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Pinkie Pie and The Great and Powerful Plushie, bonus: Applejack!

I want this Pinkie Pie.  I also want that Trixie.  Why can’t these be mass produced!? Some day, everyone will have fully functioning “Choose Your Material” 3D printers bought at best buy on sale for 60 bucks.  Won’t that be … Continue reading

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Music: Colgate’s Theme / Pink Savage / Death Metal Cupcakes

That's it! Colgate is now the best pony. I love that song. Number two confuses the hell out of me, but I know some of you are into that stuff, so enjoy I guess! 1.) DH: Fluoride Soundscapes – Brushie … Continue reading

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3D Spinny Pony Models Available For Download

Looks like the creator of the 3D Pony models, KP-Shadowsquirrel, has released a full download pack for them! Everypony except for Twilight is currently available.  They are static models, but you guys should totally get to work animating them, preferably … Continue reading

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Story: Two Ponies

[Normal][Sad] One of the pre-readers really liked this one, but failed to give me a cool quote. What a slacker! I need to dock their pay! Author: Twilight Snarkle Description: Smudge loved well, and loved deeply. Too deeply, perhaps, for … Continue reading

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Story: Luna’s Goodwill Tour (Update Part 2!)

[Normal] IT UPDATED HOLY CRAP Author: WTFHIW Description: Celestia sends Luna to ponyville to get in touch with the common folk after her exile, and to establish a rapport with Twilight Sparkle as her second tutor. Weirdness, wackyness, and some … Continue reading

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Comic: Trollestia / Troll Science Luna!

Time for trollan! /b/ is usually awful, but I admit, Troll science has always been entertaining.   Mixermike622 / No source

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Story: The Sun Was Going Down

[Normal] Author: Kazberry Description: Pinkie Pie never thought getting rid of ghosts could be fun, until the day her grandma surprised her. The Sun Was Going Down Additional Tags: Pinkie Pie, granny, filly, ghosts, bedtime

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