest guys and girls on one team, and the weakest ones on the other. Co-ed PE classes are the worst.

  411. ZeldaFan777 says:

    haha I wake up and find everypony talking about sports, being in pain, wearing shades, and seeing if Trixie is 20-40% cooler than Dash (Which she is) haha, my RP group XD Good Morning everypony!

  412. @LeekyTrixie's only drawing capabilities are stick people… but Trixie actually doesn't get tired of most sports, just football and baseball and the like. Though Trixie is terrible at most sports…

  413. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777Yes I have hit my head on the pavement during training luckily I didn't break anything valuable

  414. @S.Aura KnightThe ponies that Trixie plays with actually don't do that. We're all pretty relaxed and chill about it. We do play for fun after all. Also Trixie loves the beach!*wraps her hooves around you* and don't you ever forget it! *wink*Trixie's PE class actually hated that, it made it too easy for them. So we tried to even it out.

  415. @ZeldaFan777Good morning! Are you good at dodgeball or volleyball?

  416. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozThats…painful. URGH, I wish i was there, I know some techniques that could sooth your pain and make less hurtful, but I cant, such is the tale of the MT…@The Great and Powerful TrixieYou are not alone, my skills pretty much match too XD I dont care much for sprots myself, thats why I went into JROTC.

  417. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightOh I feel that they think just because I'm latino I should be on the weakest team we'll when soccer started coming up in PE I dominated everypony wanted me on their team

  418. @ZeldaFan777 Hiya Slots! Good morning!I think the major players are here then to continue?@The Great and Powerful Trixie Not when I've been to the beach, and certainly not in my PE classes. Everypony takes it way too seriously. And I don't like the beach because I can't swim, so there's no real point to me being out there unless I want to laze about under an umbrella or something.I probably won't ever forget it.That only ever happened after the teacher finally realized that we had gotten through like three games in 10 minutes.

  419. Leeky says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieWell, you'll always be a 1000000 times better than me :D@ZeldaFan777Good evening *tips hat*

  420. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777Yes I know I've taken the pain killers not the drug kind don't want the stuff kills my insides.

  421. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightIm ready to start if so, but Im confused, are were doing it here, or on the iste, also, are we starting over at the point CC said?@Leeky*nods head* Madam, always a pleaseure!@zSONICozPAIN KILLERS!? Urgh, now I AM upset Im not there! Im 3 times better than any medicine!!…sorry, I just get a little peeved about stuff like that, since MT's are…sortof laughed at in the medical branch…

  422. @ZeldaFan777Haven't we covered our horrid drawing skills before?@S.Aura KnightTrixie and her friends actually play volleyball at the nearby Sonic, so it's just us there.Good! *kisses deeply*Your coaches actually paid attention? Ours made us walk for about 15 minutes then left us to do whatever…@LeekyTrixie is always glad to hear that!

  423. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777I know its sad right now I'm taking it easy no big things for me

  424. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieYes we did, heh. Also to answer your question about dodgeball and volleyball:: I didnt play VB, but dodgeball was a regular for PT in JROTC if we werent doing our regular drills.

  425. @ZeldaFan777 I would think on site, leaving this open to chat randomly. But that's up to everypony else.@The Great and Powerful Trixie Well, that's good. Would probably be a lot more fun that way.*returns kiss*Not very well, as the whole "3 games in 10 minutes with teams of close to 20 kids on each side" will contest. But he did sometimes pay attention. Wonder if the new guy will be better this year…

  426. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightOk Im fine with that, and about starting over? or we still going with super sayian rita?

  427. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777Speaking of Rita where is she I haven't heard from her yet

  428. @ZeldaFan777So you were one of the kids always brutally hurling the ball at everypony!@S.Aura KnightIt is, though we still suck…*murrs and smiles*Hopefully they do then, Though Trixie did like it when the coaches joined in the rare times they did, they were hard to dodge…Trixie has the other site open so we start there?

  429. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICozI didnt realize she was in one post, I just left a comment to to direct her here, but will see…@The Great and Powerful TrixieThat was the name of the game in JROTC, most of us could take alot more pain ^^ And besides, it wasnt my fault, those L-1's and 2's ALWAYS targeted us Officers to get a little payback…

  430. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777Ok sounds fine least you tried

  431. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieA little, you know, with 6 of 'em hurled at you, but what they seem to forget is I was an OFFICER hahaha I always got back with them doing 30-40 pushups!

  432. @ZeldaFan777Hmmm…. sweet revenge! Nothing pleases Trixie more, well except for Aura! ;P

  433. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieThe reward of going through 4 years of JROTC, POWER! haha what a great program, better than band in my opinion! SO, are we all galloping to the site now and starting? seems the confusion has been cleared up now.

  434. @zSONICozShould Trixie be sorry?@ZeldaFan777So everypony ready?

  435. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieIf Aura would like to start us off, we may continue from right there!

  436. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777I'm still kind of unclear over what's happening…

  437. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieOOC) who said I hated it maybe I enjoy it like everypony else

  438. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @Leeky(OOC were starting over at the point Aura arrives at the cave, after Trixies outburst and recieving the orb. This means its before you turn eveil, but now you can truly shine since you know where you want to go with her! /OOC)

  439. PewnyPL says:

    @Leeky(OOC) We have been talking on Aura's site about that. basically we return to the moment Aura shows up before cave, just after I gave armor orb to Trixie. And (for the time being) we continue it here)

  440. @S.Aura Knight*slams on her suit* A….Aura? *voice cracks a bit* Come face Trixie!

  441. @zSONICoz(OOC) Good, Trixie does do it for her fans!

  442. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777[ooc] Thanks (though I don't know about the 'knowing where I want to go with her' bit [/ooc]

  443. @The Great and Powerful Trixie (OOC) Cut! Cut cut cut! Nopony knew it was Aura until she spoke, since she's armored up to look like Aria. And she hasn't spoke yet.)

  444. Leeky says:

    …Bob? Steve? Stob? Is that you?

  445. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*hears thump* n-n-no….she cant be back…already….*sees Trixie snap on Armor* No, Trixie!….Dont…dont fight her!….

  446. zSONICoz says:

    *looks to Aura* Aura you ok?

  447. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777Trixie is going to fight Stob?!? No…she musn't!

  448. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*facehoofs* Stob..Let me guess Steve and Bob put together

  449. @S.Aura Knight(OOC)May be too late, just roll with it! *looks back to Slots* Don't bother Trixie! She will do what she must!

  450. PewnyPL says:

    @LeekyHonestly Leeky, who the hay are you talking about… *turns to the cave's exit*

  451. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieNO!…Your doing it…out of anger!….She isnt…your enemy!…

  452. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozOh no! Stob is one pony…I think *smile* Weren't you aware of that?

  453. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*looks to her then walk over to Slots* Now I know Leeky and the more you know the better prepared you are.

  454. *I call out to the cave emotionlessly* Bring out the clone and hand her to me.

  455. Leeky says:

    @PewnyPLDon't you know about Stob? Stob knows everything about everyone![ooc] Gah! Got to go eat, I'll be back as quick as I can. Hope I don't miss anything [/ooc]

  456. @ZeldaFan777Silence, or Trixie will silence you! *aims a cannon at Slots*

  457. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*looks towards the cannon and back at trixie, fury in her eyes*….*sighs*, and lowers head*

  458. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777*sees cannon* Trixie don't You dare you want Slots gone you must kill the creator of the mechs. You know you can't win I know every nook and cranny of the mechs.

  459. @zSONICoz*glares at you* Stay out of this! *takes Slots and Derpy clone and rushing out the cave* AURA! Fight Trixie!

  460. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *stares at the bubble* Put the clone down, and I will not hurt you.

  461. PewnyPL says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*After Trixie leaves, looks at Sonic* And there she went insane… *Sigh* It won't end good.

  462. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*goes outside* Darn it Trixie *yells to Slots* SLOTS DON'T DO ANYTHING THAT COULD GET YOU KILLED I'LL GET YOU SOON!!!!

  463. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozEh? What are they doing?

  464. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*Finally gets a good look at Aura* My…my Celestia…. Aura, what happened to you? You, you look like a wreck, and…and is that…blood?….

  465. Leeky says:

    @PewnyPL*smile* It would seem so…

  466. @S.Aura KnightYou never listened to Trixie, why should she listen to you? *smirks* however Trixie is forgiving and will do as you say… *slams the clone* Now do as Trixie says and fight! *aims a cannon at Aura*

  467. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*goes back inside cave* *sigh* well this is turning out fantastic. *motions to Pewny and Leeky* C'mon we better get going Aura will follow Trixie so we better get our stuff and start following

  468. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICozRight! *checks if he has everything*

  469. @ZeldaFan777 *Indeed, Aura's mane (OOC) we'll say that her helmet is off(/OOC) is matted with dried blood, but she seems to be fine…*@The Great and Powerful Trixie You do not wish to test me. Place the clone in my care now, or you will die.

  470. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightA-aura….what have you done?…@The Great and Powerful Trixie*sees you slam Derpy into ground* N-NO TRIXIE! Stop this!! She didnt do anything to you, leave her OUT of this!!!

  471. @S.Aura KnightWhat do you think Trixie wants? You killed her by leaving! You chose some clone over Trixie! Now finish the job! FIGHT! *charges at* If you lose they die!

  472. zSONICoz says:

    *goes outside* *takes out medal**thinking to himself* This getting harder but I know you'll me through it Sarge you always did.

  473. Leeky says:

    @PewnyPL*checks her own bag and spots something, reaches for it then pulls back*

  474. zSONICoz says:

    *looks back* C'mon you two their battle is going to start we have to find a safe spot so I can deactivate them.

  475. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozSo what are we gonna do now? *looks at fight and smiles*

  476. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *shows a small bit of emotion… a smirk* Very well then. *is suddenly above you, ramming both my hooves into your back*((Dragon Ball Z levels of speed!))

  477. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICozI'm going, I'm going!*Looks begind at Leeky* You coming?

  478. Leeky says:

    @PewnyPL*smiles* Of course

  479. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*sighs* Yeah I think its time I destroy those mechs brought nothing but destruction

  480. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICozYou sure about that? Yeaj I don't like them, but You never know if they won't come handy later… Remember Deepground?

  481. @S.Aura KnightAHHH! *horn glows and teleports away huffing* You may have speed, but Trixie is still better! You know what they say about magic? *in a large explosion Trixie disappears and a bunch of mirrors surround Aura with a fog slowly coming in* IT'S ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS! *appears in each mirror laughing*

  482. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozAnd they are kinda cool..

  483. zSONICoz says:

    @PewnyPLI know but I think the mechs are tearing apart our friendship our what was left of it *looks to medal*

  484. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*looks to her* I know. I thought the exact same thing when I made them.

  485. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*points towards Aura and Trixie* THIS A MILLION BILLION ZILLION TIMES THIS!!*Takes out muffin* Also that

  486. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *looks at the floor* You may have magic… but I have something you don't have. *head shoots straight up, looking at the mirror to her left and up one* A reason to fight! *charges at the mirror*((That pun… good Celelstia that pun.))

  487. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozToo kill that Alicorn right?

  488. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*looks to her* Also that too

  489. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozWow! Their fighting? Since when did was this happening? Ooh a Muffin! Can I have it?

  490. PewnyPL says:

    @Leeky @zSONICozThat conversation leads nowhere. Let's do what Sonic said, let's hide somewhere save and deactivate those suits!

  491. Leeky says:

    @PewnyPLWe're deactivating the suits? Oh…

  492. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*tosses her the Muffin* Enjoy@Pewny *realizes* You right C'mon

  493. @S.Aura Knight*the first mirror smashes but nothing more happens* You don't think Trixie has a reason to fight? Trixie loved you, and you just deserted her! Did you even love Trixie? *sighs* Do you know what goes into revival spells? Trixie had to give you part of her life to save you! Now she's either going to take it back, or lose the rest! *three shots comes from random Trixies*

  494. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smiles* Thank you *eats muffin*

  495. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *gets hit by all three bolts, but is still standing* I don't care what lies you spout! You're the one who betrayed me! Why should I care what you want back? *rushes at the mirror directly across from the one I destroyed* ((Aka the South-west mirror.))

  496. zSONICoz says:

    *motions to them while climbing the mountain* C'mon The mountain gives us a view and safe location.

  497. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICozHmmmm, that is a good idea actually… *starts climbing*

  498. @S.Aura Knight*that mirror breaks* Trixie betrayed YOU? You left Trixie after everything she did for you! *each Trixie left starts shooting*(How many mirrors are we setting with?)

  499. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*follows and begins climbing the mountain* *smile* A good view would be a tremendous blessing.

  500. zSONICoz says:

    *as they are climbing* *gets out sniper rifle* *puts stun bullets in them*

  501. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *Jumps into the air and hovers* This is easy enough to dodge!((I'm going with 8 for the cardinal directions and then NE, SE, NW, and SW))

  502. zSONICoz says:

    *gets to top and finds a flat surface* Perfect for my needs.

  503. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*reaches top* *smile* And what needs would those be?

  504. @S.Aura KnightFor how long? *each Trixie continues to shoot* Trixie can keep this up all day! *the Derpy orb slams to the floor again* You however don't have the time!(Good enough, so six left!)

  505. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*Looks to her and smiles* You'll see

  506. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *glare* I have enough time… for this… *lets myself start getting hit by each shot, and falls to the ground, barely standing on both sets of hooves, looking weak*

  507. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie*sees clone slammed again* TRIXIE, STOP THIS, NOW! TORTURING A POOR PONY ISNT THE WAY YOU SHOULD DO!!!(You may debate if my yelling gave you away)

  508. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozEeh? *smile* I look forward to it.

  509. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICoz*Points to Aura on ground* whatever you want to do, do it now, when Aura is on the ground. I can catch one pony, not two you know.

  510. @S.Aura KnightNOOOO! You're not supposed to lose! Get up! *each mirror disappears and Trixie reappears* GET UP NOW! Finish Trixie! *aims cannon but it shakes unsteadily* GET UP… Trixie told you what happens when you lose!

  511. zSONICoz says:

    @PewnyPL*looks to Aura and lies flat with sniper* Ok,ok,ok deep breath you've done this many times ok Pewny you're gonna catch Trixie when my two shot go off*look back* *inhales deeply* *fires two shots in rapid succesion* *the first hits home on Trixie's suit* GO GET HER PEWNY HURRY *The second hits Aura but the suit doesn't respond* (curses I missed)

  512. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *looks up at you* Who… said… I was done? I was… giving myself an advantage over you…((So what? Are these cannons like… MegaMan cannons? XD))

  513. zSONICoz says:

    *reloads* Ok I've only got limited time before Aura get ups again wait *runs to top of mountain* I have to switch positions.

  514. PewnyPL says:

    @zSONICoz*Unfolds wings and jumps off* Right on it! *Zooms towards Trixie*

  515. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightOOC yes they can be oh darn sorry

  516. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* I'm afraid I can't allow that *uses arm cannon to blast at zSONICoz then PewnyPL*[ooc] those armors do have those right? [/ooc]

  517. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*arm cannon*barely misses but the force knocks him down* *looks to her* Leeky what are you doing!?

  518. (Wait so what's going on with Trixie's suit after being shot?)

  519. zSONICoz says:

    OOC) whoa OOC Sites down for me anypony else

  520. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICoz(Having same reaction, I say stay off for awhile, may be too much connecting or something)

  521. zSONICoz says:

    @The Great and Powerful TrixieOOC) The suit turns back to an orb.

  522. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozThings are begining to get interesting between those two and I simply can't have you interfering. Now could you possibly stay still for just a minute, I'm afraid my aim isn't the best either *blasts zSONICoz again*

  523. @ZeldaFan777 (( I can connect to it, but that might be because I'm the site's admin. But all the issues should be fine… there's no Bandwidth or storage problems… might be host-side.Also, I too am confused now.))

  524. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777OOC) agreed maybe everpony is overloading the server. oops XD

  525. @S.Aura Knight*looks around as the suit falls away* W…what? What did you do?

  526. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*shots again barely misses* Whoa Leeky whats gotten into you?!

  527. PewnyPL says:

    *Just as he is near Trixie gets hit in wing by Leeky's shot* Aaahh *groans in pain, can't fly in straight line, collides into Trixie* Oh well, since I can't fly now… *tries to get under Trixie… freefall ensues*

  528. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozOh nothing's gotten into me. You simply don't know your allies well enough *attacks again*

  529. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *slowly stands up* Not… my.. plan… *grabs your orb* I wanted… a fairer fight… *tosses Trixie back the orb* I will get it.

  530. Leeky says:

    @S.Aura Knight*smiling, glances at events* My, my…

  531. @S.Aura Knight*slams the suit back on* Then you have no advantage, now fight!

  532. PewnyPL says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie(OOC) I was sure we were. Aura was (as she frote she fell after your last attack), so I thought you also were, since those suits could grant flying even to earth pony…)

  533. zSONICoz says:

    *dodges again but falls off cliff* ok *yells* RECALL FOR CODENAME: ALPHA *Suit comes off Leeky and returns to Sonic* Gotcha. *thinks* okay I've gotabout a minute* *Aims sniper* Ok I've only got 5 chances *inhales and leads target and fires again* *the shot hits Aura in her front right hoof*

  534. @PewnyPL(OOC) Aura was the only one in the air, Trixie was shooting from the floor

  535. @PewnyPL ((Ah flew up ta dodge her shots, but she dun did hit me with them to knock me right down to her level again.))

  536. zSONICoz says:

    *curses* Ok again*inhales and fires* *the shot misses entirely* I've got to go back to accuracy camp and retake moving targets- Wait I'm moving as well. I've got one last shot *inhales and fires*

  537. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @zSONICoz(maybe for plot convienience, the suit refuses to be removed, since Aura rage is so heated right now?)

  538. PewnyPL says:

    (OOC) In that case… Let's just say after Sonic shot off Trixie's armor I just flew over there (flying being faster than running) to retrieve Trixie and then got shot by Leeky, and I fell from the sky

  539. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smiles* Well that's not very fair is it? *pulls out blaster and makes her way down the cliff* I'm afraid I'm not ready to give up yet *fires blaster at zSONCICoz*

  540. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777OOC)thats the point of my shots completly missing *the final shot lands right in front of Aura* Ok well funs over *lands on side of mountain and begins sliding the rest of the way*

  541. @The Great and Powerful Trixie I… have one advantage you don't… know about…@PewnyPL ((That works fer me!))

  542. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smiles* You just don't know when to give up do you? *gives chase*

  543. @S.Aura KnightPlease, enlighten Trixie. There is no way you can best Trixie's magic! *points cannon again as it charges*

  544. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*sees tracers* Whoa its a good she horrible at shooting *maneuvers and dodges* *aims sniper* *the sniper jams* Really at a time like this*begins fixing jammed sniper* *makes to the bottom and brings out board*

  545. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight(something tells me Im gonna be finally fighting in a sec)

  546. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *lets out a shot bark of laughter* I know I can't best your magic… *looks up and into your eyes* But I very much doubt you'd be able to best your own magic either. Especially as weak as I am.

  547. PewnyPL says:

    *after being shot from the sky by Leeky is nearing the ground* I just hope I will survive that fall *hits the ground landing on stomach, then the force of inertia slams his head to the ground* *loses consciousness*

  548. zSONICoz says:

    *hops on board and puts orb back in bags* *board roars around the base of the mountain* *fixing sniper* C'mon come unjammed already.

  549. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*reaches the bottom, smiles* Oh you musn't do that *charges into zSONICoz, horn first*

  550. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*sees her charging* whoa she's fast *fixes sniper* YES! *maneuver towards Leeky* It's all or nothing.

  551. @S.Aura KnightNO! You cant be weak! Trixie told you what happens when you lose! Get up! Fight Trixie! *cannon slowly lowers* Trixie does not want to kill you, GET UP!

  552. zSONICoz says:

    *talks to Leeky* Leeky you think this is fun?

  553. @The Great and Powerful Trixie What if… I don't want to fight you Trixie? What if… say… I want to fight… as you?((Dun dun dun! Also, the site should be done with maintenance.))

  554. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight((what are you PLANNING!?))

  555. zSONICoz says:

    @ZeldaFan777OOC)Everything MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA No but seriously the suspense!!

  556. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* Well I have to admit it is a little amusing, how kind of you to ask.*fires blaster at zSONICoz*

  557. @S.Aura KnightFight AS Trixie? HA! Nopony will be as strong as Trixie! You have failed! Time to finish this, sorry Aura! *raise cannon again* any last words for Derpy perhaps?

  558. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*dodges* Oh mo problem *fires without aiming *smiles* enjoying yourself?

  559. PewnyPL says:

    *If someone was to look into Pewny's direction, he would notice small ammounts of blood starting to mass around him from several wounds on his body and heavily damaged wing*

  560. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPL((Oh ho ho believe me, your gonna help play in the RAGE Slots is gonna feel as soon as hes out of this bubble and can finally confront Aura))

  561. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*dodged* *smile* Indeed I am. You know, I have always thought of having leeks as a special talent to be quite disapointing..

  562. @The Great and Powerful Trixie *looks right in your eyes* Just three… Rest. In. Peace. *fires a canon I had been charging the entire time into your torso*

  563. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*nods* understandable but I prefer to look towards the future *fires without aiming*

  564. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*dodges again* It's nice to find somepony who agrees however over the years I have found some use for them*raises leeks out of bag using magic and sends them straight at zSONICoz, knocking the sniper and hitting zSONICoz, including the eyes*[ooc] Sorry but I always wanted to do that, LEEKS IS AN AWESOME POWER!!! [/ooc]

  565. Leeky says:

    @Leeky[ooc] And she's smiling there too [/ooc]

  566. @S.Aura Knight*goes wide eyed as she doubles over collapsing to the floor* y…you… did it… *magic starts flashing on and off* Tr… Trixie… did l… love you… *eyes shut as magic goes out releasing Slots and Derpy*

  567. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*falls off* Ouch well I guess thats what I get when I don't try *take out cloth and ties in around his eyes* Though blind I grow stronger with sounds.The ante has gone up a bit hasn't dear Leeky

  568. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie((Im gonna let Aura react, then its my time to shine!))

  569. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((But wait! There's more!))*stands up* …I love you too. But… I needed you gone. *before everypony else's eyes… Trixie and Aura change places so that Aura is dead?*((THAT AURA IS A SPAH! THERE'S A SPY AROUND HERE! SPY! MMHRPHRH!

  570. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozIndeed it has, and don't worry, I won't let that affect me *fires blaster again, this time hitting zSONICos's shoulder*

  571. (OOC) Once again Aura, you leave everyone stumped as to how to respond… You're good at that!

  572. Leeky says:

    @Leeky[ooc] smiling there too, basically whenever she starts talking in that manner, she's smiling [/ooc]

  573. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((How DO you respond to watching a body snatcher in action? I'm not actually sure either. I'm good at confusing myself.))So… sorry…

  574. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*instant pain shoots through body* Hrkk *grabs shoulder* Finally you managed a good shot but I'm ready *takes a defensive stance*

  575. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* Well that's brilliant isn't it? You know? I do believe I'm getting better at this *fires and hit's the opposite forarm*

  576. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*gets up slowly, looking to Aura* W-w-what….how…shes…shes dead?…@The Great and Powerful Trixie*looks slowly to Trixie* What…what happened?…how are you alive?….wh-what did she do?…what…

  577. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*pain shoots but he doesn't tense* up reducing the pain* Great shot but now I'll listen to your next shots and dodge them.OOC)It's mortal combat time.

  578. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((Technically you're dead. Aura has somehow stolen you from you. Think kinda like Doopliss from Paper Mario TTYD, only instead of just stealing you and leaving a shadow, Aura stole you and left herself.))

  579. @ZeldaFan777(OOC)Not sure, Trixie thought Aura just became Trixie? Aura it seems we are still confused!

  580. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozOh but wouldn't you rather watch the show, it's begining to pick up. I know potential for excting conflicts when I see them.

  581. Leeky says:

    @LeekyOr perhaps in your case, listen to the show.

  582. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*listens to voice* Hmm You seem relaxed at this but nevertheless how can you regain my trust?

  583. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((Head… meet desk. *slam* ow. Alright, remind me to never plot while I'm running on caffeine.Aura became Trixie ('reviving' Trixie)Trixie is now Aura (and currently still 'dead')the plot is now lost in space are you a bad enough dude to go find it?))

  584. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight((Oh ok, so you swapped to take control of trixie and have magic, correct?))

  585. @ZeldaFan777 ((The ploy has been found out! Yes, it was to steal her magic. I am such a card.))

  586. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozRegain? I'm honoured, I wasn't aware that I had it in the first place. I mean we have only just met. Besides, It is not on my agenda to see you dead, only to see the most interesting outcome to this situation. It'll certainly spicen up this dull life wont it?

  587. zSONICoz says:

    @S.Aura KnightOOC)Now I understand awesome also dark genius.

  588. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*ponders* lead the way then missI'll follow the sound of your steps.

  589. @S.Aura Knight(OOC) So now that Aura has the magic, will chaos break out?

  590. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looking at 'trixie'* T-t-trixie? Are…are you alright?…

  591. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* In that case do you think we can make our way up that mountain? You were right, That view was simply marvelous!

  592. (OOC) Trixie needs to start getting stuff ready for dinner, be back in a few!

  593. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((That is part of the plan. The rest of the plan involves smores and cookies.))@ZeldaFan777 I-I…. Trixie is fine…((Slipping up already? Woo!))

  594. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks back to 'aura'* Did…did you kill her?… could you?…she was your friend….my friend…

  595. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*follows* *thinking* *Was I this level of mad back then**thinks back to testing days**No she's not even close she is mad but not my level of mad it's almost cute

  596. @ZeldaFan777 Trixie did nothing! Aura… shot herself!((Lies! I mean sure nopony could actually see where that shot went, but it certainly wasn't through herself!Quickly, Trixie! Wake up and shoot her! Yourself! Whatever!))

  597. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightNo…no thats not possible…she…she was shot through the torso…Only another pony could do that *lowers head, mane covering face* It was you…wasnt it Trixie…*starts to grind hoof into dirt* You…you killed her…

  598. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz[ooc] Hehe, that's an interesting thing to say [/ooc]*begins climbing* I'll be sure to tell you something interesting when we reach the top.

  599. @ZeldaFan777 Trixie had no choice! Aura was about to shoot her! About to kill her!((Liar! Trixie would have lowered the cannon and kept you alive! Stop with your lies!))

  600. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*ponders* What could she have planned Oh man the curiousity is knawing at me again. *gets out medal* *thinks to himself* *I don't suppose you have an answer* *looks to Leeky* Oh and what would that be then

  601. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightNo…no you had a choice…*looks up, angrily* You BOTH had a choice!! Neither of you had to fight, She didnt have to DIE!! I told you not to fight your friend, but you didnt anyway!! NOW LOOK!! *pointst o 'Aura'* SHES GONE!! THE ONE PONY YOU LOVED IS DEAD!! But you couldnt stop there, now could you!! *points to derpy clone, with wing half singed from shot* SHE had to suffer too!! Even if she had NOTHING to do with it!!! *grinds teeth* ANSWER ME TRIXIE, WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SUFFER!?!?!?

  602. PewnyPL says:

    @ZeldaFan777(OOC) "derpy clone, with wing half singed from shot" Who ever shot derpy? I only remember Trixie smashing Derpy to the ground.

  603. @ZeldaFan777 BECAU- *looks at the cone when you point at her* No…

  604. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* Only when we reach the top. Oh dear *turns to zSONICoz* You're not going to be able to climb like that. Well this is a predicament.

  605. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPL((Im assuming the shot sortof went through, hitting her just a bit. I know, kinda out there, but to play against the real Aura's emotions that she caused pain to the pony she was trying to save, may have a large impact))

  606. @ZeldaFan777(OOC) where did you learn to be so devious? Also Trixie is back, but is still dead so it doesn't matter! 😛

  607. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*chuckles* You don't know to well *jumps foward and lands perfectly straight on the mountain* *looks to her direction* you don't have to worry about a thing lead the way

  608. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightYes Trixie!! She now has to suffer too!! Not only because she was injured, BUT BECAUSE YOU JUST KILLED HER FAMILY MEMBER!!! You've made all of these ponies SUFFER!! From Aura *points* to Derpy! *points again* and even your other FRIENDS!!! *points to a motionless Pewny on the ground* YOUVE MADE THEM ALL SUFFER, AND FOR WHAT!?!?!?!? WHY DID THEY HAVE TO SUFFER!?!?!? ANSWER ME!!!

  609. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie((pain is often a great way to get emotion out of any character your presented with. And since Aura ONLY wanted to save Derpy, she obviously will in such pain and wont know how to react…case in point.))

  610. @ZeldaFan777 *completely ignores you, and trots over to Ditzy* *the other four clones come from out of nowhere ((that is to say, they were hiding from the fighting, like Aura told them to)), and walk over as well*

  611. @ZeldaFan777(OOC) *goes to make a popcorn* And Trixie gets to kick back and enjoy it!

  612. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* It's seems our aim is still amiss. I'll have to improve that *climbs*

  613. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightYou wont answer!?!? *moves to 'auras' body, retrieving the suit* You would just ignore the pain that youve caused!?!? 8sees you moving towards derpy clone* LEAVE HER ALONE!!! I WONT ALLOW YOU TO CAUSE MORE PAIN TO AURA'S FAMILY EVER AGAIN!!! *slams hoof to ground, activating suit. the suit is a much darker shade of blue, and the visor has formed into two dagger-like red eyes* NEVER AGAIN!!!! *charges at you fury in the voice*

  614. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*chuckles* lead the way my dear I'll follow simply because I'm blind and don't have a choice

  615. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie((Im glad, and yes, it will be, cause im gonna tear Aura's emotions apart, for you see, the clones dont realize that Trixie is Aura, and may not react kindly to her, hearing all the yelling I have done))

  616. @ZeldaFan777 *the four Ditzy Doo clones form a blockade in front of me, as I start a complex magic spell.*((Bets on what the spell does? Any bets?))

  617. @ZeldaFan777 ((*cough* …unless they're in on the plan. Whoospie.))

  618. Leeky says:

    @zSONICozWell you could always stay down here. Admittedly I would have to kill you for I simply couldn't risk you're interfierence. However it is always an option. @ZeldaFan777Oh! What a nice suprise! It would seem that our friend Zelda has joined the fray.

  619. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sees Clones get in front of you and stops* GET OF THE WAY!!! I WILL STOP THAT MURDEROUS SHOWMARE ONCE AND FOR ALL. *clones do not move* …YOU WOULD PROTECT THE PONY THAT KILLED YOUR FAMILY??? THAT CAUSED ONE OF YOURSELVES PAIN!?!? NO!! I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!! *slams hooves to ground, creating a shockwave towards the clones* SHE WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!((I can work with that ^^))

  620. ZeldaFan777 says:

    ((also…thats creepy….i got the 666th comment….))

  621. @ZeldaFan777 *feels the shockwave shake the ground* *looks at the clones, and whispers to them* …Take her to camp. I'll be there to fix this once and for all.*Stands up, and turns to Slots, as they fly off* Do you think it didn't hurt? Worse, do you think you can get revenge for something that didn't happen as planned? You are no better than that you seek to destroy, if that is the case.((Calling you out.))

  622. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*thinks* *Oh no he is gonna hurt himself I can't do anything or Leeky'll kill me

  623. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* You're right, I will

  624. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*grinds teeth* you didnt feel pain when you fought her? You didnt feel pain as you decided to SHOT her?? You didnt feel pain as you took off and left US behind??? YOU DONT FEEL ANYTHING! *two cannons appear on either shoulder* And I AM at a right to do this, you KILLED our friend!! your MAREFRIEND!! Whats to say you wont stop!?!?If you didnt listen to me before, YOULL NEVER LISTEN!!! *fires rapid shots at you, pulsing with dark red glows*((Curse Slots one-sided mind, huh?))

  625. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*look to her* Wait what I'm confused.

  626. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* I know everything about everyone. That and it's quite easy to guess.

  627. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*chuckles* I honestly have no idea what you my dear.

  628. @ZeldaFan777(OOC) Wait… "as you took off and left us"? You are still talking to Trixie right? Did Trixie do that and forget?

  629. ((I literally just stared at my computer screen for like five minutes minutes not moving. I think I'm running out of gas.))*teleports beside you* Give up your anger, Slots. You don't even know what you're saying. She isn't dead. Nopony has died today. Stop firing, and check.((Talk talk talk what happened did we switch places?))

  630. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @The Great and Powerful Trixie((I caught that too, sorry, hard to forget in RL that it IS aura. Uh, maybe its a reference to when you jumped out of the csave, leaving us in the bubble? Or when you teleported us from Deepgrounds base, and went off on your own?))

  631. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* Of course you don't, just stick to staring at that medal of yours.

  632. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*see you teleport, and then hears your voice from side* DONT YOU LIE TO ME!! IT WONT STOP ME FROM DOING WHAT MUST BE DONE!! *blade appears in hoof as he swings at your neck*

  633. @S.Aura Knight(OOC) Seems like somepony needs sleep!@ZeldaFan777(OOC) Fair enough, we can roll with that!

  634. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*thinks* well that was strange *puts away medal**thinking* She has indeed shown she is more indepth than I oringinally thought. Oh well she has gone a bit more mad but its still cute.

  635. zSONICoz says:

    @zSONICoz*thinks* Well the indepth is probably due to the the consciousness of a mare I've researched the matter it was…slightly enjoyable hmm maybe I can research a bit more.

  636. @ZeldaFan777 *teleports to your other side* Why are you such a bullheaded pony? How does Trixie stand you enough to choose you?((And now we bring in the crazy Aria dream))@The Great and Powerful Trixie ((I think so too. But it's not dark enough, or cool enough, or anything enough to fall sleep.))

  637. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smile* Oh your original observation was most likely correct. However I wouldn't apply it to myself.

  638. PewnyPL says:

    @Leeky(OOC) Leeky, you can read minds now? He wrote he was just thinking all of that.

  639. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*thinking* She can read minds that isincredible but that means…urgh that feeling again what is it It not her I'm sure its…

  640. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*stares at you, still furious* NOW YOU CLAIM YOU CARE FOR ME!?!?! SHUT UP!!! *stabs forward, trying to go for the throat*((This is fun, honestly, slots is such a blockhead and cant see the truth…))

  641. zSONICoz says:

    @zSONICoz*thinking* *voice* you thought you could simply put me away didn't you *thinking* you b-but I-*voice* HAHAHAHAHAHA you are a foalI'm always a part of you no matter how you deal with me*thinking* No I threw you away…

  642. (OOC)So we have ponies that can read minds… (with potential shipping ;P) one pony in another pony's body… and to top it all off we're on mars with epic fights left and right…. Yep, Trixie believes this may count as random…

  643. Leeky says:

    @PewnyPL[ooc] Yeah, I know it was. And I don't think she can read minds exactly (that would meen I'd have to) she's just…rather…strange. And of course, she knows everything about everyone 😛 [/ooc]

  644. @ZeldaFan777 *teleports behind you now* Stop being such a bullheaded idiot and think for a moment! You don't want to get as bad as Trixie, do you?((I bet this is entertaining. I know I'm having fun seeing how many ways say can say Trixie's name where it would fit as if she were talking about herself.Which reminds me… I'll need to make up for this. *kisses Trixie*))

  645. Leeky says:

    @zSONICoz*smiles* It would seem that we're not alone…oh look, we've reached the top. Well that was quick.

  646. zSONICoz says:

    @zSONICoz*voice* True I can't take you for myself because you are indeed stronger than I oringinally thought but that doesn't mean I can't speak to you*Thinking* I'll guess I can't do anything might as well deal with you*voice* I see you've found a perfect mare to study but I'm not worried she can't hear for she never met the crazy you. Plus I know everything you think you thought she was…what was the word cute.*chuckles* *thinking* Hey I'm in control I think the madness is cute not her*voice* denial..

  647. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*begins to swipe around before stopping*…..what?…..what did you say?…. *slightly lowers pulseblade*((I think Slots may have been caught off by that line, lets see if you can penetrate that stubbern mind!))

  648. @ZeldaFan777 *teleports of its way anyway* You don't want to get as bad as Trixie, do you? Trying to kill your friends and others you care for, claiming it's in everypony's best interest? ((*grumble* Logic always catches you off guard. How.))

  649. @S.Aura Knight(OOC) *returns the kiss* Not that Trixie is complaining or anything but what are me making out/up for?

  650. zSONICoz says:

    @Leeky*looks to her* Indeed now what was it you wanted to tell me?OOC)I'm leaving to go get my band uniform.*sigh* I never can just sit down and enjoy I'll be back in 30 mins at the most.

  651. zSONICoz says:

    @zSONICozOOC)the suspense of what Leeky need to tell*spooky noises* oh well I'll be back soon

  652. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((What's going on between Slots and I, and what may happen here. Plans can change in an instant.))

  653. PewnyPL says:

    *Barely manages to move his intact wing, the movement is so weak, you would have to be close to see it**After a while, manages to turn in direction of battle**Notices Trixie and Slots fighting*A-a-aura……………..

  654. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight….I…just dont want to see anypony suffer….I…n-n-NO!! Stop! YOU KILL!! YOU MADE THEM SUFFER!! *pulls up cannon, firing 3 large shots*

  655. @S.Aura Knight(OOC) What's there to make up for? Trixie is fine with whatever happens, besides Trixie is better off gone for the time being. Considering she is going out of town for three days tomorrow! Wont have access to a computer either.

  656. @ZeldaFan777 *dodges two of the blasts, but is nipped by the third* Ahh! *falls down, and looks at you* …If this is what you want… do it. Kill me.((Dun dun dun. Will Slots realize what I just said?))

  657. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777*smile* Oh no, what's this? Zelda is actually thinking! Still *too self* It would seem I have come across a comrade…@zSPNICozAh yes, well it's to do with our dear Trixie up there…[ooc] Aaand I'm going to bed in about 40 minutes time since I'm about for these next few days, so I don't know what I'm going to do about that.[/ooc]

  658. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((That's not good! Slots will have to be tortured for the next three nights then!))

  659. Leeky says:

    @ZeldaFan777Oh! Never mind, the fun continues…

  660. @S.Aura Knight(OOC) Try to not have too much fun without Trixie, and she'll expect to catch up on lost time when she returns!

  661. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*smiles evily* Finally…I can end this! *pulls up cannon* Nopony will suffer again!! No- *stops for a hasty second*….wait…you…you said 'me'….you…said….*looks harder* who are you…((LETS FIND OUT!!))

  662. @The Great and Powerful Trixie ((I'll try, but I can't promise much. Torture is my favorite secondary passtime.))@ZeldaFan777 *winces in a victorous smile* I said… Aura wasn't dead.

  663. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightY-y-your…your A-A-Aura?…B-b-but, how? that would mean….*looks back to 'Aura'* You killed…..((OH SNAP! Also, whats this about me being tortured??))

  664. @ZeldaFan777 Trixie… Yes. She… almost killed me.((Nothing, don't worry your little head Slots. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA~!))

  665. @S.Aura Knight(OOC)Torture him extra good for Trixie!

  666. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*looks back* S-she tried?…but that….that means…*eyes go furious* YOU KILLED TRIXIE!! *gallops up, stomping his hoof to your throat, holding it there*….give me one good reason why, why oh why, I shouldnt end you…((Slots, you idiot!!))

  667. (OOC)Trixie needs to leave for a few hours! *gives Aura a deep passionate kiss* Just in case you go to bed early! See everypony later!

  668. @ZeldaFan777 *is being choked, and thus cannot talk*((Yes, Slots is an idiot. Although that is the way to go about it. Suffocate them so they can't talk, and ask them to give you a reason why you shouldn't kill them.))@The Great and Powerful Trixie ((*blush* Uh… bye Trixie. I dunno if I'll still be here. If I am, you'll probably be able to hear Slots screaming mercy.))

  669. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura Knight*sees you gasping for air, lifts hoof* So you decide to kill her, and then…then steal her own body…You coward…*turns to 'aura's body* …she wasnt going to kill you…she never planned on it…((OH yeah, torture for idiots 101, chocke hold and demand answers!))

  670. @ZeldaFan777 *breaths raggedly* Never planned… on it…? She… almost shot me… it was charged… she asked me… for last words…But… what… you don't understand… she's… still alive…((Torture for Dummies? That book exist yet?))

  671. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightNo…she wanted you to come to your senses…*looks down to you* She lowered her shot, didnt she though…she stopped, seeing how defeated you were, and in turn, you k–what do you mean, not dead…

  672. @ZeldaFan777 She raised… the cannon again… it was charged… I didn't want to… it was to save Ditzy……check… the pulse…((Dinner. And now I'm forgetting what I even said.))

  673. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightFor Ditzy…of course it was…and its SO worth to just kill somepony that loved you…Tell me Aura, how were the clones when you found them, they seemed quite fine when they showed up…*moves to 'Aura's' body, checking* ….this doesnt change the fact your made her suffer, in more ways than one…((If ya need to eat, thats fine, we can stop, also…WHERE IS EVERYPONY ELSE!?))

  674. PewnyPL says:

    (OOC) I'm still here, just my character can't move and is barely conscious

  675. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPL((you sure have a knack of getting knock unconscious, like Aura has such a case to die XD))

  676. PewnyPL says:

    @ZeldaFan777(OOC) It's not my fault Leeky shot my wing and I fell from the sky! At least I'm alive.

  677. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @PewnyPL((well, thats evil Leek for ya! speaking of which, I couldnt catch whats going on between leeky and sonic, are they on the same side now??))

  678. @ZeldaFan777 They were prisoners. Everypony was. I saved them all. And no, it doesn't excuse what I've done. But then again, neither will this. *Teleports right beside you and lets off a charged shot into your side*((Done eatin. Time for plot twists.))

  679. ZeldaFan777 says:

    @S.Aura KnightBut they were with the rest of the ponies, they wernt prisoners, which…*hears teleport* No…*blast collides with side, shoving him off a few yards, but holds his ground* You LIAR! YOU DIRTY, LYING MULE…((oooh boy, what now??))

  680. PewnyPL says:

    *After much time (OOC)since last post ;P(/OOC) manages to stand on his hooves* *notices all the blood around**thinking* How in Luna's name am I still alive?! Anyway, I have to stop those two… before even more ponies will die…*Starts to walk in direction of fight… SLOWLY*

  681. zSONICoz says:

    OOC)ughh okay guys i'm back sorry on the delay where is Leeky so we may continue