End of May Conventions and Cosplays Compilation Post

Yesterday I asked everyone to send me images/videos/writeups from various conventions going on this week.  There were 3 big ones!

1.) Phoenix Comic Con
2.) Fanime
3.) Anime North 2011

Now before you continue after the break… I realize this isn't for everyone, but a huge amount of bronies do enjoy it, so just like shipping tags and saucy images, just ignore it if it isn't your cup of tea.  Keep the comments clean.

Anyway, ONWARD!
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71 Responses to End of May Conventions and Cosplays Compilation Post

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok no nightmare fuel cosplays I approve of this post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope our fellow Bronies had fun and that some of the rest of us will be able to join them in the near future. 😀

  3. Bazil says:

    I love that fluttershy one, and the Dash with suspenders, it just works.

  4. Not my thing, but the Fluttershy and RBD "suits" were really well done and looked awesome.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I'm actually in this. Guy in the maroon and sunglasses in the back of the fourth last picture.The pony panel of North got packed to the point where they had to turn away half of the bronies that came- which says a lot about how popular this has gotten.

  6. Bazil says:

    I just noticed, Dr Whooves!

  7. mbulsht says:

    Lets see if we can get more people to come to Fanime Con 2012~!!!

  8. Bejoty says:

    GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY GUMMY PIC!! <3It's Gummy day~

  9. Mogymog says:

    The brony that took pics of the phoenix comiccon obviously didn't see or take pics of the Fluttershy cosplayer I saw and took pics of, shame on him! But then again I didn't see the pinkiepie one and I missed out on it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Good sweet GAWD that Rainbow Dude is the coolest person to ever cosplay in the history of the world, EVER.Everypony else is awesome too, but that guy…I think that I love him, and I'm not even gay (very often…)

  11. Opal Whisker says:

    I was sad I missed out on the fanime brony meet ups D: but the pictures are awesome C:

  12. Star Gazer says:

    I can't wait to see how Otakon takes FiM. Last two years you see tons of non anime themed costumes in there ( TF2 being probably of the biggest ) and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see some FiM costumes running about.LOL @ the full metal panic pony guys >_>… Spy's I tell you!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yay! Proof that I'm not the only female who watches this show! These costumes are great.

  14. No Nightmare fuel!Iamokaywiththis.png

  15. D. Shadows says:

    Blank blank blank blank blank blank, blunk… blankity blank flank blink blank blank blank blenk blank. BLANKING BEEP BLANK BLANK BLANK and blank was rather blankity blank blank blank and with Pinkie Pie breaking through two fourth walls to get stuck in a sheet of paper stapled to a board. Also blank blank blink blank blankity blank blank dislike Rarity blank blank Trixie hug, blank blanke beeping blank and the fluttershy costume was nice. Derpy rules and muffins are the national food in blank blanking blank town.And thats how you keep your comments clean

  16. Anonymous says:

    Anon@4:07. And I'm right beside you in the fedora. 😀 I've got about 40 or 50 pics from the panel & photoshoot.Talk of invading TFCon in Toronto. Ponies vs. Robots!

  17. Just a side note….is that all? I mean I watched all the videos, and looked at all the pics, but you'd think with so many bronies, thered be a LOT more :PNot complaining, just curious, more?

  18. Anonymous says:

    *GAAAASP* yaay. I got my Fluttershy suit done in time! And running into Rainbowdash was awesome! X3 And just for your nerdy enjoyment, I hand stitched those butterflies with a traditional blanket stitch, lol. And I gotta say, I love Rainbowdude, that's awesome.Stay 20% cooler, my fellow bronies! ^-^


  20. Anonymous says:

    @PurplefoxtailWe did have over 100 people pack the panel room at AN. Dozens more couldn't attend. I've been doing cons for 10 years and we were the equivalent of Axis Powers Hetalia and Scott Pilgrim this year, as both of those panels were also declared fire hazards. 😀

  21. mbulsht says:

    @PurplefoxtailThe fandom's still relatively new. I'd give it time.

  22. Anonymous says:

    @mbulshtI'd give Pinkie three minutes.I'd also give Rarity eight more cats, but thats rushing the crazy cat lady thing too fast.

  23. Pegasi says:

    @Torrential RainsThe RainbowDash guy was enough nightmare fuel for me…

  24. Anonymous says:

    @Pegasi It could be worse dude MUUUUUUUUUUCH worse I've seen cosplays that have made my sleep difficult for days

  25. Thattagen says:

    This is quite refreshing after way too much Touhou "crossplay." Oh hey, I even see a few in the pics…Also, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash make me instantly think DISCO. Bellbottoms and floppy socks! Both costumes are very well-made, I love them!I think I'll come back to watch/read the reports later.

  26. JaxsonJaguar says:

    http://aiuchi.deviantart.com/gallery/10593114#/d3c7tyfSo far these are still the best MLP: FiM cosplayers I've seen and as far as I know they are some of the firsts.

  27. Drax says:

    Wow.. no offense, I have seen alotta Cosplay in my time, and these kinda scare me. A few of em get points for effort, but most look like they raided a thrift store. (is that a zombie Fluttershy?)Although the RBD with the big chest is hot. (If OOC)

  28. Dave says:

    Pinkie Pie with the tank top with balloon cutie mark on the front looks like Sugar from YTV's The Zone. (Please tell me someone else gets that).

  29. Crazy Brony says:

    @Mogymoghm? a Fluttershy cosplayer? Fluttershy's my favorite pony and i didnt see her… oh well lol

  30. PonyStark says:

    That first Fluttershy cosplayer's costume is VERY well done. the fabric choice was excellent.I think I spot a friend in some of these pictures. The man with the Fluttershy T-shirt and white fedora-like hat. :O :OTis mah BUDDY!Side note: Those going to Otakon this year, be on the look out for me as Big Macintosh. Eeyup…I'm seeing a severe lack of him in these pics…gotta change that.

  31. Asia says:

    Aw man mine is the only one without a wig because I couldn't afford one.

  32. RBD FAN says:

    Its amazing to see how big the fandom is getting.

  33. Kujiiro says:

    One! Two! Three! Three Rainbow Dashs! Ah-ahh!

  34. I dont neccasarily mean people, i mean pictures 😀 Maybe I just take a lot of pictures, but i alone would've taken more than these! I mean, are there more pics? Only one person take pics?

  35. HolySparks says:

    Aw.. I got 2 imgs today that I could share, too bad then.

  36. HolySparks says:

    Those were really cute by the way….Wait a second.. those are girls.. what on tarnation!? why are there girls watching this manly show!?

  37. Waka says:

    haha awesome, I'm the guy with the OBEY poster and stuff. That fluttershy was amazing, I only saw her just as I was leaving for lunch and had to run across the street and stuff.Really sad I missed that rainbow dash too, but ah well. I really need to stay later next time, for some reason my friends thought we had to leave at like 2 <_<

  38. @PonyStarkYeah, the cameraguy really captured the back of my hat in that video. It looks great.Heh.

  39. Mogymog says:

    @Crazy BronyYeah I saw her saturday around noonish.. Wish I'd seen the pinkie pie! I saw the twilight and was gonna get her pic but she vanished.. Heres the link to the fluttershy its not great, its a bit blurry, but asking random strangers for pics, isnt my fortee 😛 http://i54.tinypic.com/28jz7fm.jpgAnd a derpeh pic I bought, dont know if you saw them.http://i53.tinypic.com/dnc30p.jpg

  40. Malacoda says:

    I was at the Fanime meet up, but I'm not in any of the pictures because I'm really camera shy, even more than Fluttershy (frgh…I can remember your friend's name but I can't remember your name! Sorry!) that showed up for the 2pm meet up. I saw someone cosplaying Rarity on Friday but didn't catch a picture of her, sadly.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Is anypony here from Saskatchewan? Cause Saskatoon is having a comic con this weekend and I don't want to be the only brony.

  42. Anonymous says:

    that fluttershy is nightmare fuel. save me.

  43. DJ Midli says:

    funfact, I passed these pictures on to Seth from a random truck stop due to our means of transportation from anime north, to home ottawa, broke down! What should have been a 5hr trip, morphed into a 34-36hr trip after a trifecta of failures.I will be post a full brony con report in the next 12hrs now that I am finally home in ottawa. thank you to everypony who came out to the panel and meetup/photoshoot after the fact, you made it truly magical and wonderful.

  44. Anonymous says:

    confirmed luna in season 2 at 9:45 video 2

  45. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=om1ZwReV9zgIt needed to be done. For there "Awesome?" Singing, I ponified them 😀 10 seconds flat!It was actually far easier than i expected, only needed a bit of moving around. They sang a few seconds off 😀 Check it out if you liked the bronies singing though.

  46. DAT PINKIE PIE! Fifth picture down, the girl with the pink lace tights and ballet slippers doing the funny pose. Whoever you are: ❤

  47. Heireau says:

    lols, Tyrant Celestia.

  48. Roman500 says:

    We need more of a turn out. Display to the world our vast numbers. We need to make ourselves known at conventions everywhere.

  49. DooDawDay says:

    @Anonymoussame pic, too the right of the guy with the anon mask. we were in the same room XD

  50. DooDawDay says:

    @AnonymousI took that pic XDAN was sooo much fun!!!

  51. DooDawDay says:

    @AnonymousI took that pic XDAN was sooo much fun!!!

  52. DooDawDay says:

    @Davefake-high-pitched-voice-god-she's-cute sugar?

  53. Anonymous says:

    @DooDawDayI see it too!She's also the voice of Mini Moon, and a few other characters… escapes me at the moment which ones though.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I swear on my life I will go to one of these things in a Dr.Whoof costume.YOU BETTER RECOGNIZE ME.

  55. Anonymous says:

    What the fuck spandex fetish Fluttershy.

  56. Kits says:

    Why can't there be any cool conventions in the South??(I guess there is Dragoncon…)

  57. Lucky Sanity says:

    Man, these look so fun!Wish there were more bronies at my place :CThough we do have this ACG event called 'Comic Fiesta' and it's on this DecemberI won't be cosplaying, but anyone wants me to spread the brony love there?

  58. AppleJack says:

    I was the Applejack in the group pictures, the one in overalls. I know you guys said we need more southern ponies, well at Anime Next this year there will be ponies!

  59. Ewyndall says:

    BY THE GODS THIS HUUURTS !!! My eyes, I can't take it, so much geekness, so much AAAGHHH !!!*rubs eyes**reload page* Ok, let's watch these again. And again. Again. Again. Again.*saves them all*Damn I wish I was there XD

  60. Prism Quartz says:

    I was at the Phoenix comiccon and that Rainbow Dash is so much more terrorfying in real life. The pictures dont do it justice. I was also the one who gave Crazy Pony and a Twilight Sparkle cosplayer the Rainbow Dash sketch cards (lol too poor to make prints from Kinkos). I did see the guy selling Derpy prints and doing MLP sketches but he wasnt a brony :< He just said he was doing it because it was popular online and he didn't watch the show.

  61. Tales says:

    Hey, I know the Rainbow Dash full body suit cosplayer who was at PCC, and also Spence, the Twilight Sparkle Cosplayer!

  62. Mogymog says:

    @Prism QuartzYeah figured he wasnt a brony, but didnt care, it was Derpeh!! And I had to have it. Was the only pony thing I found to buy there. And yeah the RD suit wasnt that great and kinda bad, but its the thought that counted. They was TRYING to do something neat and different, and I give them much kudos for that,@TalesYeah, I sorta kinda knew her. I was in her panel friday night listening to her weird stories.


  64. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow dash man got brass knockers, and isn't horrifying. I approve

  65. Crazy Brony says:

    @Mogymog Thanks for the Picture Mogymog!and yeah i saw the Derpy hooves picture i bought a print out of it (i may put the fluttershy in my writeup if you would like me too)

  66. Anonymous says:

    *cries*I was at AN! I gave up on the pony panel (Seriously, the line was huge even a half hour ahead of time), and never knew there was a brony meetup afterward!I spend my time in Kelseys downing my sorrows with beer instead… now I have something else to drink about….Hopefully we get a huge brony presence at FaxExpo!

  67. Mogymog says:

    @Crazy BronySure go ahead crazy if its good enough for it. We need all the pics we can get from that con. So people know there was atleast more then 2 random idiots there. 😛

  68. DJ Midli says:

    @AnonymousI went out to and yelled it about 5min before the panel was beginning and it was up on the flyers/posters ;-; It makes me a sad colt you missed out!If it helps, I'll be doing panels and/or a meetup at N2U and G-anime and Im going to try my best to make it to conbravo and Con-G

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