Story: Luna’s Excellent Adventure

[Crossover][Comedy] Luna Comedy! The best comedy really..

Author: Blueshift

Description: Princess Luna is fed up with not having any friends. So one day, she uses her magical pony powers to travel across the pony multiverse. Surely one there is some pony who will be her friend? What could possibly go wrong?
A MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/Transformers crossover

Luna’s Excellent Adventure

Additional Tags: Old Pony Generations, parties, bonkers

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27 Responses to Story: Luna’s Excellent Adventure

  1. shmoogy says:

    happy luna is happy

  2. ToonNinja says:

    "MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/MLP/Transformers"Wait, WHAT? *rushes to read story*

  3. Baree says:

    Bah, already read this on DA :PBut yeah, still a very entertaining story ^^

  4. Anonymous says:

    I especially liked that ending.Luna: "A little conflict is good… so tomorrow I'm going to try and bring about eternal night again!"Celestia: *Chokes on candy*

  5. ToonNinja says:

    After reading this story, I am now convinced we have it SO GOOD to be blessed with the wonders of FiM. Seriously, poor Luna. Personal favorite scene was when she paused before leaving the first world to destroy the Ferris wheel. Comic. GOLD.

  6. Thattagen says:

    "I like socks…"Is someone going to write a grimdark/comedy fic with Minty now? Because that part was way funnier than it ought to be.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That, my good sir, was MAGIC.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This story is absolute gold. I was laughing uncontrollably by the end of the ferris wheel disaster. Poor Luna, nothing ever works out for her.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My God… Rainbow Dash, NO!

  10. Kaptain says:

    "Oops, I'm SO naughty…" Oh Luna :p Brilliantly done Mr. (or Ms. (or Mrs.)) Blueshift… (You never know.)

  11. Garnot says:

    I haven't had a laugh like this in quite some time. Though I am curious, the world where the ponies walked on two legs, drove cars around, and had 'given up on their dreams' sounds awfully familiar…In any case, have five stars!

  12. D. Shadows says:

    Any pony or monster would have done that to the ferris wheel, EVEN FLUTTERSHY. (I'm a minority as a supposedly evil monster that hangs around here waiting to be thwarted)Also I would have had the same reaction Luna did at the end of it all. Though I wouldn't bring eternal night or ruin the nature of the world. I would; however, become five times more annoying from a interdimensional journey like that out of insanity.

  13. Sigil says:

    Transformers Crossover?? Damn it! Someone beat me to it again! But I seriously must read this fanfic, by the comments it seams very good.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Reading this fic makes one realize,wow past generations of MLP were Turrible.

  15. Roman500 says:

    No not the sea ponies, I just got that horrid song out of my head.Good fic, have a sock for your troubles.

  16. zanzibar says:

    Luna, confirmed agent of chaos number 3, next to hellraiser and the joker.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @Roman500Seaponies are the spawn of Dagonpony and worship a large squidheaded pony who sleeps in dreamless sleep underneath the sea.Its like a cross between the Litttle Mermaid and Cthulhu.. with Ponies.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @GarnotMLP Tales. That was late G1, all the ponies acted like people and had banal problems. I seem to remember the moral of one episode wsa that if you want to get a boy to like you, you need to completely change yourself to what he wants. 😦

  19. ultra8 says:

    That was too funny, particularly the transformers (Megatron's "there will be hell to pay"), G3 (Minty's"they all turn out white in the end") and G1 (Surprise's overall calm reaction to the rampaging demon) parts.

  20. Keiya says:

    @SigilIt's brief, still room for a fleshed out one!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I freaking *died* lauging at the Transformers part…."Oh. Ponies. Great." The statue brought its other huge hand up to its face in a heavy face palm. "No, sorry. This happens quite a bit actually, magical pixies and unicorns and imps keep popping up looking for ponies. But there isn't a pony G2 universe; you've actually come to the Transformers G2 Universe." It picked up a gigantic neon purple cylinder which it clutched tightly in its hand. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm right in the middle of a terrible, bloody and violent war."…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dude, seriously, thumbs up.

  22. kriss1989 says:

    @AnonymousMLP Tales, proof that stuff worse than G3 existed.

  23. SomeGuy says:

    Extremely funny stuff I laugh the whole way through. I especially liked the ending. Very inspired.

  24. Anonymous says:

    can someone explain minty? She was creepy but i feel like I'm missing the point.

  25. Anonymous says:

    @AnonymousIn the G3 'movie' A Very Minty Chistmas, Minty accidently breaks the candy cane which guides Santa to Ponyville, and so decides to break into everyone's houses and put socks there instead of gifts whilst singing a song about how 'Nothing says Christmas like a pair of socks'.It is both amazing and terrible. Minty is the only previous gen character I'd like to see in FIM.

  26. Kujiiro says:

    I. Lol'd. fer srs.

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